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Any dogmen in far West Texas?

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Sparkplug, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Sparkplug

    Sparkplug Pup

    It's been a few years since I've attended a show or a pull and I really would rather not drive 10 hours to attend one. Maybe organize and club up here? I don't think there is a club that covers specifically this part of Texas. Hell I just moved back so I wouldn't know.
  2. Were in West Texas? Cause there are clubs in Odessa and in Abilene that put on shows every year. They sometimes put on shows with other clubs. To hold 4 show events.
  3. Sparkplug

    Sparkplug Pup

    El Paso, TX as far west as you can go
  4. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    You need to watch around Odessa, They are kind of tricky and most people that have them don't know what they are doing.

    Best example of this I can give you was a lady that had a kennel off of Golder which is a road out there, She had been raising dogs for some time and used to put out pretty decent dogs. I used to visit her when I was in the area and I steadily watched her stock gown down hill and the dogs get larger, When I pulled her on the carpet it came to light that she would send her new husband she hitched up with after her original husband died to the dump box at the pound in both Midland and Odessa to collect any dogs that looked like "Pitbulls" and she would slap papers on them that they were Colby or otherwise, But she really hung papers on dogs and claimed them Colby dogs.

    So then after I went up one side of them and down the other for doing this it came to light that about 60% of the stock were nothing but mongrels and her original stock was dieing off, So I asked her about that and she said well something is in the ground out here and the dogs are dieing right and left and I don't want to keep paying money buying quote on quote "Fancy Dogs" which I took to be a weak excuse for trying to justify what she was doing. But anyways to make a long story short she took cancer and died and the kennel was left to her daughter who had it for about two years and then she just couldn't handle it and rented it for the first time to a family who had nice dogs and was sincere about trying to keep a good yard. So this family moved into the mobile home there and brought their dogs in from their other rental property in Oklahoma, They brought 13 dogs with them and purchased about 5 more and within 4 months they was left with 7 dogs...Their entire stock died. I asked them what happened and they said the dogs all started getting uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting and they just went to skin and bones and died, Even medicine they got from the vet didn't work. So those folks left and I never did hear from them again.

    She then rented to another family and he raised the big blue dogs and such, He ran into the same problem but only with one dog. His dog weighed 95 pounds and when he left the property the dog weighed 47 pounds and was barely alive. But his dog did respond to vet treatment and made a complete recovery, He said he did everything with that ground that a person could do and nothing helped it.

    She rented 3 more times and all the same thing, Now all that remains of the kennel is the original sign. She sold it to two families and they just live there but don't do anything with dogs or that.

    Reason I told you that was one that seems to be the majority of things that happen to so called yards there and two in about a 500 miles radius your going to be hard pressed to find a person that didn't buy a dog or two off her and introduced that into their breeding program.

    There are decent folks that raise dogs in that area but I can count them on one hand.
  5. Sparkplug

    Sparkplug Pup

    Thanks, sounds like a sick horror movie:)

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