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Hollands Red Boy Dogs

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by ziggy311, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    I use some of Mr Hollands Red Boy blood with my dogs. I have seen certain things in both pure & crossed versions. I have used a little Tans blood in the past & still use just a drop of it coming thru Butckus these days. But want to know more about the Holland's Red Boy family.
    In order for me to learn more just wanted to know as much from others. Maybe by asking blindly "What others think", I might hear what I had already seen to see if these are common family traits.
    So What does Holland Redboy bring to the table, good & bad?

  2. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

  3. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    My buddy bred a Mims Jiggs female to Bobby which was Ladybird's littermate brother. BH's Bobby could have been a match dog but he chose to breed to him instead.

    His daughter would cross over into the path of an on coming train. Some would say she would go to a sign post. She was bred once to a male out her mom. A 1/2 brother sister breeding. The male is young but I like him so far.

    The Holland dogs can be varied. The pure Holland dogs that perform well are rare. Bobby was an exception. I heard Ladybird was a fair dog herself from BH. The Holland dogs seem to get better with the cross. Now whether they get better or make something else better that will always be open to debate.

    Bobby was bred to the Jiggs bitch and then there is a brother-sister breeding from that. In the next few weeks she will be bred to one of my Mims dogs. 5/8th red boy dogs, half of that Mims and the other half Holland, the rest is a little Snooty/Bolio.

    The Bobby daughter was a pretty good dog. I liked her. She was hard working and really intense when working. She was 3/4 Red Boy and half of that was Holland.

    Hit me in the PM. S
  4. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

  5. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    Thank you Sir. A of good info. Have also seen Lady Bird work once before breeding . Thanks for the info!
  6. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    Always wanted to try the Holland blood with my Mims stock
    Glad to see someoneelse who is doing so I just pm'd you slim
    Hit me back whenever you get a chance...

  7. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    To the top !

  8. Hachiman

    Hachiman Big Dog

    Game to the bone. Bred real tight they may lack mouth but outcrossed the mouth will show up.
  9. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    Looks good.


    Another good post Slim, the cross is where those dogs do well, and quarter or an eigth seems to go along way...
    Bobby Holland was a peddeler and peddy hustler that traded his corvette to B.Bailey for his redboy stock, never tested one andbred them together for pedigrees and sold them for bigger paper, WOW... Bobby went by Music City kennels and rode off the late Teneeseeans Hunter Red local infamy, Bobby had some nice old Carver bred dogs that nicked well with his redboy stock, but his pure redboy dogs were rarley worth a skip as slim mentioned... He got caught up with drugs and rolled on other dogmen as most cur drug dealers do... As far as Hollands name, it shouldnt be mentioned as all he did was breed Baileys/ Marlowes lines and have no more value than any other Marlowes bulldogs, as a matter of fact due to Bobbys lack of testing and over peddeling, Id say they are valued less in my eyes...
    Im not knocking Hollands redboy dogs as crosses as I had a quarter cross of Slick Willie ex Samantha bred to some old carver grandchampion that had an equal sister, and that is almost all of our dogs today, so I do value the cross... As far as redboy dogs, thier are twenty names worth mentioning that added something more than peddeling, selling dope and snit-shhing on dogmen...
    Bob Meddlin, Carolina Kitten Ms.Marlowe,the Cottinhams, Tant/ Crews and Mr.Burns, Chavis, Georgia Bulldog Mr.Hunt, Mr.L.Lewis, Old Spear, Mr.George w/ 000red, Mr.Jacobs w/ the Assassins, Whitley/Truit and Robinson, Bailey w/ Bingo, The Tenneseean w/ Hunter Red and the Road Warriors w/ Booger, Bluegrass knls, WCC and the Deacon ex Assasinator,Carolina kennels w/ Termite, STP, Havanna Boys, Barr Cayman etc...
    Any of these twenty names are kennels that I would be proud to have in my ped, but not Booby Hollands...
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  11. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    good post fellaz
  12. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    That is story that has been told by many. I have never seen much merit in the pure Holland dogs either. Very few pure, or real heavy Holland dogs hold up. A shot here and there seems to work better.

    Mr. Holland sold a bunch of dogs in his day and the 'pure' ones always sold well. Most that bought them never really had any plans other than breeding them, either pure to sell, or cross to perform. Most never made it to the box, much less the show. BH's Bobby was an exception. He was one of the rare ones that really sold a bunch a dogs for Mr. Holland.

    This is one of my favorite rumors, and it is nothing more than that. When Vernon Jackson got out of the dogs, cut back to move, Mr. Holland ended up with a couple three of those Mayfield's Snake type dogs, rough and hard mouthed, real durable and showed finish. For a stretch there the Holland Red Boy dogs, even "PURE" could bite shit in half. We had one that was papered 7/8th red boy, damn near straight Red Boy. He could bite shit in half but had no heart. His brother who was never looked at when bred back to Mims dogs, Carver dogs, and Patrick dogs produced rather well. His sister the same.

    The daughter of Bobby, (Red Ruby) the littermate the to the Ladybird dog mentioned above, was 1/2 Holland Red Boy, 1/4 Mims Red Boy and the rest a blend of Snooty. I thought she was exceptional. She had brother who is a real nut job. Dumb as a stump, but always willing. The breeding off her knocked the Holland down to a 1/4 and so far it looks like things got a little better. Time will tell. S
  13. philip

    philip Pup

    People forget a lot of times it's not the breeder but how the dog is raised and brought up
  14. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    The dog's environment will play a factor but it won't turn chicken shit into chicken salad. S
    david63 likes this.
  15. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    This is very true I for one believe how you treat the dog
    Will make or break the dog if you treat it poorly and then
    Expect the dog to perform for you chances are that it will
    Not go 100% as opposed to a dog you treat right...Imo the
    First 6 months are crucial for the dog and you to create a
    Good bond for me I believe if you spend a lot of time with
    The pup for the first 6 months your bond with him will be
    Better as opposed to just feeding and watering it I keep my
    Dog with me as much as I can even if I'm just watching TV
    The pup is on my lap ...
    Jer-zDog18 likes this.
  16. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    Even now I spend as much time as I can
    With him ...I find it funny that some people
    Think that all a dog needs to be happy is
    Food,water and an occasional walk ! These
    Dogs are high energy animals who need
    A lot of attention and activities to remain
    Healthy and happy ...these dogs ain't for
    Everyone !



    Good post NM and Slim, lmao...
  18. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm all about spending as much time as possible with the dog, doing things, going places, learning the tools of the trade early on, all for it.

    I have only seen one dog in all these years that I truly thought would not scratch for anyone else than their owner. The dog was Ch. Angel. She had three wins, all RIP, complete finisher. Once in a roll her owner walked away from her to the other side of the pit and I swear she was looking for a place to go. He walked back over and she grabbed another gear. Her speed and intensity was raised and lowered by his voice.

    On the same note, I have seen dogs that would scratch to a sign post for me, you or anyone else for that matter. S
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  19. nmdogs

    nmdogs Big Dog

    That is kind of an example of the bond I am talking about
    She was doing exactly what her owner wanted when he
    Walked away she probably could care less about the other
    Dog but wanted her owner to know she was dancing for him
    if you want the dog to put it's life on the line or in
    Your hands Imo you should treat the dog as best
    As you can again just Imo

    Jer-zDog18 likes this.


    Some families or individuals are more human oriented, while others are not...
    Now a dog that scratches into a sign post is just plain stupid, but if he scratches into a lightpole and the light goes on, thats genius...

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