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Floyd Boudreaux Cajun Kennels

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by Stone Shark, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Recently most have seen the fundraiser for Floyd. We have had the pleasure of offering up some limited edition collars that every penny raised went to Floyd. While at the dog show in Poplarville MS, He was impressed with our products and wanted some for himself. He ended up getting a few collars and a lead. He also ordered some custom tagged collars. He asked us to offer a few of these up. I currently have 2 available. They are $75.00 each and the money can either be directly deposited on his GoFundMe set up by Carlos B. Or sent to me, either way Floyd will get 100%of the funds. They are signed by Floyd and dated 4-20-20. I think He really signed them on 3-20-20. He gets a pass as He is 85. IMG_20200404_111041.jpg
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  2. tomjones2

    tomjones2 Pup

    Hey, just wondering what the fund raiser is in aid of?
  3. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

  4. tomjones2

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