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Ch. Garner's dexter

Discussion in 'The Dogs' started by CHUVALOFAN, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. siccen

    siccen Big Dog

    I just put two picks in the gallery under apbt pups section. My pup is off Dexter X Carmen II. (orange collar) He is coming along really well I think.
  2. Bump bump bump....... bump
  3. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

  4. He is doing good got him on raw he has some hair loss (probably from heavy inbreeding)me and my wife think the cold weather affects his skin will see. But personality wise he is awesome lots of drive confident around other dogs likes to play hard even if the dog is a a**hole and doesn't want to he is a little instigator. He is very smart best muscle definition of any pup I've had. Physically tough always happy good looking pup ! Do you have any el negro dogs?

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  5. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    I don't have any from that line, but maybe some here who do will chime in. Do you mean you had him on other food but then you recently changed to raw due to hair loss? Food intolerances can definitely lead to hair loss.
  6. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    Inbreeding didn't cause the hair lose . And I would be responsible and not let him play with others . Could be a very bad idea 1 day . Hair lose was probably form the kibble you were feeding . The raw should fix it .
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  7. Yea I switched him to raw but I'm beginning to think it's a cold weather issue but someone also told me it could be a thyroid issue. He is just a pup it's fine for him to play with other dogs (for now). As he gets older I'll slow it down but I just want a stable confiedent dog in any situation not a shy dog with humans or animals. I know what I'm doing nothing wrong with socializing puppies his only 4 months old.
  8. Kostas81

    Kostas81 Big Dog

    I believe he is reffering about not be with other dogs, in case he has something contagious...
  9. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    It may take a while to see if the raw diet works. The problem could stem from treats as well, so you should be strict with food during the test phase. I think cold would lead to more hair, not less. What were you feeding before switching to raw? I think OG's point in that with these dogs, you better be able to break up a fight. Do you have breaking sticks in the house, in the car and in your pocket? If not, you will have a hell of a time breaking up a fight.
  10. Already ruled out mange and other parasites so how else could it be contagious ?
  11. It's not hard breaking up a puppy he is only 4 months old if you can't break up a 4 month old puppy from some other breed then idk what hahaha I just want to expose him to many situations as possible while young. He will not be interacting with dogs when he gets older and starts showing out but he will be limited to playing with my work dog a spayed female explosive trained Czech GSD (yes there play is monitored because there both high drive animals) All dogs he comes in contact with he is monitored but like I said when he gets older he will be limited or not at all I'm not new to these dogs and I'm not a idiot that owns them and not know what I'm doing.
  12. He was fine on the food just gas that was terriable but right before Christmas he started loosing hair and it's pretty cold here and winter time allergies is real.
  13. Red bag of victor puppy
  14. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    Yea it's more a caution as he gets older. And his interaction is with one dog and not a bunch of dogs in a dog park. A lot of people here have made mistakes or seen problems happen in the past, so they warn others to be cautious and prepared.

    Hair loss and allergies can drive you crazy, and vets often don't know what to do, but will charge you regardless. Good luck with your pup. He looks good except the hair loss.
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  15. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    I have found Victor hi pro plus to be good for adults. I haven't tried the puppy.
  16. bks

    bks Pup

    Try sulfa lime dip on him
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  17. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    You can't put my pups together after 4 weeks and they will get an adult at 3 months so yes it happens and the people see that and think you and a bad dog . Your not feed any kibble right ? If not The fleas have been really bad this year . Just a thought .
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  18. I understand where your coming from but every line and individual dogs are different when it comes to starting up. Notice Frisco and chinaman pups on TGs page and YouTube there in the same pen until there sold even the older pups that don't get sold right away are still together. Just tells you the line as a majority don't start up young. No Ive never seen fleas on him and he stays inside until we move. I've been feeding him Raw for a month now with vitamins, apple cider vinegar, fish oil, and cocunut oil here and there.
  19. bks

    bks Pup

    That is not not always true years ago my partner had to get another pup due
    The pup he wanted lost a eye in a accident. This was from t.g what people are trying to say is. You never know when a dog will turn on. Or when play gets to ruff.

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