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Hello dogger's

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kiuQxy - APBT Luv, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Hello from Brazil!

    My name is Augusto and I've around for couple months reading stuff. Now I want to introduce my mutt and myself to community.

    His name is Yaro, six months atm and weight around #37-38. We play the flirtpole, thug and usually do hand walk daily (at my free-day or weekend we run 5 miles and he jumps at a lake to swim).
    He doesn't have a ped but I know the parents myself. Sire is a black/tan #50-52 and Dam is a white/red red nose #44-45 both at chainweight.
    If i would speak by Yaro, I would say that he is a wind guy, very athletic and joyful. 100% companion dog (he is a PET BULL indeed) love him so much, he's always around that I call him as "my shadow" often. Planning to build a spring pole soon, since I already did a prototype and he enjoyed (at moment I dont have the spring itself LOL) and want to keep him in good shape.
    By the 6months mark, he shows zero dog agression - we have a 18 months MUTT (the real one haha) and they play the whole day (guys are good at wrestling) - and in our walks he doesn't show real interest toward other dogs.
    I would say that his bite work is good but need improvment and sometimes i feel the lack of drive - honestly his littermate is firecracker and i kinda feel jealous by him haha - he is not ashamed toward new people or around other dogs. He is pretty smart actually, and obedient. In our hand walks, he most of the times walk and run loose just by my side. I feel like this behavior will change with time, but I enjoy that I can trust him at this time (the areas that we work doesn't have lots of dogs, so it's just fine right now).
    So, as I said about the parents, he was the only one from the litter who came with rednose and I'm hoping that he carries the tan point gene aswell.
    I "plan" to breed him to a sister that is black/white (hope that she carry the tan as well, so it may throw some tri-color) I know it's a full gamble and I'm not planning to peddle - me and some good friends will keep the dogs.
    Whats your thoughts about the chances of I succeding in this plan?
    Would love to hear your opinions toward my boy, regarding anything (conformation, overall look and so) because I know there are lots of respectable dogmans around.

    Much respect,
    Augusto Jr. and Yaro
    quicksquare_20181620327349.jpg IMG_20180106_203753_727.jpg IMAG0125.jpg Yaro&Pandora.jpg 5 Months.jpg
  2. Jacob

    Jacob Banned

    You only breed to improve. So many puppies out there right now in the wrong hands the pounds. Do the community a favor and make him a ambassador of the breed he is very nice.
    pitbulld0gs likes this.
  3. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Staff Member

    Welcome to GD
  4. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Welcome. Nice pics and dogs. The tri gene..
    Ya may have better luck buying a dog from a family known to cary..or produce it.
    That being said..breeding based on..or to produce color is frowned upon by many.

    Do you know the lineage of the dogs?
    Are they carriers?

    There are some great dogs in Brazil. I know quite a few folks down yonder.
  5. Jacob

    Jacob Banned

    Dogman very interested in working abilltes first. Best guys for you let me know if I'm wrong. Is competitive weight pull. Hang time. Confirmation shows you would love.

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