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Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by R.D., Oct 25, 2017.

  1. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

    Who has had experience with blackrocks kennels? Opinions....
  2. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

    Really? Nobody? Some of the best Mexican Eli out there. Hmmmmm
  3. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    they have a little bit of everything. more than just eli. he is a member maybe he will chime in.
  4. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

    Thanks...I hope so I've been trying to email them but it won't go through. A good friend of mine runs some of there stuff and from what I've seen it's amazing. I don't use that term often.
  5. Bondage

    Bondage Pup

    why dont you get their contact from your friends who runs there blood???
  6. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

    That would make sense except, the dogs previous owner wasn't blackrocks.
  7. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I need a new pair sunglasses Moe.
    promoe likes this.
  8. Bondage

    Bondage Pup

    dm me, I can help you.

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