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Live dead game dog

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by purplepig, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. purplepig

    purplepig CH Dog

    Have you seen this one?

    One of the studs is described as:

    " This dog is the real deal he is wonderful with people and he is dead game this dog has unstoppable drive and he is a super performer. "

    and another:

    Whatever this dog bites will probably go into shock immediately from the pain, he has bone crushing strength in his jaws and he's game. "

    Simply unbelievable!!
  2. ewwies

    ewwies Pup

    i thought that was a fake site..?
  3. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Think so to.

    If I remember right, the owner of the site used to be a psychotic banned member here who stole pics from all over the net and added her own imagination to them.
  4. Pipbull

    Pipbull Top Dog

    Young punk kid that lives in New Jersey. Lame site.
  5. wtf? .....must be a joke....:D
  6. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    He is dead game. He must be a ghost dog that can still bite and produce.

    Dumb kid, you'd think if he was going to make a fake site to make people think he was cool, he'd, at least, make sure he had the terms right.
  7. Tcarter

    Tcarter Pup

    LOL DEAD Game huh! that should move to the history part of his page must be a old picture
  8. Dr_jitsu

    Dr_jitsu Big Dog

    You would go into shock if that fat pig laid on you, that is for sureThe second dogClassics M & M, This dog is ferocious this is not the dog for a normal person, this is a serious dog for a serious person. This dog is wonderful if he knows you but if you are a stranger he will attack with intent to kill immediately. Strictly for protection and companionship.
  9. kayo45

    kayo45 Top Dog

    Well according to the site they breed man-biters:confused: :eek::confused:ugh.....
  10. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    I searched that whole site no contact info. That makes me so upset someone would lie so blatantly, he/she needs to be culled.
  11. purplepig

    purplepig CH Dog

    You can contact them at the mental hospital, in the hallucination ward!!
  12. Tcarter

    Tcarter Pup

    lol thats what i got from a few of the dogs also :eek:
  13. TripleJ

    TripleJ CH Dog

    Thats just a puppy peddler. Come on 75 to 100 lbs thats not a gamedog. YIS J
  14. Pipbull

    Pipbull Top Dog

    Just to say it again, the site is fake. It's a teenage asshole in NJ, his parents don't care about his site, and he is using pictures stolen from various kennels. No breeding going on there because there are no dogs.
  15. TDK

    TDK CH Dog Staff Member


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