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Boyles blood

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by GS Bulldogs, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. GS Bulldogs

    GS Bulldogs Big Dog

  2. Nice Ped,don't know the kennel nor the dog.
    I'm curiouswhat can be said about this dog & kennel.. Bring it on people !
  3. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    I'll see if he wants his info passed on. What do you want to get in contact about?
  4. GS Bulldogs

    GS Bulldogs Big Dog

    Just want some info on the dog. I have a female that I'm looking to breed. Trying to find the best male around
  5. GS Bulldogs

    GS Bulldogs Big Dog

    I have a few males to choose from. Just want to make the right decision
  6. Lol u will not know if u made the right call till after the 1st breeding to be real !! And you don't have to breed tight to have success always. Line breed dogs and scatter breed dogs can have success !! All that matters is if the blood clicks. And most important if u like it cause u got to feed it real talk. If most or all the pups come out acting like lil gremlins (for real) that's a good start . Mine start acting like that when there eyes open and start to move. Then keep the hottest ones and then time will tell. Good luck
  7. GS Bulldogs

    GS Bulldogs Big Dog

    Yeah that's true bro! Good looking out
  8. Dannyb

    Dannyb Big Dog

    How is she bred? What are you trying to add or increase/preserve?
  9. GS Bulldogs

    GS Bulldogs Big Dog

  10. Indyred

    Indyred Pup

    I like the way that ped is put together on Adabeastie
  11. Dannyb

    Dannyb Big Dog

    She's a beauty. Adabeastie has a interesting ped. Have you seen him? I wish you the best.
  12. dirtybump

    dirtybump Pup

  13. Limey kennels

    Limey kennels CH Dog

    Guys show me a real Bobby x dirty mary trowback....
  14. Limey kennels

    Limey kennels CH Dog

    let me refraze that . show me a Dirty mary trowback.
  15. miked

    miked Pup

    how is that bohagen dog produceing been thinging about geeting some he;s close 2 me i been wanting 2 try some boyles stuff always had crenshaw stuff exept ch el rubio sis who was off tants travis
  16. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye Premium Member Premium Member

    He had a draw, he should of win but they picked up bc they knew what they had and he wasn't 100% probably more like 70-75% but still did his thing. He has a good style on him and if good people get his dogs he should produce good. They taking him to some daughters of Lil Dudley which could be Dynomite.
  17. Rock n Rye

    Rock n Rye Premium Member Premium Member

    Keep the hottest ones? That's gone get you nowhere fast. Hot puppies don't equal great adults. Keep the whole litter and see how they do bc the relaxed ones seem to have just as good if not better turnout. Also depending on which strain you breed too, them non hot ones seem to be better dogs when they get put to the fire..
  18. brickduke

    brickduke Pup

    It would be obvious that blood works good with itself but has anybody crossed the bst blood to the ablizin dogs? I have seen some peds like that bust mostly young dogs I believe.

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