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Is there a way to guesstimate weight of a full grown SBT

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by Swiper, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Swiper

    Swiper Pup

    Hi NGK you are on the money. Swiper is 18 and 44 pounds.
  2. I have a (almost)five month old SBT pup aswell, I weighed him two weeks ago and he was at 14kg. He has still a little fat on him and I intend to keep it that way until he's about a year old. But his sire is about 16kg and his dam about the same.

    So I'm definitely following your thread to see how he turns out. Maybe we have some freak pups.
  3. JimT3

    JimT3 Pup

    If he's too big for you send him to Oklahoma! Great looking dog!

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