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Athlete. Performance. Drive

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by jairod83, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. jairod83

    jairod83 Pup

    Who would you say has more between a apbt or dogo, dogos are bigger would you say they stronger


    Before the new century the dogos were tops at thier work and sport of running and catching...
    The Dogos of today lack the creators of the breeds forsight for complettion of the task at hand, chasing and catching...
    Over a hundred years they did just that and thats a long run as any and would make the creators Dr.Martinez, family and company happy...
    The reason they lasted bred tight for so long is the sme reason the pitbulldogs genes have lasted so long, they were not limited but a vast resources...
    The demise of both the dogos and greatdanes iin the run and catch world is that of trying to keep them purebred and not adding new genes to a pool that wasnt in the best shape anyhow, why???
    Any breed pure and WHITE is well on thier way of being be extinct without human interaction...
    dogos are in a dire need of new genetics as well as greatdanes and the color is the reason, dudley white and merle are defects close to albinoism and are not fit for work and be bred...
    Other predominatly white breeds that are more failures are dalmatons, english bulldogs, english bull terriers and the beloved jack russells, all in need of new genetics that add color to the mix, crutiial in the success of modern workers...

    So with that theory out there I would answer your question yes and no...
    Yes Dogos are longer and more athlethic that way which helps them run down thier oppisition, yeas they are/were great atwhat they did including workin together and catching... Todays are loosing it one purebred generation at a time as new geneitics are looked down upon and not understood, dogos and pitbulldogs are of a type not a breed, as breeds are for show and money and types help put a meal on the table...
    No dogos cant beat a bulldog at his own game or else they would use dogos as pit bulldogs...
    Not to say what a cull is to Dr.Martinez wasnt of value to the dogfighters in south america or islands that had spanish influence as the cordoba fighting bulldog was utilized in both Dr.Martinezs development of Dogos and also fought in cuban bulldogs...
    Dogos genetics are so tight these days, a shot of our buldogs as well as ameircan bulldogs would only help the DOGOs but probably hurt the bulldogs genetics...
    A frind traded for some dogos from argentina for run and catch, but was dissapointed... not to say thier are som good ones out there but far and few...
    The sentinal bandogges are appealing for all these reasons that Dr. martinez bred for in the early part of the century, and then some...
    I admire the dogos and Dr.Martinez work developing them, but brreding to be "WHITE" to be seen on the field and newcomers not understanding DR.Martinezs vision
    and breeding substandard dogs is unfouurtanatly thier demise, thank god for garmin tracking devices as we don have to breed for color anymore and I would except
    a black dogos with some greatdane and bulldog in the mix before I would accept any inbred white piece of pure shit... Breed for type and the rest follows, cant compare two different types ... Dogos or Bulldogs...
  3. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    There's no comparison.
  4. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    From what I've seen American Bulldogs are better catch dogs than the Dogo.
  5. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    both dogs have all these things but the APBT is bounds and leaps ahead.
  6. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    I wouldn't say they are as catch dogs, that extra size does help with those big pigs..
  7. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    true. but the mainstay dogs of pig hunting are mongrels.
  8. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm biased to the pit bull dog. I have owned other mollosser working breeds, a few of the ban-dog types, and a SchB Rottweiler. With that said I alwys gravitate back to the pit bull. With that said, when the other breeds 'need fixing' they all come looking for the pit bull dog. It shrinks the really big dogs to add athleticism, it adds fire and drive to the lazier ones, etc. etc.

    Basically a pitbull dog can do what the other dogs do, but the other dogs can't do what the pit bull does. And with that said, the pitbull can't best them at their specified occupation. The Dogos and AB's do make better catch dogs. One, it is size and two less dog aggression issues.

