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Longevity and the APBT

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by GK1, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    How old is a “long lived" dog? Is long term health a trait which should be factored into a performance breeding program?

    We’ve heard the stories of the working dogs with some hard miles on them going strong 12, 13 and 14 years. What are some of the genetic(bloodlines) and/or environmental (exercise/diet/companionship) factors involved?

    Probably more art than science, but curious of some of the opinions/experience out there.


    I think understanding the dogs overall well being from a pup,,,
    keeping them healthy and free of parasites would probably be key,,,
    any stresses in the dog or environment are eliminated or dealt with promptly,,,
    understanding the importance of fasting and flushing toxins...

    TDK was best spoken on this topic as his years of care are hard to come by,,,
    not only that but he feeds a basic kibble and has an eye to adjust anything,,,
    he stated his dogs live to a very old age and I aadmire his husbandry...

    also genetics plays a big part,,,
    you wont get longevity out of a unhealthy family,,,
    its hard to get a dogman to cull a good bulldog from their program that has health issues,,,
    so men like TDK are far and few and I think longevity comes with understanding and letting your eye evolve with the dog,,, some think a good eye only pertains to action,,, but a real good eye might boost the action...
  3. sweetscience

    sweetscience Premium Member Premium Member

    I wish TDK could share some more of his knowledge on this subject.
    I miss reading his posts. Truly an asset to this forum and the breed.
  4. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    Thought this thread would spark more responses. Maybe to follow.

    @ELIAS'PISTOLA - layered stream of thought, if a bit cryptic. You may have scoped the answer. Would like to read some anecdotes though: for building the super-dog.
  5. slim12

    slim12 CH Dog Staff Member

    As clich* as it may sound or a statement from Mr. Obvious, the dog's early life is the #1 factor/asset/requirement for an extended 'older life'.

    Dogs that go the hard way early often succumb in the much earlier stages of the older life. Like EP stated as dog who is burdened with parasites and unfit living conditions in his younger years often pay again with poor health in the latter years.

    Dogs who go thru a number of keeps and in turn a number of wars have some of the latter time lost. When a dog is in peak physical condition for a contest in reality is in an unhealthy state. His water and fat content is at optimal points for competition but not optimal for longevity. Plus, lots miss in these areas and call a skinny dog a fit dog.

    I think it all plays a part. I was once told the "the keep does not last eight weeks, the keep starts at 8 weeks old". Everything factors in at some point or another.

    Then throw in the curveballs of genetics and plain dumb luck.

    Keep them healthy and happy and the odds are in the dog's favor for a lengthened life.

  6. toom

    toom Big Dog

    Genetics first,,,,,a warm loved house dog will out live a lonely old chain spot dog.Good thread though I take pride in how long my dogs can live healthy so far my 2 best was a 16 year old jackrussell and a 14 year old pit.But as you all know you can loose one at 8 or 10.
  7. CajunBoulette

    CajunBoulette CH Dog

    Imo 12-14 is an older dog, but 14+ is what I would consider a very old timer.
  8. smalldog

    smalldog Big Dog

    My uncle's last apbt made it to 17 he was heavy Colby. He lived in the house was very well taken care of. The dog before that one was 18 when we finally had to put her down. That dog was in one of Stratton's books Cannings silver babe Straton was using her to show what to look for in a perfect confirmation apbt.
  9. smalldog

    smalldog Big Dog

    Cannings silver babe was the name of the dog
  10. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    Thanks for sharing.

    The World of the American Pit Bull Terrier, Richard Stratton, p. 182.
  11. smalldog

    smalldog Big Dog

    Yes sir that is her she was very well cared for. She was 18 when we decided to put her down. She lived indoors her whole life. She was bred once to a dog named Brewer from Bishop Hilliard's yard in Az. It was a good litter of the pups but none lived as long as her. She outlived her whole litter.


    nice addition to the thread small dog,,, good read...

    Slim always a pleasure reading your post,,,
    I like your analogy about the toll keeps take on a dog,,,
    add roids to the mix and the life span shortens rapidly with their fertility...

    An old friend contributed his natural pre/keeps to the longevity of his dogs that made it towards their teens,,,
    I guess it would determine alot of things from number of keeps to the extremes of the keeps,,,
    and probably how much the overall race takes out of them...

    Too sweetscience and GK1,,,
    I always think of what I learned from TDK on this site
    and wonder how he would answer such a question...
    All though I didnt agree with all of his theories,,,
    I sure respected them greatly...

    Another thing about TDK is his superb husbandry,,,
    one of the rare old timers that evolved with the times...

    One of the few old timers that dont have dirty water as I seen on many of yards...
  13. smalldog

    smalldog Big Dog

    I believe if you take care of you Dog he will take care of you. From the day I bring a new pup home I try to give them the best of everything and build a strong bond with him and treat him right always plays a part in longevity of your dog. Good breeding and good genetics also play a part in longevity. I believe you have to keep your bitches healthy healthy bitch healthy pup

    TROTLINE Top Dog

    Breeding and worse line breeding sick dog's NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEY LOOK! Once you start doing that it can take generations to (if ever) to straighten out. Some thing I have had to deal with several times, enlarged heart, immune deficiency seem to be A couple of the worst! Now I draw blood on any breeding's I make! Trust me in the long run it's cheaper!!! I have over the years seen dogs that had it all just fade in 30-40 min. or come down with skin problems and secondary infections after being run hard! Then I've seen people line breed on that stuff!!
  15. okcdogman82

    okcdogman82 Top Dog

    dont feed em bullshit like ol roy!!


    maybe you can help answer something for me,,,
    I have a male that suffered from an auto immune issue,,,
    the vet says it only test positive when its happening and his blood work was good...

    do you think its heredatary or can be passed to his pups other wise???

    we had a good litter off him and would like to repeat it,,,
    I took your advice and had both parents blood work done,,,
    all is good except the males episode years ago when they suspected it was auto immune but never tested for it...

    my gut tells me I should be okay but other opinions would be valued greatly,,, thanks...

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