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Long canines

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by malakimax, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. gogettem

    gogettem Pup

    i have been around the game a long timeh and if you have less than three retire the animal trust and believe me.His hunting days are over.
  2. power

    power Pup

    Like I stated. You don't have to believe me, I don't really care. Just give Hammonds a call or email.
    It doesn't surprise me that many on here find things hard to believe. Many are still impressed with the large heads, wide shoulders, and short legs. You can add another line to the above description. Long big teeth. Should sell a few more of those terrible fast lane dogs.
    Might give a measurement of the teeth along with the size of the head.
  3. ohpitbulls

    ohpitbulls CH Dog

    whats this monsters name ?? lol

  4. wardogkennels

    wardogkennels CH Dog

    It's Tony "The Tiger"
  5. LuvMyBulldogs

    LuvMyBulldogs Big Dog

    Not one single tooth in his head at all what so ever?? And won 7?? Things that make u say hmmmmm???????
  6. JamesT

    JamesT Top Dog

    POWER, you and ROSE, are the about the only people on this thread that "DON"T KNOW".One of three things is going on here.Gary either told you a lie and you were dumb enough to believe it,or he saw you coming from a mile away and sold you a toothless mutt.Or your just full of shit.I'm about as far from a bully fancier as you can get,as a matter of fact thats about the only kind of person your gonna hang that "seven wins with no teeth bullshit"on.You bring one of those gummy,toothless hounds around these parts, and you and rose would find out real quick how important teeth really are.Im not saying they gotta have big teeth, but they at least gotta have a few.Have you ever seen a toothless old man try to eat an apple?its the same concept.
  7. PERRO

    PERRO Big Dog

    Won 7 with not teeth?

    Get out of here. :D You're not serious are you?? What the heck have you been smoking?? So tell me something then? How did he win his matches? By chocking his opponent out? Or maybe by armbar?
    You're funny! :dogkiss:
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2010
  8. power

    power Pup

    Yes, I bet you have some of those big head dogs with the big long teeth for sale. Seems like many on here have a lot in common with the bully breeders. The talk a great talk about game dogs but still don't know what game really is.
    Game is not the size of the teeth no more than it is the size of the head.
    Big heads and big teeth are by lines of bully breeders. They are used to impress those who do not know better. They are for those who think looks are what makes a good match dog.
    For a game dog site there sure are a bunch of bully breeders here, some trying to disguise themselves with big talk. Guess that goes along with the big head and big teeth.

    In another thread there is talk about how the dogs of today compare with those of olden days. In the olden days we didn't talk about big heads and big teeth. We tried to keep the conservation about game dogs.
    A lot of the people here complain how there is always some one bringing up blue dogs, bullies, and crosses. Even threads about the dumb things people say.
    Judging the worth of a match dog on the size of the teeth is the same as those who judge a dog on the size of the head, the width of the shoulders, the weight, how close to the ground, and the color.
    Looks do not make a dog. Seems like some people would have learned by now. Guess that could be one reason the quality of game dogs has dropped in the last 20-30 years. Too many people judge a match dog on how it looks instead of how it does its job.

    My last post on this. If you are in that group that judges a dog by some physical trait instead of what is in the heart you can continue to pat each other on the back. You can't blame the bully breeders or the color breeders when you breed for something just as stupid, big teeth.

    Not only have I seen a toothless man eat an apple, I have seen one crush ice cubes also. Those living a sheltered life should get out more. There will probably be a few things in this old world that will surprise you.
  9. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    that was a lovely tangent power but nowhere in this thread has anyone made the claim that huge teeth = a game dog or even a good match dog. from your first post you've been arguing with a ghost. the original poster commented on a dog hes owned that had huge hangers and was interested in others experiences and lines that happened to throw dogs with big teeth.

    literally making something out of nothin just for the sake of some dumbass argument.
  10. dillybar

    dillybar Pup

    The size of the teeth don't make the dog but it is nice to have large think canine teeth as they can take more punishment from a mouth or nose dog. This is just a fact. Small thin teeth will shell out quicker and become ineffective in short order when they are introduced to a mouth fighting meat grinder. When this happens in the heat of battle it is defiantly a disadvantage. Some dogs will handle this handicap better than others but all of them would be better with all 4 teeth.

    There have been many dogs that have been successful with a missing tooth or 1 and 1/2 teeth. I don't know of too many CH or Grand Ch. that don't have some form of damaged hardware it just comes with the territory. Ask every dog man that has had a hound with a tooth our two missing and he will tell you he wished he had all four!