    Then after all that babbling, a good dog is simply a good dog. S
  9. Honestly, that really just depends on the individual dog and what you're looking for in a dog. The Dogo and the American Pit Bull Terrier are both extremely athletic, well performing, driven animals. But also two very different animals! There's really honestly no way to say which is "better" than the other, per-say.
  10. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    tbh if you wanted a catch dog very similar to a pit without the dog aggression, better guarding instinct, and more barking, why not cross a badger tested patterdale with a boar tested painter/johnson AB. just a thought. it wouldn't be game, but it'd certainly have a lot of fire.
  11. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Your wrong ! It dam sure can ...bulldog is a bulldog I don't care if he 75 lbs....Dynomite is Dynomite.
  12. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I like a dog with a strong rear end that can drive.
  13. Wally123

    Wally123 Big Dog

    You're wrong, a 40lb bulldog ain't going to be as effective as a 90lb Dogo or American Bulldog as a catch dog.
  14. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Not a boar hunter but have been a number of times just to see the dogs. The pit dogs did just as well as the AB's. The two pits were upper 40's/low 50's. The AB's were in the 90-100lb range. Not an expert at all but this is what I saw. All four dogs caught exceptionally well and I was impressed with their abilities to target, it was like a tactician.

    The smaller pits had to work harder and put out more effort to compensate for size/weight difference. The pits were more than likely pound for pound stronger than the two other AB's but the extra size and extra weight were the advantage to the AB. But all four caught and all four did exceptionally well.

    Like most endeavors to the first timer, it was a lot more to it than I imagined. And at the same time I enjoyed myself a lot more than I imagined.

    I saw a Presa win a hog dog rodeo once. It was large and athletic, covered the arena in long powerful strides, and plowed right into the boar. He basically took hold and his weight forced the boar down in a quick second to end up placing first in the quick catch.

    Short story long, after seeing this I took a Fila Brasileiro back down there to the pen. She was a very athletically built Fila, a female that looked like a male, with tons of drive. In the conformation world she was a shitty dog, too many minor faults, but in the performance world she outclassed the majority of her counterparts. At a conformation show she was put in with some goats to check for herding instinct. She zeroed in on one and grabbed it beside the head and put it down. Gave her another try and she did the same. So when I saw the Presa I gave her a try.

    She was somewhat fast for a 125lb dog. She went across, took hold and pinned a young training boar. After a couple of those, she was in with a rank and seasoned wild hog. She did the same. She did not have the experience and technique of a seasoned catch dog but she took hold on the jaw/in the mouth. Pinned the hog but lost a tooth in the process.

    Again, short story long, but her weight aided her. An AB and a pit with equal ability and equal experience the AB will more than likely have the advantage. For the same reason people like to lie about pushing weight with pit bulls. A good big dog will over come an equally good little dog. So we forget to add the part about the big dog's inequality and just add the part about weight.

    Weight works both ways. S
  15. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Back to the original post, it will depend on the dog not the breed. For every 1 pitbull that has extremely high prey drive with a boat load of athleticism there is 10 Dogos with the same. And for every Dogo who just is a lay around, call me when you need me dog, there are 10 pit bulls just the same.

    When describing a breed, any breed, the comments are nothing more than generalities.

    My Fila I spoke of could run all day. She was extremely athletic for a Fila and really athletic when compared to other 'athletic breeds'. She had a extreme prey drive when compared to other Filas and really good prey drive when compared to a driven pit bull, or Malinois, etc. etc. Most Filas live like kings and lay around all day as a family pet. Some do the show circuit. Few, and very few perform any type of work. (other than home protection by the default of breeding weak nerved, defensive driven fear biters, but that is a whole another topic). Mine was different and did not fit with her peers. She would be the exception. So if a person seen her, and seen her perform, she would mislead the general public as to what a Fila is all about.

    I try not to compare dogs within their own family or bloodline as they are different. So it is just about impossible to compare across breed lines. The closest thing would be your example, while both breeds are doing the same job. Then the inequalities are as much the individual dog than the breed itself. S
  16. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Good post ...And yes size does matter when catching boars.I have always kept a few bigger pits for catch work.I like the roughness of a pit and I know they won't drop hold when the going gets tough.More of a trust thing with me.


    Great post Slim and Bamaman and thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts...
    Besides naustroms post which I cant agree more, but not being biased I also agree with shacks working dog...
    The rest of you seem to be talking out of your ass...

    I agree that everyone comes to our bulldogs to make thier breed or blood better, but it would take lots of work to make them work for us...
  18. jairod83

    jairod83 Pup

    thanks for all the useful info!
  19. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Someone post that video of that hogging curring out that man's entire yard lol without heart that size and athletic ability is useless.


    If I wanted a bigger dog I'd opt for a Presa. anyone from Jersey ever seem the Dr in Union's? He let it loose and I bolted up the stairs LOl

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