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Information about puppy of wallbanger kennels

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Morgan71, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Morgan71

    Morgan71 Pup

    hello I am offered a female on a litter of Big Boy olivia from wallbanger kennel. what do you think of the bitch? do you have more information about this kennels or the bitch? Thank you. Morgan

    Attached Files:

  2. ohav4

    ohav4 Big Dog

    Can you post a ped. I see them offering animals all the time in certain FB groups.
  3. Morgan71

    Morgan71 Pup

  4. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    I have no dealings with wall banger and can not speak on him personally. I want that to be clear. But there sure is a lot of drama surrounding him and his dogs all of the time. Just from seeing things posted on dog sites. I will not go any further on what I saw or didn't see. Don't know if it's true or not.
  5. Morgan71

    Morgan71 Pup

    Thank for rep , what do you mean by " a lot of drama surrounding him and his dogs ?" sorry I am not american and i can't translate this expression. Thank you

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