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Carver Bloodline in SA.

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by purovargas, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Anyone know of any Carver breeders in San Antonio? I would love to continue his line here in SA but I can't find some of his line in SA. I found villaliberty kennels but I don't know if i'd trust a dog being imported to be the one I wanted. I also found chopper dans carver dogs anyone ever dealt with these kennels?
  2. I also think it sucks that a bloodline that was started here is hard to come by but it's being sold in Spain,Ecuador and other places around the world.
  3. gameexchange

    gameexchange Big Dog

    uh you guys cant be looking too hard theres a good old guy running that blood in texas and with good dogs. I dont want to jump too early and spoon feed you guys but its definitely in texas and from a good source and not that hidden either.
  4. I can't find any on the web, I don't know where else to look except for finding one of Maurice's family and ask them if any pits still exist here in SA.
  5. I found Doowop kennels, anyone ever done business with them?
  6. c-murda

    c-murda Big Dog

    My sincere advice is to get off the web some. You won't find what you're asking for on some website. Plenty in Texas and all over the south. If you don't already know, you possibly never will.
  7. dogman82

    dogman82 Pup

    Yeah imma have to agree.. Da web is not the mecca for finding a good bulldog... Gonna have to get out and do some ground work really.. Im sure there is still some dogmen around your area that can help you out....
  8. bestia

    bestia Big Dog

    there's still some old time dogmen that were friends with Carver with some old school Carver blood right in the SA area and around the border and Valley area. One thing I do know is that the ones I personally know or know of all have closed yards and some are so paranoid they don't let anyone on their yard.
  9. purovargas I must say I agree with these guys. I got a real good friend right outside S.A. that runs Carver dogs. You may find that alot do have closed yards. You just got to get out there and look.
  10. Yeah but I don't really know where to start around here. I heard that some are in Elmendorf and Helotes but it's just hear say.
  11. Sucks that they closed their yards, I don't want the bloodline to die around here.
  12. Yeah their still in dogs just don't allow people to visit their yards.
  13. bestia

    bestia Big Dog

    AW McCool sells pups from his successfull line of Carver dogs, look him up.
  14. buk

    buk Big Dog

    anyone has mccools contact details
  15. Yeah I cant find him a guy from doowop kennels in Mexico told me to contact him but I don't know where he is located.
  16. I found this video on Carver [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5IlFER86uc[/ame]

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