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Afghanistan dog fighting a weekly sport

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by Vicki, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    LMAO, you can't really be stupid enough to believe these dogs can compete with the apbt can you? These dogs are powerful dogs and are great guardians, hell there are even a few that shows a great deal of gameness. HOWEVER, when you compare the best to the best, the apbt comes out on top. Also the very fact that you have a 55# bulldog against a 180# CAO and the apbt still wins on many an occassion, I think it is clear which breed comes out on top. I have never seen any other breed best an apbt in the same weight, are there any CAO,ovtscharkas, kangal dogmen willing to match their dogs that is the same weight as the apbt? I highly doubt it. The very fact that there are apbt dogmen matching their dogs and giving up 60+ lbs. and still win, well you already know which breed is the best. Btw, that dog you posted is an exception. You do realize that most of the time, the apbt wins.
  2. CAO1973

    CAO1973 Pup

    Are you stupid..I'm 37 years old and I had Pits(also I know "King" one of the best if not the best fighting Pitbull of all time)..
    I watched a lot-lot-lot of fights.
    Pitbulls almost always lost by CAO(Central Asian Ovcharka).
    You know nothing if you think a Pit can beat a CAO.
    Dogs like Central Asian,Caucasian,Kangal,Bully Kuta,Sarplaninac,Boerboel,Alaskan Malamute(from Wakon) almost always destroy Pits.
    Pitbull is a strong dog but against the monsters has no chance..
    Also Buldozer has killed 2 Pitbull in 11 minutes..This dog is monster.2 loses only by anothe CAO.
    His nickname in Russia is "Pitbull killer"...
  3. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    So you've been a dumbass for 37 years old?

    1) Please name me ONE of these dogs that has been matched against an apbt in the same weight class and has won.

    2) Who the hell is "king" and what the hell has the dog done to be considered the best "fighting pit" of all time?

    3) You say the apbt has no chance, yet there has been countless vids and substantial match reports where our dogs weighing in the 50s and 60s has beaten these so called "monsters" weighing in the 120s and up. The very fact that our dogs are matched into these dogs and still won, it means that ours are not only the pound for pound king but are the best there is. I respect the breeds you named, but they can't compete with the apbt.

    4) The nickname that we have for the breeds you mentioned is "cur" and so far, most have lived up to their nickname.

    have a nice day
  4. CAO1973

    CAO1973 Pup

    1)These dogs are bigger than Pits.As I said they beat pits almost always.As about the size is another story.
    2)"King" was an almost unbeatable Pit vs Pit(also had wins against Rotts,Dogo Argentinos and gave some good fights with Kangals but lost).One of the best fighting dogs.
    3)Again I watched many many fights in my life.Pitbull vs Bully Kuta,Pitbull vs Kangal,Pitbull vs Caucasian ovcharka Pitbull vs Central Asian Ovcharkas...Pits almost always lost the fights and many of them killed in the fight(especially against CAO's and CO's).

    5)As I said you know nothing.How old are you?18?Go to play Xbox and stop speak about fights.
  5. NewSchoolDogMan

    NewSchoolDogMan Top Dog

    1) So you admit that if both dogs are the same size, the apbt will cur any of those breeds out? Also the apbt doesn't need to be as big as these breeds to cur them out, as I have said, they already have curred many of them out.

    2) LOL, who is this king dog you speak of? What is his ped? Which kennel? What weight was he campaigned in and whom did he beat? Sounds to me like you know nothing of the breed and are just some back words 3rd world country farmer that rolls anything into anything because you lack real knowledge.

    3) I'll bet you your year's salary (what I make in a day if not a few hours) that you've never seen a true apbt. The CAO you've listed is an exception, for every one apbt that he's bitten (if he has ever been rolled into an apbt at all), 10 CAOs have curred out against an apbt.

    4) GTFO eh, why are your hackles raised? You still haven't answered my question, or are you unable? I believe it is the latter because none of the above breeds would be able to touch the apbt if they were the same weight. Prove me wrong, name one cur that has?

    5) Have you even seen an Xbox in real life? Btw, we have 360s and PS3s now LOL. Go play with your curs.
  6. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    You my friend are a complete and utter moron. I find it hilararious idiots find it great when a 150 plus pound dog whips a pit a Quarter of its size or even less. At the end of the day you could put Holyfeild in a ring with Hatton its hardly going to be a fair fight, does that make Hatton any less of a boxer?
    That sort of thinking is showing why no one else care about the matching of un even animals besides the dimwits that win with a bigger animal.
    I bety if i matched my lion against your Cao it wouldnt last five minutes. Itrs also funny and typical that you allways see some picture of a hobbit /midget standing next to some rank cur thats head wouldnt be over my waist height.

    At the end of the Day if these threads cannot be started and finished with a decent debate and turn into some big rank cur vs small game dog crap it will be closed and dumped just like the other ones.
  7. Elmo

    Elmo Big Dog

    You habe to learn alot my friend..

    so because they are animals it doesnt matter if 1 dogs weighs like 80 pounds and the other 40..

