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HSUS's Spending on Animals: (Non-Dairy) Half-and-Half

Discussion in 'Dog Blogs' started by HumaneWatch, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. HumaneWatch

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    HSUS’s Spending on Animals: (Non-Dairy) Half-and-Half

    [​IMG]As the Humane Society of the United States attracts scrutiny from a growing number of Americans, it’s also drawing criticism from charity watchdogs. We’ve already shown you how the American Institute of Philanthropy (which runs CharityWatch.org) downgraded HSUS and the HSUS-run Fund for Animals this year to overall grades of “D.” (Those abysmal “D” grades were re-issued again this week.) And that was after Charity Navigator, reacting to HSUS’s high fundraising costs, gave it just one star (out of four) for efficiency. HSUS’s global arm (Humane Society International) received an overall one-star rating too.

    When AIP first issued its “D” grade to HSUS in July, the organization determined that HSUS’s fundraising costs ranged as high as 49 percent, meaning it can costs HSUS (or really, the Americans who donate to HSUS) as much as 49 cents to raise every dollar.

    We joked yesterday that one of HSUS’s many front groups may have to invent its own charity rating service, since that’s the only way it’s likely to get straight-“A”s. But it seems the animal rights movement already has a professional charity evaluator. And its assessment of HSUS is equally unflattering.

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