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1st APBT National Speciality of EUROPE - 8th of September 2012, POLAND

Discussion in 'International' started by Kosa Kennels, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. KDW

    KDW Native Nightmare Premium Member

    nice !!! :)
  3. I ABPT National Speciality of Europe / POLAND - 08.09.2012


    KOSA Kennels
    STEFF Kennels
    RED JOKER Kennels

    You are sincerely welcome to the First American Pit Bull Terrier National Speciality of Europe which will take place in Poland. The place of conformation show is located in marvelous mountain resort in Koninki (40 minutes driving from Cracow). Here you have link to the website of Ostoja Górska KONINKI
    http://ostoja.koninki.pl/ .
    The event concerns only CONFORMATION SHOW (without sport). The main goal is to select the best conformation american pit bull terriers and the most important trophy is prestigious title "WINNER of EUROPE". Nevertheless, it is an occasion to have fun sharing time with APBT lovers from entire EUROPE and other countries.
    The main judge of the show will be TOM GARNER from USA, co-judges: Kosa, Steff and Red Joker.
    The rules, agenda and prices of the show will be published soon. Feel free to visit official website of the Show:


    There is special discount for participants in the hotel: 49 PLN (12 Euro).
    When you make booking you have to report that you are the guest of the dog show. The number of rooms is numerous but limited so do not wait and make hotel booking as soon as possible. The booking must be done directly by the participants by phone or on-line. The organizers of the show will not mediate in booking. There is also possibility to put up a tent on the camping field nearby the hotel.

    Ostoja Górska Koninki
    34-735 Niedźwiedź, Poręba Wielka 251

    reception desk phone number: +48 18 33 17 580
    direct link to the reception desk booking form: http://ostoja.koninki.pl/strona-glowna/rezerwacja.html
    e-mail: ostoja@koninki.pl

    website: http://ostoja.koninki.pl/

    All the bookings need to be confirmed about one month before the event.
    We hope you will have great time at I APBT National Speciality of Europe!

  4. Everybody who's gonna take a part please make your hotel booking ASAP.
    There's posibility to accomode with your caravans and house trailers - more info at the reception desk.
  5. [​IMG]

    "PIT BULL WOODSTOCK :) APBT Culture is not only breedings and owning dogs, it is a STYLE of LIFE"
  6. elliemae

    elliemae Banned

    what kind of papers partipiciants need?
  7. All papers are value... but the most importand is your dog so if have no papers but you have an APBT you are also welcome :) Too many organisations and registries cause that the best paper is your dog :)
  8. The Classes

    Puppy (Males Class / Females Class) - For dogs between four and six months of age.

    Older Puppy (Males Class / Female Class) – For dogs between six and twelwe month of age.

    Novice (Male Class / Female Class) - dogs twelve to eighteen months of age.

    Open (Male Class / Female Class) - For any dog of the breed, at least 6 months of age.

    (Attention! You can report male or female even if they compete in other classes.)

    Young Presenter – all dogs presented by juvenile presenters :)

    Bred By Exhibitor (Both Classes togheter) - For dogs that are exhibited by their owner and breeder,

    Best Male – For male winners of above Classes.

    Best Female – For female winners of above Classes.

    Best of Breed (Both Classes togheter) - the dog judged as the better of the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch.

    Best in Show + Winner of Europe (Both Classes togheter) – the best of winners in the all above Classes

    Total: 14 Classes

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