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Little head

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Southbanker, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Southbanker

    Southbanker Big Dog

    Is a gamedog with a small head at a disadvantage in a show? Smaller than average I mean.
  2. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Like for the Box no.
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  3. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I always thought Ch. Sheena Black had a small snipe shaped head, but she was an absolute piranha!
  4. Southbanker

    Southbanker Big Dog

    What about males?
  5. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Male or Female like a snapping turtle.
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  6. No....at least i dont think so?
    i used to think some with diffrent shape heads could bite harder.like maybe it was the shape of there head as to why they could bite so hard.

    But i was totally wrong on so many levels.

    But your asking about the head size and not the muzzel shape right??
    some have huge heads for there size...some have rather narrow or little heads.
    i dont think it puts them at a disadvantege...werther it makes them bite harder or not i dont no?dont think it matters?
    but what if its heads like a pin and its easy to get crushed?
    i dont think there is such a dog of this breed with so weaker skull???

    Has anybody seen a dog get its skull crushed with a other dog of the same weight??
    same weight not a twenty pound diffrence lol.
    ive seen a hard mouth head dog that would fucking deffen a dog.he had like a longish snipyish muzzel.i used to think he was doing something to there brain lol...
    but even he could not just crush another bulldogs skull.
    One smaller then him he could.and i seen him pop a twenty pound jack russles skull in secounds once.but he was like fifty pounds...(accident)
    Ive heard of dogs crushing mouths or jaws to bits.
    and i belive that.but crush a skull???

    Any one seen that???
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  7. Pre 1835 i mean.

  8. I read Tudors Dibo crushed a dogs skull in a yard accident.

    not a nice sight to arrive home to lol.
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  9. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Soze I did not believe those pencil head Dogs could Bite either Boy was I wrong. I was talking to Mr. Boudreaux on the telephone He said Partner I have seen plenty of pencil Head dogs than had a mouth like an alligator and said don't let the size of the head fool you on their biting ability. P.S we are talkin about pound per pound dogs.
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  10. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Pencil head dogs are fine but I prefer a dog with a nice head myself.
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  11. Sleep

    Sleep Pup

    I was in the same boat when it comes to head size and bite per square but I've seen in my expericence that short snorts have a vice stripe like bite and big head dogs have a harder time closing all the way but not in all cases...imo tho....any agree or disagree?
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  12. would be the same like asking if a boxer with smaller hands would be at a disadvantage

    to give a recent example I read in a interview some years ago that Kobe Bryant wished he had bigger hands cause he couldn't grip a basketball like for example kawhi leonard who has huge hands

    Kobe was a great player wasnt he ?
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  13. Carolinacur

    Carolinacur Big Dog

    Myself and a buddy had this discussion the other day oddly enough. Not so much on behalf as pressure, but on behalf of them lugging the extra weight around on their shoulders LOL.

    If you dont bring any extra pressure than your opponent and you’re head is twice as big does this come as a disadvantage?

    say it’s 100 degrees out and you have 1/4 lb more on your shoulders over 1hr time will this make or break you?
  14. ^^^^^^^@CC...good point..
    i never even thought about that!!!
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  15. Sleep i dont agree or disagree.


    Im fucking lost now i think.
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  16. ngamla

    ngamla Big Dog

    There was a bitch this side of the world that was said to have cracked her opponents skull when she won her show. Her name was Jessie Lee off an old Yellow Saloon Stomponato cross. But I dont know if her opponent had a small head or not
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  17. Nice post man.
  18. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Soze No think of it this way Bulldoghistorian use a very good example of this would a boxer with smaller hands would be at a disadvantage.
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  19. Sleep

    Sleep Pup

    Didn't mean to confuse u.....ok well this should clarify things up.....dog bite and a boxers punch are very similar....bigger heads or big hands.....harder bite or harder punch....I thinks its the dogmen preferences....as a spectator we like to see something go in an destroy the opponent meaning goes and finshes the job like a Mike Tyson....but a technical dog would be a Floyd Mayweather.....they both were winners...1 just has style points....Tyson would be a cowboys Hammond, chinaman, eli dog perhaps something gonna bite u down..no matter the head size he gonna finish u and 1 had agility and brains...Mayweather would be a jeep/redboy dog....not to say they dont have mouth but for the most part are known for gameness...the will to keep going and going no matter if losing or not the dog still wants it....This dog gonna touch u here and there just doin enough and staying out of trouble....so disadvantage small heads I believe not....its up to the dogmen....either big head or small head...finisher or real finesse....hard biter or lil mouth at all....if the gamesness in the dog and u put the time in and right food/vitamins/etc.......You'll show up and show out
  20. Love your post Sleep..

    Awesome post that man..

    Insted of looking at the head size....maybe we should just focus on the dog its self lol.

    You cant be discriminate then lol.
    your being fair so to speak...

    Best way realy lol.
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