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Ear Crop

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by MOOT44, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. MOOT44

    MOOT44 Top Dog

    Hey All,

    I have a buddy who just got a new apbt. I'd tell u all more about the dog's 'ped' but, I know nothing about peds so I can't:(

    Anyhow, I remember seeing a pic on here of a dog that I absooooolutely loved his ear crop. It was refered to as the fighting crop or warrior crop. I have looked and looked and looked and can't find it. Any of you all have good warrior/fighting crops on your dogs or know of some who do? His pup is 8 weeks old, so we don't have long:) ANY HELP would be great.

    Thanks in adavance!
  2. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    If you commented on the post, you can go to your statistics and find all posts you've made. Meanwhile, is this the post you are talking about? This one come to my mind because it was recent and you said the same thing.
  3. poundAPBT

    poundAPBT Big Dog


    sorry if this doesn't help you any.
  4. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    Good example.
  5. MOOT44

    MOOT44 Top Dog

    Ok, this thread can be closed................THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH POUNDAPBT....i'd kiss you if I knew you:)

    PS: Pound, where did u get that diargram from?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 1, 2008
  6. poundAPBT

    poundAPBT Big Dog

    haha, no problem, glad I could help.
    I remembered seeing it on another forum and did a little digging. I'm not quite sure where exactly it comes from.
  7. Dreamer

    Dreamer Big Dog

    That's weird. Why would a crop that takes all the ear protection off be considered a "battle crop"?

    Seems the "battle crop" exposes the inner part of the ear to about everything!

    Methinks somehow this is supposed to look "mean" and "cool" and even the name is somehow "cool"; But actually has nothing to do with the ear being better prepared for "battle". Seems most pics I've seen of pit dogs have all their ear....better to chew off some ear leather than get a tooth down an ear...

  8. poundAPBT

    poundAPBT Big Dog

    It seems this crop is the new "fad" crop, especially for American Bullies.
    I'm sure this crop is irrelevant when it comes to dog fighting -- like you said, it's more of a "cool" look. Cosmetic more than function.

    Here's an example of the crop on an American Bully;

  9. Buck E. Owens

    Buck E. Owens Banned

    Thats what happens when you feed a pit McDonald's for a year lol joking;)
  10. Yeah seems you hardly see a blue bully dog with ears, gotta make them look tough you know. My rescue blue girl has her ears homecropped and one is pretty much a battle crop but the other looks like a short crop. Buncha idiots. I like the show crop on some dogs but prefer ears on my dogs.
  11. zacdaddy77

    zacdaddy77 Big Dog

    I think when a "Fad" last a certain amount of time, it becomes a "Tradition".The ear cropping "Fad" has been a "Fad" since back the 1800's when this breed was created.When a dog was a dog. :D Its always been up to the dogmen whether to crop or not.There has been a dog or two with cropped ears that were very important to this breed.





  12. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    It's a battle crop because it leaves nothing for the other dog to hold on to ( and dogs ears arn't like ours, a dogs tooth is not going to reach another dogs vital ear parts with it's teeth anyways, a dogs ear canal goes down then turns in towards the head so unless you dog has right angled teeth it aint going to damage the inner ear where the tympanic membrane and other vital parts of the ear are at with it's teeth anyways) personally I would keep the ears, it's better to have a hog get a hold of an ear then its muzzle or neck.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 13, 2009
  13. performanceknls

    performanceknls Top Dog

    I have a few crop jobs gone bad. They are pretty much the battle crop and a few reasons why I would not go that short. The dog cannot fold it's ear back and protect from things like sand or dirt from entering the ear canal. The dog gets stuff in the ears and sakes it's head to get what ever fell in, out. I was also running a dog in the rain that had a battle crop and the ears kept filling with water since the dog could not fold it's ear back. I crop most of my dogs but I make sure and stay away from short crops. I prefer something in between the short crop and show crop from the scale above. Moot44 I don't know if your friends plan on working the dog but if he does stay away from the short crop. I have found it gets in the way of working. When the dog is running in sand or dirt they kick it up and it goes in the ear canal.
  14. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    I know what you mean about the short crops,I had a dog once that had a short crop and it was kind of a pain.But that's the only dog I've had with cropped ears so I don't know anything about the other lengths though.
  15. Crystal621

    Crystal621 Big Dog

    Havoc's the only dog I have ever had cropped..his are in between short and show...I am pleased with how his turned out.

  16. zacdaddy77

    zacdaddy77 Big Dog

    His are what I consider perfect , as far as looks.He looks great!

  17. websterz28

    websterz28 Big Dog

    but if a dog has a real hard mouth but has lower ability, gameness or wind, it could be better for that dog to have cropped ears because the hog would have a harder time getting a hold,which would allow him to do more damage early before they gas out...(dont know just saying that could be somes thought process or maybe even true)
    also old dogmen would crop em if they got too torn up...

    i think its kind of silly to crop a dogs ears, plays into the whole pit bull stereo type....i id say 90 % of people wouldnt recognise my dog as a "pit bull"and i like it that way... lol
  18. performanceknls

    performanceknls Top Dog

    Those are perfect! I should send my dogs to you to get cropped! lol Can you pm the name of the vet? he really did a good job. We have no one that can crop ears in this state! All the old timers retired! That is why I had that dog with screwed up ears.
  19. 40lbRed

    40lbRed Big Dog

  20. Zoe

    Zoe CH Dog

    I agree! Nice crop!

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