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folks pn the east coast.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by slim12, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    Thoughts and prayers.

    Get ready, or ae ready as you can.

  2. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    I seen your post and made me look up on CnN it said they estimated up to 140mph winds
  3. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Good luck over there Slim and good luck to every one over that way.
    treezpitz likes this.
  4. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Yes we are going to get some wind off of it but we going to be alright.
    bamaman likes this.
  5. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    Hope their predictions are off and that shit loses momentum! Y'all batten down the hatches and keep yourselves and loved ones safe! Dogs too!
  6. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    Stay safe!
  7. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    Looks like we dodge the worst of it as it looks like it will not track to us.

    My brother in law has two feet of water in his front yard. They live near Beaufort. And it just started. They are expecting storm surges near 13feet and 30-40 inches of rain as the storm stalls.

    Thoughts and prayers to all those down east in North Carolina and the most of SC.

  8. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Thank you Slim, Well I saw lots of rain but here in Columbia SC area were okay. Big flooding is coming down the rivers 1st of the week. God be with all of the family s up on the coast that there nieborhoods turned into rivers. Insurance companies will not pay flood claims if a home doesn't have flood insurance. Ocean front and a few blocks back is just about mandatory. Yet who would ever imagine there off the Ocean front homes flooding. Take care, God bless . YIS, Dex

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