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and than it go s wrong whit cecar.....

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by blackbisquit, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. quinny

    quinny Big Dog

    Moohahahaa @ 40seconds.
    My thoughts exactly. He's a fuckin douche this bloke!
    "the key is to let them hold, so they don't start shaking" Really, I thought the "key" would be parting them!:rolleyes:

    MISSAPBT Top Dog

    That would have all been over in 10 seconds if he did have one. peice of piss with two people, but HAHA look at Ceasers face. :eek:
  3. Trelos

    Trelos Big Dog

    The bloke pisses me off,watched one episode and refuse to ever watch again.
    But honestly how can you have that many bulldogs running around with out a breaking stick in sight???
    Just an accident waiting to happen.
  4. quinny

    quinny Big Dog

    Yeh. It was the look on his face that made my morning!:D
    I'm sooo surprised that his general "chht chhht" bullshit routine didn't work!

    MISSAPBT Top Dog

    Thats probally what wound them up, "ccct cccttt" RUMBLE! I actually cant stop laughing that he is an epic fail
  6. What a dumb ass. He should stick to training labs that are scared of water.
  7. how is it "the key" to get them off the ground to get them to let go and "let them hold" NO! haha put ur legs aroung their hips and take out ur breakstick or improvise... lmfao best way i know wtf haha
  8. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    I dident see any real pitbulls lol:confused:

    CCDINO Pup

    I seen him get bit in person.it's actually funny.he was talk in his usual b.s. And dogs went at it.it's the reason he don't train aggressive dogs anymore.he sends them to other trainers and takes the glory on his show...

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    hahahahahhahahahah wtf ya ddnt see that coming :rolleyes:
  11. Poisoned

    Poisoned Big Dog

    He you think that's bad, look what he did to this poor girl.. on of his 'toughest' cases..
    This is why people shouldn't own these dogs. Watch at the end, he is choking her with one hand (holding the slip lead) and holding her down with the other. That is abuse is nothing else is. She is only doing what she was bred to do. Turn your volume off and just watch.
  12. blackbisquit

    blackbisquit Banned

    the moment that the dog will go for a other will come traint or not trained...
    man,.. look at the drive of the dog to start whit an other dog she almost even gets ceacer for it.. (dangerous because when she have done it, it was his fauld not the dog, bud the dog would have bin the bad one...)

    i see good things he do bud it works not whit all breeds dont take all breeds the same is mine opinion...

    some people just dont whant to understand and think they play smart but in mine opinion it can only be the dollars in this...

    some dogs just dont belong on the streets they housedogs and dogs for other things than walk frendly where you life acept it and be happy.

    cecar is pushing the limit bad thing will happen.
  13. Oldskool Brent

    Oldskool Brent Top Dog

    Abuse not found. You're "training" a fight frenzied pit bull that appears to be an excite biter, I'd cut her air supply off as well. Well, actually I wouldn't, I'd have that bitch muzzled first.

    Cesar knows dog psychology, he's just a little too optimistic, misleading about instinct, and naive on pit bulls. He certainly knows how to handle a dog though.
  14. CCDINO

    CCDINO Pup

    He really doesn't know how to handle a dog I've seen him work many times in person.we get dozens of calls a month from ex customers of his.he broke there dog.what he does off camera is the real story.that lil bitch there he pinned,that ain't nothing.I've seen him pin a dog and choke it till it almost past out and all the dog was doing was barking.he had the cameras off and after the dog came to and was still a lil out of it the cameras are back on and the dog is fixed...

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