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Breeding for traits

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by RedRievera, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Long story short, I use RBJBT dogs in my program, for the most part they are Extremely game, strong, athletic, thick skinned rugged durable animals but are smarter than your typical tight RBJ dog.

    Ive noticed that my dogs Mouth are Not meeting my standards; average mouth you might get one here and there occasionally with a hard mouth, but on average not too mouthy.

    Im looking to to outcross to add the mouth I need. Preferably a line that predominately goes to a Hog throat and add's finish.

    logical opinions based on "Your own experience and Eyes" are welcomed. Pm if necessary.
  2. I just can't see breeding a dog with out a hard mouth it's like a gun with no bullets and any good dog with a mouth will just run right through him I come to believe if a dog is to tightly breed loses there mouth all my scater bread dogs have extreme mouth but I only own apbt for my bandogge program
  3. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    Everything you have to go with what you feed & what you need to get the mouth you want.
    Line bred on a dog that's line bred to stay in those areas when hog hunting.
  4. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    This breeding was just done.
    It still has the Bolio /Tombstone in it both top & bottom but it has less Bolio/Tombstone more Eli /Red Boy than the other breeding .
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  5. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    False. When you start losing you are either doing it wrong or need to outcross. It aaaaallllll depends on the reasons the dogs you use and the ones immediately behind them were bred. A scatterbred dog won't tell you much unless you know the dogs and breeders

    I don't know OG personally, but I'm prrreeeeetty sure he has seen what you seen. Not the dogs you have, but the same content.
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  6. Appreciate the replies, but all I'm looking for is a outcross that have or compliments my dogs style but adds mouth, if thats not too much.
    Im not stating that they are soft cotton mouth bulldogs, but If had a little more mouth and finish then will greatly benefit the overall performance.

    Usually when I lack mouth, I make up for it with conditioning and recovery time, but i know adding a little more mouth with their style will make a better all around bulldog when hunting hogs. Im looking for a line that " predominately goes to a hogs chest and throat and adds FINISH".

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. There was a bad boyles gyp in my neck of the woods some time back that had very impressive mouth and was throat checking all night long on a hog but one doesn't speak for the entire line and I haven't seen enough.
  7. Doesn't have to be a complete outcross, and what I mean by that is that if there are any other strains of Jocko-Redboy or Tombstone-Bolio dogs that carry this trait, then by any means inform me.
  8. Your right didn't mean to come off like that but any one that has worked with one of my dogs will say they are beast and true finishers and I personally don't care about paper work blood lines or none of that cuz they just a dog when they come to my yard and must make the cut or they on the way down the road and in the last 10 years I've bought lots of dogs with good peds most inbred or really line bred and none of them made it one I payed 1500 for
  9. Read up on gr ch melon head see where him and tiny Tim came from but those dogs off of them that started to be line bred and inbred are not half of them my only point I was making is a good bulldog on paper don't make a good bulldog in the woods so stay opened minded and what a dog did 10 years ago or more don't have nothing to do with us in 2017
  10. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    I assume you dont have much connections? Have you tried Tom Garner yet?
  11. I Ride solo solo my friend, bumped by head a few times in the past dealing with folks, so I keep to myself.
    As far as Garner goes, I don't want those dogs in my program, If I wanted Eli blood I got folks up in D with mafia dogs, or Aries Kennels before TG Frisco dogs. Nothing against the man, just a personal preference.

    I assuming many members on the board havent seen their fair share as well.
  12. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    I dont get it as you seem to be contradicting yourself.....you claim to want to ride solo and keep to your self but yet you want to contact others on this forum to help you find bulldogs with those specific traits you mentioned?

    You assume many members have not seen there fair share based on what? Based on the fairly little amount of replies from members? Do you want to know why most people are not responding to your post? Its mainly because of what you wrote and quote> logical opinions based on "Your own experience and Eyes" are welcomed. Pm if necessary....You are basically asking other members to incriminate themselves.

    Those who have no real contacts to go to usual go to breeders that are open and readily available to sale there dogs that are open to the PUBLIC which is why I mentioned T.G....plus some of the main stereotype traits Chinaman dogs are known for is mouth. If your selection is limited then not choosing a line based off the traits you want due to personal preferene is not a option....I could understand if on the other hand you had a very wide variety and selection to choose from but you dont or else you wouldnt be asking people on this forums for help.
  13. I see you haven't read my post carefully. Im afraid you are far from the truth my friend.

    Keeping a small circle, and not dealing with to many folks has nothing to do with doing research on line silly. i.e. just because TG can give you some info on some fake bred dogs and frozen semen doesn't mean you affiliate yourself with the man himself and are a team.

    You should understand what your reading before posting. Im not sure what you are referring to or where you get your information but i clearly stated " Go to a Hogs Throat" Because I am refereeing to Hog hunting, nothing else. You seem to be the one trying to incriminate others. I clearly stated if you read " Hog hunting" so please explain to me what you are talking about ?

    Lastly, coming from the guy who one of the dumbest questions you can ask on a board" Did mighty Quinn had full brothers or half siblings" ....Those who have no real contacts or those who simply can't read a pedigree would ask such a thing.
  14. majestasi

    majestasi Pup

    I have a similar question, my hog dog has a hard mouth and a good drive but a bad Style I want to know should I breed her or would that bad trait follow her pups?
  15. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

  16. rroscoe

    rroscoe Lightner Hemphill / Colby

    Breed for sure but find a Smart dog out of smart dog the dog that always escapes or gets out shows it can think All things equal I was looking at a litter about 6-8 weeks old and the women says to me oh that's the trouble one every night she escapes her cage and is laying on the couch in the morning guess which one I took
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  17. I found it to be the hardest thing to breed for and I have bred my fair share of good ones
    I think the only way to achieve it is to constantly breed to dogs that have mouth cause once its gone its tough to get it back
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  18. Based on what your looking for if I were you I'd try red storm crunchjr. he might be the ticket if he is available. Good luck
  19. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Mouth a funny thing, imho most lines have it, it boils down to if the dog wants to use it or not.
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  20. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Or you could always try coconuts..
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