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Gary Hammond

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by perryboy, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. perryboy

    perryboy Pup

    Who knows alot on mr hammonds breedings ' the dogs he bred & sold ' to who's running tight Hammond blood these days or can you even find it pure
  2. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    Go to the source & ask him.
    They won't be purer anywhere elsr.
  3. LittleBoy

    LittleBoy Big Dog

  4. perryboy

    perryboy Pup

    Thanks man !
  5. LittleBoy

    LittleBoy Big Dog

    No problem, always glad to help out.
  6. I use this thread to ask you about collars from G.Hammonds. Someone use them ? Are they good stuff ?
  7. willypete

    willypete Big Dog

    yes they are a good collar . have used them for years
  8. Grabo86

    Grabo86 Big Dog

    I think lots of Hammonds Dogs have a weird body-physique.
  9. bks

    bks Pup

    what do you mean by that can you explain. If you had said looks I might could understand
  10. monkman75

    monkman75 Pup

    Probably means most of his dogs are tall and rangy looking.
  11. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    He has had Great dogs.......I have a friend Stan that bought a female from him some years back. She turned out very well. Also she has produced well so far.
  12. Blackpoison

    Blackpoison CH Dog

    how bout what mayfield said bout him
  13. Polar Ice

    Polar Ice Pup

    Oh no, you mean Hammonds' date of birth is wrong???
    Augustus likes this.
  14. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Lmfao... :lol:
  15. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    limey kennels (big dave ) is his best friend ......
  16. Jacob

    Jacob Top Dog

    he wrote a book on manbiters. Some of his dogs were manbiters but he said they were real smart so they were still ok. I think limy kennels had some manbiters too but they were good dogs i think limy kennels is on here.
  17. Mr. Hammonds, is a gentleman and is as honest as the day is long. The man is very game is my opinion. He has been with the bulldogs for a very long time and will be until he dies. He is credit to the bulldog world.

    His dogs on average our on the big side and not great conformation dogs but are smart, athletic, game and durable. As he writes in his book "the good ones are not always good to look at ". Unlike, other families of dogs like Sorrells / Tatonka, Gary's dogs can differ in appearance quite a lot.

    Limey Inbred on his original dogs from Gary for close to 15 years with great success. He did have some "outs" in his breeding like to a dog off of Petronell's Fox and a dog off of some Jessie Rod Midnight stuff too but for the most part mostly just very inbred Rufus bred dogs. What I'm getting at is I don't think many lines could have been bred so tightly as Limey did with the Hammonds stuff and still produce champions. When Limey needed a dose of fresh blood he went back to Mr. Hammonds and picked up Candy (park son/Elders Eve-I think?) and viola!

    Although, in general Gary doesn't breed his stuff too tight but many others do. There have been several people that have inbred off of Knockson / TK dogs with success I believe. Gary also has some really really nice heavier Alligator studs too like Race Horse, and Zacatecas that are testament to the soundness of that genetic pool.
  18. Jacob,
    Yeah, Man biters scare the sh*t out of me but Gary has had a few but not many. He had that T-rex dog and there is even one on his yard that I believe is an aunt to one of my pups that is bat shit crazy and would bite someone. I do think he manages these dogs well and never lets them go into a situation that could be disastrous. Most of the time these dogs are just used as security dogs on a yard and are rarely bred. I think he tried to breed T-Rex but nothing came from it.


    Good post MHM...
    GH is a gentleman and a credit to the breed...
    preme likes this.

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