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Looking for a home for pit mix in North Atlanta, GA

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Ironheadk9, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Cato 003.jpg Cato 002.jpg Cato 004.jpg This loving guy was found by someone on the side of a busy road. He was worried the dog would be hit so he pulled over and called him, he jumped right in his truck and sat down ready to go! Unfortunately the "rescuer" was not able to keep him so he posted him free to a good home. During his stay he had the dog neutered and given his rabies shot. Our dog of 13 years had passed away about 3 months before this guy came about and I thought I would make it a win-win for everyone and take him. Unfortunately my wife was much less enthusiastic and in the 3 months that we have had him she cannot warm up to him or bond with him at all. She is constantly on edge when he's around our 20 month old that he'll get excited and knock him into something-which, unfortunately has happened twice resulting in a black eye for the little guy. So needless to say there is a bit of tension around the dog and it's not fair to her or the dog to have to live this way. My win-win has turned to lose-lose! I have done some training with him and he's very smart and affectionate. He's had the rest of his shots, tested negative for heartworm and has been started on HW preventative. Absolutely loves people and seems to be good with dogs as long as they are not a dominant personality or very large and rambunctious, then he tries to dominate. I'm happy to answer any questions and hope to find this good boy a good home. He did get a cherry eye last week which I couldn't get to stay in but it doesn't give him any trouble.
  2. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    Did you bother to try and find the owner
  3. Geee, who would have thought of that?! Yes, the guy who picked him up did, as well as check for a chip. He had no collar. He also contacted local rescues that couldn't take him. I live an hour away from where the dog was found so I sure won't find them around here.

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