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Bull Terriers?

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by youngheeler, May 13, 2008.

  1. youngheeler

    youngheeler Big Dog

    just a question were they ever bred for game i have a male who is about 16mths now whos papi was a bull terrier and mom was a apbt but he has a super drive and highly dog aggressive jus got me thinking about bull terriers or maybehe got it off moms side but just wanted to kno
  2. Virgil dogs

    Virgil dogs Big Dog

    Did you ever hear of Walter Komosinski?He was from Pittsburg and sucsessfully bred bull terriers into his dogs.He was a VERY interesting dogman.
  3. The true roots of the english bullterier are in the dog-pit. If you go back in the old days you will see that the english bullterier once looked like a APBT. Same counts for the Boston and for Boxers.....if you go back....and back in history...far enough and then you will find pits and dogfights. But from the sixtis on the english Bulli was only bred for the show, for his banana-nose....and from a point on the boxer was bred for the show and for his undershoot look....but the origin was the dog-battle.
    Komosinski had a pretty game white english Bullterier...back in those days you could find some....
    He bred this male to his best APBT bitches and selected very hard.
    His line was good....he was a good dogman.

    SPFDOGS Guest

    I have read about Walter Komosinski via articles written by OS,FR, & JK and to say that this was a great dogman would be a understatment..All 3 of the authors DID mention that he owned bull terriers,AND most of his dogs were all white that did slightly resemble the english bull terrier,but that could be a coencodence(sp)..I would suspect that he might have expirimented with the cross but I dont think that he continuosly bred the breeds together, and I definetly dont think that he started his line by breeding his best females (apbt) to his english bull terrier..

    As for the boxer,bull terrier,& boston terrier looking like the APBT..How far back are we talking?.I have seen pictures of all 3 of the breeds you mentioned that were taken in the late 1800's-early 1900's and not one of the three even resembled a APBT..Can you post a pic?.As far as the english bull terrier being used as a combat dog until the sixties,I think you are off by about 50 or so yrs..

    I mentioned before that there is a breed of dog in Pakistan that I want to say is called the Gull Terrier (I may be wrong on the name) that was said to have been imported from the USA in the early 1900's that look exactly like bull terriers,except they are a little bit leggier..
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  5. [​IMG]Well if Komosinski bred with a Bullterier -Type Male then only to his best bitches or? Or do you think he bred him to his curs....would make no sense or...?
    Last edited by a moderator: May 13, 2008
  6. youngheeler

    youngheeler Big Dog

    thanks guys i was just wondering im gonna do some more research on the topic

    SPFDOGS Guest

    The dog in this picture looks like a APBT to you?.

    Mr.Walter Komosinski was around doing dogs with the likes of Geo Armitage & Pat Donavan (ie: he is a dogman of the old school)so I doubt he would have bred his "best" females to a english bull terrier..
    He might have done some interbreeding as a expiriment,but I seriously doubt he would have used his top females in such a way..Why would he breed his top females to a bull terrier when he no doubt had good bulldogs on his yard?.
    Do you think a man like this would risk losing everything that he had bred for for years in one generation?.
    I dont know..Maybe he did do "more than a few" crossbreedings..I wasnt alive when this mans yard WAS THE PLACE TO BE if you were anybody in the NE part of the country so I can only give my opinion,but I cant even fathom the thought of a man such as Mr.Komosinski breeding "the grand ol' breed" to anything other than another tried and true bulldog..
  8. Virgil dogs

    Virgil dogs Big Dog

    Walter sure did make the cross on more than one occation.By the way just how many cur bitch's do you think that man kept?Back in the day (pre 76) I know guys who would take conditioned dogs to his place to try.Walter would tell THEM to pick there opponent and would beat them!Way back there were game bull terriers and he crossed those into his bulldogs,heavaly.Could it be done today,I dont think so.Did it happen back then you bet.
  9. Thats the Point, you cant compare todays English Bullis to that ones back in history....todays bullis are poore creatures...
    But back in the old Days this dogs were just like another line of Bulldogs.....and if you go back far enough they were Bulldogs.
    Komosinski found this one and made some contests against other Bulldogs...he found out that this dog was strong, and a intelligent fighter...and very game!
    In some Komosinski dogs you can see the Bulli blood...If you have a good eye....

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