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Golden king's kid

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by CHUVALOFAN, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. plane

    plane Big Dog

    Nick is selected name for forum. Your nick is chuvalofan, myis plane.
    According to your presentation you meant to Jure/George when you chose nick.
    I live few kilometers away from the birthplace of his parents.


    After reading that it speaks volumes between the lines about you and I will no longer respond to you, you classless piece of shit.
  3. plane

    plane Big Dog

    There are two possibilities.
    My English is zero and literally you do not understand what I'm saying or you are some guy seeking argue.


    I do not like to argue in regards to where this has turned.

    If it is a misunderstanding on my part then I am indeed in the wrong. I took your first post as you think because I didnt agree with you on the excuses comment that I was somehow belittling the name of George Chuvalo
  5. plane

    plane Big Dog

    There is team of "internet warriors" who try to justify King's defeat.
    I thought to that when I said excuses. And no, I dont think to you
    when I say "internet warriors". Čuvalo is last name from my region
    and I immediately noticed your nick.
    And I was curious to see which Čuvalo you thinking.
    I did not think you took his name for promotion or something just wondered who you mean when you chosen that nick.
    Frankly I do not care who you are, or your real name..............


    I could give a fuck who you are as well. Now that said...I APOLOGIZE to you. After re-reading your first post and this one I see it is I who am in the wrong.

    I am by nature an asshole on all accounts but it seems my online feuds have made me a testy asshole and quick to jump the gun as I did here.

    I have a lot of respect for the people of Croatia and have a very good friend whom I served with from there named Klaudio.

    I now see you have much more ''hands on'' with this topic as you are from the region and would know much better then me.

    I again am sorry.


    Also I would like to ad plane that if you are not put off from my ignorance and outright rudeness I would like you to contribute your thoughts on thread topic and the interview I posted as you are from the region and it is something I am very interested in and would value someones insight more in the know.
  8. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I will contribute a little.something.That blood would have nevet left American soil if it would have been up to Mad and Skip..Ok Hammonds had some blood in Kid also which over in Holland they refer to it as the Spike blood.Laws changed and from what I know that blood mostly became watered down.It didn't stop Pera from breeding to it amd it worked for him in his region .Snd yes he may have went outside of his backyard with it, I don't know or camt remember at the moment.I do like Kid.
  9. plane

    plane Big Dog

    Man it is OK.
  10. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    That last scratch he thought about it. Handler fired him up enough to go. Do they dock tails a lot in Europe? Two docked dogs almost locked like dobermans for a second. I like my dogs all natural, but have seen some nice looking cropped dogs.
  11. Back to the excuses, isn't it air headed to pull a old dog out of retirement and think its gonna have the same success it did in its early years? Why can't we look at the handler as chief fuck up in this operation? Basically the moment the dog can't be conditioned correctly the gig is up, his excuse was he couldn't get him in shape.... If he had paid the forfeit, and put his pride in check, he'd have a world class bulldog at home. Id like to say I'm not discrediting him, that was one learning experience in a fruitful career.
    STA8541 likes this.
  12. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    he moves that he just a little to haha before contact . well they both did if you look good .
  13. plane

    plane Big Dog

    King was killer. He loved to work on head and enter in throat. He was bigger than Dendy few kg. Dendy was dog in 23.5 kg pit weight. And Dendy was chest dog. So Pera thought King will destroy Dendy, it turned conversely.


    Of the two which turned out to be the better producer ? Pera seemed to move more toward his Silver (Sorrell) blood after.
  15. Kostas81

    Kostas81 Big Dog

    He used King's blood, even with Silver. He based his program though on Silver I believe, because of his pedigree. King was pretty much scatterbred, as most of the balcan dogs.
    But even the dogs he has now, somewhere in their peds, you can find King!
    And remember, Silver came after King.


    Yes I am aware of that.
  17. plane

    plane Big Dog

    King is ROM, Dandy not.

    But this is not surprising because Dandy mated less bitches.
    As for preferences I would say that they were both good producers, but officially King is ROM.
  18. plane

    plane Big Dog

    Pera is good breeder, but his real talent if finding young talents and buy them.

    King was born in Croatia, and Pera bought him as young dog. Silver was born in Croatia and Pera bought him as puppy. Even Kid at the beginning was dog of Pera and one more man.
  19. StarLion

    StarLion Pup

    I used to hold the same opinion about the watering down of the blood but have since changed that view. I think that family by sheer determination has withstood the test of time and the quality of the animals now is higher than perceived. In purer form still produced workers:
  20. StarLion

    StarLion Pup

    The courtesy was a clear indication of what he displayed during the contest. There are songs of frustration, songs of pain and songs of contemplation. Those cries along with the licking, he did well to complete; the handler was a little too animated for my liking though. It's a pity he doesn't have a tail would have told a truer story

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