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Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Institute of Canine Biology, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. 8/23/2019 Why do mixed breed dogs have so many mutations?
    8/15/2019 About pithy statements vs knowledge
    7/9/2019 Let's kill the breeder myths!
    7/5/2019 What is "heritability" and why do you need to know?
    6/17/2019 Facts vs fear mongering
    4/29/2019 Is health problem X in my breed caused by inbreeding and/or loss of genetic diversity?
    4/19/2019 No, we have NOT found the mutation that causes breathing problems in brachycephalic dogs
    4/21/2019 An update on hip dysplasia in dogs
    4/20/2019 Addison's Disease and those doggone DLAs
    3/26/2019 Genetic rescue and rehabilitation: I. Restoring genetic diversity of a breed
    3/12/2019 The key requirement for preservation breeding
    2/28/2019 The genetics of canine behavior goes molecular
    2/14/2019 The messy science of assessing working ability in dogs
    2/5/2019 A new ICB course that will use the DNA data from YOUR dog!
    1/20/2019 How to breed dogs that are better than their parents: the genetics of continuous traits
    1/7/2019 The right - and wrong - way to use DNA tests
    1/6/2019 Are breeding restrictions putting your breed at risk?
    12/31/2018 More on "Simple strategies to reduce genetic disorders in dogs"
    12/29/2018 Simple strategies to reduce genetic disorders in dogs
    12/24/2018 Celebrating the preservation breeder!
    11/27/2018 On preserving the purebred dog.
    11/23/2018 Is the Ky allele in Wirehaired Pointing Griffons evidence of cross-breeding?
    9/7/2018 Cool tricks with Kinship Coefficients, part 4: How closely related are the dogs in my breed?"
    9/6/2018 Cool tricks with Kinship Coefficients, part 3: "How can I manage a disease without a DNA test?"
    9/4/2018 Cool tricks with Kinship Coefficients, part 2: "Should I breed this dog?"
    9/4/2018 Cool tricks with Kinship Coefficients, part 1: "Is this dog really an outcross?"
    8/22/2018 The easy way to understand inheritance of recessive alleles
    8/10/2018 The amazing secrets hiding in your pedigree database
    7/21/2018 We can reduce the risk of hip dysplasia NOW!
    7/12/2018 Is BetterBred better?
    7/7/2018 Assessing genetic diversity and relatedness in dogs using DNA
    6/30/2018 Using genomics to manage genetic disease. You don't need to find the genes
    6/28/2018 How much does outcrossing improve genetic diversity?
    6/26/2018 Are you improving genetic diversity, or just pushing the peas around?
    6/25/2018 NEW: ICB Genetic Management Workshops
    6/21/2018 A DNA Primer for Dog Breeders. Genetic Diversity: Inbreeding (Fis)
    6/21/2018 A DNA Primer for Dog Breeders. Genetic Diversity: Inbreeding (ROH)
    6/21/2018 A DNA Primer for Dog Breeders. Genetic Diversity: Heterozygosity
    6/21/2018 A DNA Primer for Dog Breeders. ICB Breeder Tool Quick Start Guide
    6/21/2018 A DNA Primer for Dog Breeders (You have your dog's DNA data. Now what?)
    6/17/2018 No pedigree? No problem!
    5/31/2018 A key innovation in dogs: diet
    5/1/2018 The lesson(s) from SOD1and degenerative myelopathy
    10/27/2017 Update on Newfoundlands
    10/26/2017 Please don't ruin the Newfoundland
    8/26/2017 The amazing dog nose: can you smell me now?
    8/24/2017 The complexity of cancer
    8/12/2017 Are preservation breeders preserving the Doberman? (No.)
    8/5/2017 Hip laxity and the risk of degenerative joint disease
    8/2/2017 Making better decisions about hip and elbow dysplasia: the era of genomics is here
    4/29/2017 New insights into the development of dog breeds
    4/27/2017 The genetic status of the Bernese Mountain Dog
    4/3/2017 How to win The Health Test Game
    3/12/2017 An update on the genetic status of the Doberman Pinscher
    3/9/2017 Lessons from wolves
    3/6/2017 Why "vulnerable breeds" are vulnerable
    3/3/2017 Inbreeding and the immune system: unintended consequences
    3/1/2017 The questions PUPscan won't answer. Part 2: The answers
    2/28/2017 The questions PUPscan won't answer. Part 1
    2/5/2017 Latest OFA statistics for hip dysplasia (Dec 2016)
    2/2/2017 Why didn't Antarctic sled dogs have hip dysplasia?