    Ofcourse it does!!!!
    if you say it doesnt.. there aint even a point of discussion here.

    (not trying to bash you or score points)
    But when it comes to fighting.. Yes weight does matter.

    Lol didnt even had to bother.. Junkyard and the rest told you already
  8. CAO1973

    CAO1973 Pup

    First of all be careful with your mouth.You don't speak to your friend or to your brother.You don't know me..OK?When I had Pits you were unborn...
    Again people use Pits and other breeds for fights.Put a Pit 25 Kg and let's say a Presa Canario 60 Kg.You can say that is wrong because(and of caurse CAO,Sarplaninac it's not fair because of the size)Pits are small dogs but this doesn't change that Pits most of the times lost the fights from these breeds.
    Also the problem is that some Pits owners think that Pit can defeat any other breed and they don't care if Pit is small at size and take the risk to put them in a fight with a Kangal or with a Caucasian/Central Asian.And these breeds most of the times kill pits in the fights(and this isn't good to see a dog die).
    Of course a tiger or a lion would destroy a CAO in 5 minutes.They are bigger and far stronger animals.It's not even a debate.
  9. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    CAO, if you have had "pits" before i was born you realy should be able to grasp by now is the APBT is all about gameness not if it can beat a dog four times its size, you should also know that a APBT that loses game is still game. The dogs you are defending, i have no doubt have skill but they are no gamedog , they mostly are rank curs who dont want to be there most of the time, the matches they are put in, are mostly poorly ran with a different rules system to what the APBTs are matched. There realy is no comparison between the two, its no big deal if some huge beast whips a dog more than half his size, if the big dog doesnt win who will then look stupid.

    They certainly aint gamedogs.

    Everytime there is a thread like this some kind of big dog fancier wants to tell all the gamedog lovers how mant bulldogs have been killed and it turns into a shitfight. Its happened a milion times before. The same thing seems to be never grasped. Its about gameness.
  10. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    "Of course a tiger or a lion would destroy a CAO in 5 minutes.They are bigger and far stronger animals.It's not even a debate."

    You have made a very valid point!;)
  11. Elmo

    Elmo Big Dog

    no matter the outcome... if you put Shit ageanst Shit the winner still is Shit.. and i seriously doubt that in your area there are quality pit dogs..

    i wish you all the best.

  12. CAO1973

    CAO1973 Pup

    That's Pits owners problem.They have no business to put Pits in fights with "monsters".But they don't give a fuck about size.
    Again I never dispute that Pit is a strong dog.Is a fantastic dog,strong dog and beautiful dog.
    But my problem is when some people saying that a Pit can win a fight against a Kangal,CAO,CO,Sarplaninac,Bully Kutta,Spanish Mastiff e.t.c.
    95% of the times Pit lose the fights.
    And as bout the size it's not so big difference when a Pit has a fight against a Dogo Argentino(50-50 even if Dogo is bigger) or against a Presa Canario(most of the times Presa win the fight but I've seen Pit win against Presa 2 times).
    Again Pitbull owners put their dogs to fight with the Beasts.Why?Because they are idiots(some of them) and they think that Pitbull can defeat a CAO or a CO.These dogs most of the times win the battles and some times killed the Pitbulls in the fights..
    As I said Buldozer killed 2 Pitbulls together in a fight in 11 minutes.
  13. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    But CAO, Apbt have won fights over these breeds last time i looked on whaever that Jap site is there were a few, as they were with the APBT being beaten and they all had one thing in common, they were run by a bunch of mugs. There were pretty much no rules, no walls no real reffing, i would hardly call any of these people a real dogman.
    I never mentioned anything about canarios or dogos, they too are a bigger breed.
    They too get their arse handed too them pretty often by the APBT, because they are not overly bigger than a large APBT.

    The point is still being missed. Its about equal or similar weights , same sex and gameness. Four walls and cajun rules . The rest of it is just a hoax. And this is why these threads dont ever work.
  14. hlias13

    hlias13 Pup

    dont get mad people just discust my Greeck friend CAO1973 ok you have seen a lot of things ok in our country Greece some european countries Rusia and balkans the laws are soft and you can see some things,but in the open field the small pitdog cant stand to a monster caucasian ovcharka or a kangal or a buly cuta but in the box a good pitbull can stand for long time and if the caucasian cant beet him in the start after 15 minuetes many things can happen maybe caucasian turns to a cur and lose!!maybe can beat a pitbull but if you match it with a big pitbull or a mix or a bandog or a tosa inu mix or a good presa canario i dont think caucasian or a kangal can easily win!!
  15. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    I am not mad at all, i am just thinking after one hundred plus of these threads the same arguments come up and the same answers are given , its a pointless task and a waste of everyones time. There is a reason these threads get closed all the time ands it it because they never get anywhere. What was a news article has gone full circle into mindless dribble again. So.........
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