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Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by ryan, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. ryan

    ryan Pup

    Not sure if any of you have actually fed DE to any of your animals, or tried it yourselves, but my wife and I are taking a teaspoon per day after reading about it.

    Soon after ingestion, you can feel your digestive system processing it. It definitely feels different than when your digestive system is processing food. And I have got to say, it seems to work. It cleans you out, and seems to have helped me lose weight (maybe 1-2 pounds) in just a few short days. I'm a fairly thin guy, and somewhat active, but today I looked at my stomach in the mirror and thought I was imagining things when it actually looked smaller. My wife confirmed. My body also seems to be absorbing more of the food nutrients because my body is excreting less waste. Yes, it sounds crazy. I figured I would give it a try without expecting too much. I'm pleasantly surprised.

    I haven't given it to the dog yet as she's on antibiotics due to a tick site that got infected after we extracted the tick. The infection looks like it's gone, and she sees the vet on Monday. As soon as she gets a clean bill of health, we'll start mixing a little in her food.

    If you've never tried DE, do some research and see what you think.
  2. geezuss

    geezuss Big Dog

    thats what i put in my pool filter :rolleyes: im gona read about the ingestion of it sounds weird thanks lol
  3. act284

    act284 Big Dog

    just bought a 50 pound bag for my dog...

    dusted him with it for fleas...

    feed him some...i tried it but not much...maybe i will eat it every day

    food grade of course
  4. steinlin

    steinlin Premium Member Premium Member

    We have used it for 30 years or more, for keeping the dogs free from all insect problems and was easily found years ago as one of the main ingredients in a fantastic product known as "Wonder Dust"(used extensively for infected cuts and wounds.) We dust them, their houses and do the ground occasionally. We swear by it, but have not used it internally. I know it is used internally in the farm industry at 2% per grain ration.
    There are two primary types of diatomaceous earth: salt water and fresh water. The purity of fresh water diatomaceous earth deposits is exceptional. Fresh water deposits are so pure that the Food and Drug Administration has given it a food-grade designation.

    Very interesting...thank you
  5. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    There are 3 types of grade of DE...The food grade IS the only one recomended to be safe the other two are dangerous.
  6. lqaddict

    lqaddict Big Dog

    I used it for flea/tick control.
    It is a food grade one, so if I feed it to my dog to prevent/treat worms how much is a safe amount?
  7. houstonapbt

    houstonapbt Top Dog

    Anyone use this stuff as a wormer too?
  8. budboy88

    budboy88 CH Dog

    where can you buy the food grade stuff?
  9. wonson3

    wonson3 Pup


    here some info on DE.. i just found that right now..
  10. ryan

    ryan Pup

  11. BSK

    BSK Pup

    great product use it all the time wormer,flea control,etc.
  12. BSK

    BSK Pup

  13. act284

    act284 Big Dog

    ive been feeding my dog it every 3 days...just a teaspoon

    it really drys the coat up to the point of flakiness...how often to dust and how much should be put on? i wonder if I am going too far
  14. Colossal

    Colossal Pup

    I use it and have used for muy dogs their kennels or chain spots and also for their food I've yet to ever have any problems and to me it made the stools more harder and there was a decrease weigh lost in my dogs never noticed but it did cut down on the fleas drastically which is my main purpose for buying; I usually pick my bag up from my local feed store
  15. Good stuff, just as was said above make sure you use food grade.

    There are so many benefits and uses its insane.
  16. Lee Robinson

    Lee Robinson Big Dog

    Sounds a little too much like snake oil to me...treats everything. :rolleyes:
  17. houstonapbt

    houstonapbt Top Dog

    Have you taken the time out to read anything on it from different sources to make that opinion?
  18. People are too hung up on needing chemicals and "medications" for everything. Sometimes a natural substance does it best, and more often than not a variety of issues can be dealt with by using one natural product... what is so hard to believe about that? Read up about it, no one is lying to you...
  19. AncientKulcha

    AncientKulcha Big Dog

    Anyone have anything else to say about this stuff? i looked SPECIFICALLY for negatives and other than inhaling it there really arent any. i just got mine and i'm eager to use it!
  20. houstonapbt

    houstonapbt Top Dog

    Same here. I haven't got mine yet I just ordered a 10lb bag off amazon though.

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