    1/23/2017 Your handy DNA testing crib sheet
    1/18/2017 Rescuing the Norwegian Lundehund: an update from Milo
    1/3/2017 Comparing levels of inbreeding in dogs and horses
    12/26/2016 Inbreeding of purebred dogs determined from DNA
    12/15/2016 NEW: ICB Genetic Diversity Certification
    12/9/2016 Why we need a more wholistic approach to managing canine genetic disorders
    12/7/2016 A simple new tool for genetic disease management
    12/4/2016 The ICB Breeder Tool: Overview
    11/26/2016 Dog breeding in the era of genomic selection
    11/23/2016 The new ICB Genomic Breeding Tool: the Genomic Relationship Coefficient
    9/18/2016 How to develop effective strategies for the genetic management of your breed
    9/2/2016 Preventing transmission of infectious disease at dog shows and sporting events
    8/31/2016 Gone too soon? Enough already.
    8/27/2016 Hip dysplaysia facts, fallacies, and fairy tales
    8/16/2016 Why you should care about effective population size
    8/14/2016 The world's oldest cancer...in dogs
    8/7/2016 Introducing a new course: The Biology of Dogs
    7/29/2016 Bulldog breeders: a call to action
    7/23/2016 Try these breeding games!
    7/4/2016 Genes and the amazing mind of the dog
    7/2/2016 A game-changer for breeders: the ICB Breeder Tool
    6/30/2016 Understanding the heritability of behavior in dogs
    6/24/2016 Certificate of Completion: Genetics of Behavior & Performance course
    6/5/2016 Are we watching the extinction of a breed? (part 2)
    6/4/2016 Are we watching the extinction of a breed?
    4/15/2016 A broader view of extinction risk of dog breeds in the UK
    4/2/2016 A call for preservation breeding
    3/29/2016 Twenty key elements of a successful breeding program
    3/28/2016 Breeds with the BEST & WORST genetic diversity
    3/25/2016 What are we going to do about Terriers?
    3/20/2016 Evaluating the genetic status of a breed using both pedigrees and DNA
    3/15/2016 Reprise: The Pox of Popular Sires
    3/13/2016 That purebred vs mixed breed thing again
    2/7/2016 Do you know what you don't know?
    1/31/2016 Do you REALLY need to take a genetics course?
    1/27/2016 Three key strategies to reduce genetic disorders in dogs
    1/17/2016 Is it Nurture or Nature?
    1/2/2016 Managing risk factors for hip dysplasia
    12/23/2015 How do hips become dysplastic?
    12/21/2015 Reliability of DNA tests for inherited diseases in dogs
    12/16/2015 Virtual tours of the canine hip and pelvis
    12/11/2015 The 10 most important things to know about canine hip dysplasia
    11/4/2015 Coming soon: Course Certifications!
    11/2/2015 Brachycephaly: it's more than just the pretty face
    10/24/2015 The poop about dog diets
    10/12/2015 Is (raw) diet the problem?
    10/10/2015 Do dogs have more cancer than other mammals?
    9/29/2015 Myths and mysteries about hip dysplasia
    9/21/2015 Genetic status of purebred dogs in the UK
    9/16/2015 Bigger puppies develop hip dysplasia
    9/14/2015 The Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project
    9/5/2015 Citizen Scientists: Let's do something about hip dysplasia!
    9/1/2015 Major 2015 epilepsy consensus report
    8/26/2015 Genetics, behavior, and puppy temperament testing
    8/24/2015 The problem with the immune system: if you break it, it's yours
    8/22/2015 Managing genetic disorders: "Just eliminate the bad gene"
    8/9/2015 Is the dam more important than the sire?
    7/8/2015 Decoding the genetics of behavior in dogs
    6/23/2015 Looking for early pedigree data?
