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Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Velesoid, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Velesoid

    Velesoid Pup

    So I am sure that everyone who knows a bit about the history of bull breeds, (and by extension about Dr. Swinford's work) remembers Bantu, the arguably best Bandog produced by the program. Supposedly i heard that Bantu was somewhat of a failure as far as guard dog/man stopper/k-9 esque purpose was concerned but proved himself as a superb fighting dog all around, is this true or just a rumor?
  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    What competition did he go into as a fighter ? I have no clue is why I ask.Far as a gaurd dog you mix 2 diff breeds well sure it could go either way until selection process has been improved .
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  3. Velesoid

    Velesoid Pup

    No clue, i just heard he did beat some game bred pits during his liftime, and that his offsprings sucked hard.
  4. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    How big was the bandog and how big were the pits dog.
  5. I think bantu was way to heavy to find any good matches even if he was a game dog which I think is just a rumour he was sired by a 2x w bob tail buddy and supposedly had a fight with a Rottweiler which doesn't really prove much given how big the two dogs were id be surprised if the fight or roll lasted 15 mins before 1 of the dogs ran out of steam
  6. I was just reading a bit about Bantu with claims he could fight like any good pit dog this dog was 125lbs in weight when conditioned Mayday was like near 80lbs chain weight if I'm correct
  7. Is this not the dog Stratton refairs to?the one what jumped out the box at the 12 minet mark.
    some thing like they found a 60lber for the 100odd lbs hulk..and the 100lber jumped in 12..

    Not sure if its the same dog?
    but that is what would happen.
    david63 likes this.
  8. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    Bantu was rolled into a Rottweiler to prove the bandog was the better choice he was never rolled again as far as I can tell. As that wasn’t the point of the program.
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  9. Velesoid

    Velesoid Pup

    Pretty sure he was not rolled against a single rott. That would be no reason to talk about his fighting ability
  10. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I heard same thing that LRS did about the Rott.That's the only dog I ever heard he went into.
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  11. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    The point of the roll was to prove dr semetics mastiffs were more game than the standard protection mastiffs it had nothing to with fighting abilities. I’ve seen the photos from the face off in his own words he never rolled him again.
  12. Velesoid

    Velesoid Pup

    You seem to have a point, i might actually mixing info about Bantu with the one from tosa ken Emsung, might need to re-look at bandog.tv archives for that

  13. Hazko

    Hazko Pup

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  14. Velesoid

    Velesoid Pup

  15. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    Testing gameness through a rotweiller … proves nothing.
    Cruelty to animals IMO.
    The bandog is not bred for that purpose, it's a good guard/catchwork dog if well bred and properly trained.
  16. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    plenty of videos on the internet , matches usually in Russia or East Europe where Rotts ,ban dogs , Mastiff breeds , large sheep guarding dogs bull terriers I never seen one that look game ''
  17. i know....wtf is all this?

    Rottys and bandogs are curs.
    and its nothing more then pointless crulety rolling breeds like that....
    its like a bouncer fighting Tyson Fury.

    Some of the shit you here is unblevible.
    last time i checked-im sure this sight was called GAME DOG.
    F.W.K., david63 and Dusty Road like this.
  18. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    Yes it was said the rott killed others rottweilers and they allowed that dog bantu an interaction with him. I have the book somewhere in my library
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  19. Who the hell would stage such a roll???

    Ive seen rolls like that,and i can tell you that the people coducting these pointless rolls are NO DOGMEN...

    Dr Sementric for all his knowlege is no dog man..
    his history side is awesome.tho if i might disgress a little i think his oppinion on the origen of the apbt is far from correct..
    his history on other breeds is quite imense.the man has traveled the world reserching the history of certain breeds.

    But if the man was rolling rottys then what dose that tell us?

    Bandogs my arse..
    big kid killer mutts they are.
  20. Velesoid

    Velesoid Pup

    Depends on the bullterrier
    By this logic all molosser dogs are man-eaters, except they arent

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