    Big thick teeth are nice to have especially when they are cradled in a thick sturdy muzzle.
  11. Ragingstorm

    Ragingstorm Big Dog

    Im not wishing to start an argument or get a reaction, but I am genuinely interested in how a dog with no teeth could win several.......the other several assuming they had teeth?
    I dont think anyone on here is concerned about the size of a dogs head or teeth.....they believe more in the dogs heart, hence the questions and doubts.
  12. I don't believe it's the length of teeth that give an advantage as much as their thickness especially at the base. Nice thick teeth will be stronger and less likely to be chiped or lost. We have one that has lost her fangs (they were long but thin) and it's true what was said about using the molars and getting in deep however with no fangs the dog can't keep a hold as well and is at a great disadvantage. I also have an Alligator bitch who's teeth are not so long but they curve back like a hook and once she gets a hold it's very difficult for the other one to take her out.
  13. malakimax

    malakimax Big Dog


    I saw this one hunt. Killed the hog in 13 minutes. She had a bunch of broken up teeth, so long fangs are not everything. I was just wondering if anyone had one that had long fangs like mine. Just because I asked the questions about long fangs, did not mean that I thought long fangs as the "end all -be all" That being said- I would take them over short fangs.
  14. dillybar

    dillybar Pup

    That is a very well bred bitch! I like it!
  15. power

    power Pup

    Since you do seem to have a true interest I will try to explain.

    The dog came off Hammond's yard. It was a pure clouse bred dog.
    When we went to buy a match dog we were shown this dog first. He was big, ugly, and didn't have a single tooth. We looked over the rest of the yard. I was raised up with many of the Hammonds and was known to the rest. We asked which dog would he choose if he was buying a match dog. He brought us back to the original dog. We asked about why he didn't have any teeth and was told he never had any. They weren't damaged, he just never had any. He was then 3 years old. His pit weight was 51-54 lbs.
    The price of the dog was a little higher than we thought it should be. The dog came with a guarantee. He said we could buy the dog and he would condition and handle it for his first match. If he didn't win we got our money back and if he did win we would get the money from the forfeit. The forfeit wa the price of the dog. Since we couldn't loose either way we made the deal.
    When match time came we were a little nervous about the toothless dog. The dog we were going into was a good dog. When they were released our dog was on the bottom for the first 30 minutes. After the 30 minute mark he started to gain. He ended up winning the match, the other dog died. He should have been picked up but, like many, the owner could not believe a dog without teeth could do much damage.
    Every match was much the same. Our dog would be on the bottom for the first 30 minutes. Most of the matches ended up with the other dog dieing in the pit or later. The last match the other dog was picked up and lived but for about 3 weeks we didn't know if he would live or not.

    The old toothless dog was big, slow, and looked like hell. This was on a good day. His head looked like he had just got out of the pit. It looked swollen all the time. His eyes were small and sunk in, his ears were small but not clipped. He carried most of his weight in his head and shoulders. His backend looked like it belonged on a smaller dog and is probably why he took the bottom at first.

    I had wanted a dog to outcross to. My partner bred the dog several times but I just couldn't decide if I wanted to breed to him and what I would breed to him. His lack of teeth and weak rearend wasn't something I wanted in my bloodline. Later I was glad I didn't use him.

    Hope this gives you a little more info.
    I didn't come on here looking to argue. I have been in the dogs for many years, probably more years than most on here have been alive. It was my intentions by coming here to talk a little about the dogs, tell a few stories about the dogs from years ago, and enjoy reading about them. There are a few well known dogs and a lot of unknown dogs that I had the pleasure of seeing. I may be the only one left who knows where Gr. Ch. 35 came from since Bill is gone now. He always knew where the dog came from and the bloodlines. He just didn't want to believe it and didn't really want other to know what the dog was. I don't raise, breed, or even own a game dog now and do not plan on owning one in the future.
    Just my opinion but the dogs of today don't impress me that much.
  16. JamesT

    JamesT Top Dog

    No one hear including myself is judging a dogs worth by the size of his head,or teeth.Most can just tell your full of shit for saying a dog won seven without a single tooth.And your saying"the quality or game dogs has dropped"?That's a pretty strong statement for someone who doesn't even own a dog.And of course you know where GrCh 35 came from,now that bill is gone,there is no one to confirm the story.Let me guess your the guy that gave bill the dog lol.I'd be willing to bet my yard of "big headed long teeth curs"that you ain't never set nothing down into any kind of REAL competition.If you had,you wouldn't be trying to pass this line of bullshit off as the truth.
  17. Ragingstorm

    Ragingstorm Big Dog

    Thanks for taking the time. Sounds like a dog I definitely would have liked to have seen. But how did he win, how did he kill the other dog? Sorry if I sound a bit naive but im not into matching dogs.....im a self professed tree hugger lol, but I do enjoy learning about their past. :)
  18. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    You should spend less time on websites dedicated to a breed developed for bloodsport and more time hugging trees and bunnys. Tree huggers have no place in our breed imo. There tough dogs who need owners just as tough.
    Now on the subject at hand. Big teeth are what thay are Big teeth. Can big cutters do some damage, Yes. Should big teeth be a trait were breeding for. Hell to the nawl.Lmao. Only one trait makes a bulldog, Heart. Should we be breeding for plugs...NO but .....Big teeth dont = ability
  19. cutt

    cutt CH Dog

  20. Ragingstorm

    Ragingstorm Big Dog

    And whos father are you to tell me what websites I should be on or shouldnt?
    I dont own one of YOUR BREEDS anyway! lmfao, like I said I enjoy reading about their history. So stop being such an arse and mind your own, I wasnt talkng to you! Tough owners? Bet you wouldnt fight in a cage! lmfao :D
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