    6/14/2015 For genetic improvement, it's the mix that matters
    6/12/2015 The relationship between inbreeding and genetic disease
    6/9/2015 Putting dogs to work for conservation
    6/4/2015 COI FAQs: Understanding the Coefficient of Inbreeding
    6/2/2015 Solving the problem of genetic disorders in dogs
    5/14/2015 Visualizing inbreeding on the chromosome
    4/30/2015 The trouble with Terriers
    4/29/2015 Vulnerable breeds: how small is too small?
    4/1/2015 A bright future for purebred dogs
    3/29/2015 Health of purebred vs mixed breed dogs: the actual data
    3/27/2015 Finding genes without DNA
    3/26/2015 Tracing the paths of drifting genes
    3/24/2015 If knowledge is power, know every puppy
    3/19/2015 Lush on linebreeding
    3/12/2015 Why all the fuss about inbreeding? (Or "Why are there so many genetic disorders in dogs?")
    3/7/2015 What does "health tested" really mean?
    1/9/2015 The history of purebred dogs in the UK
    1/5/2015 Genetic test for renal dysplasia (Caution advised)
    1/2/2015 A better way to pick 'em: using EBVs to reduce genetic disorders in dogs
    1/1/2015 Estimating the breeding value of a dog
    12/31/2014 Why do dogs get cancer?
    12/28/2014 Cryptorchidism is complicated
    12/26/2014 Silent secrets in old dog bones
    12/22/2014 The myth of hybrid vigor in dogs...is a myth
    12/17/2014 Hitting the bottle: the genetics of boom and bust
    12/4/2014 More on tending the genetic pantry
    12/1/2014 Using inbreeding to manage inbreeding
    11/25/2014 Why dogs are sloppy drinkers (and cats aren't)
    11/21/2014 The complexity of coat color
    11/18/2014 Epilepsy incidence and mortality in 35 dog breeds
    11/9/2014 Reducing genetic risk
    11/7/2014 Take the breeder quiz!
    11/6/2014 Dealing with those pesky mutations
    10/31/2014 It's not always as simple as dominant and recessive
    11/9/2014 The fiction of "knowing your lines"
    10/24/2014 Is your breed drifting?
    10/23/2014 Who's tending your genetic pantry?
    10/15/2014 How breeding the best to the best can be worse
    10/10/2014 When Should You Spay or Neuter Your Puppy?
    10/3/2014 Genetic disorders in dogs: breaking the machinery of life
    9/25/2014 Get Started Using Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs)
    9/19/2014 The Costs and Benefits of Inbreeding
    8/27/2014 A bit of sheepish fun
    8/20/2014 How many generations of pedigree data should you use to estimate inbreeding?
    7/23/2014 Me, jealous? Never! But my dog, on the other hand...
    7/20/2014 Population Size & Inbreeding
    7/19/2014 Avoiding inherited genetic diseases in dogs
    6/18/2014 Wright’s Coefficient of Inbreeding
    6/5/2014 Why DNA tests won't make dogs healthier
    6/1/2014 Eliminating genetic disorders in dogs - too little, too late?
    5/2/2014 Better hips and elbows? Maybe.
    5/1/2014 Cancer Surprises
    2/21/2014 Genetic Management of Dog Breed Populations
    2/2/2014 What Does Population Genetics Have To Do With Breeding Dogs?
    12/5/2013 The Pox of Popular Sires
    10/5/2013 A bit more about Poodles
    9/24/2013 An open letter to the Canadian Poodle clubs and others that love the breed
    7/23/2013 Why do dogs have so many genetic disorders?
    7/19/2013 Primary lens luxation is WIDESPREAD among dog breeds - are you testing?
    7/18/2013 Inherited myopathy in Labradors is found worldwide - the legacy of a popular sire
    7/2/2013 Finally, a scientific journal about Dogs!
    3/9/2013 How molecular genetics will change dog breeding
    7/6/2012 Locating the genes for hip dysplasia in dogs (Psssst! Look in the kibble bag)
    4/19/2012 Population genetics suggests dire straits for Tollers and Heelers

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