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new england area game style stock

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by justice furee, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. hello , would anyone be able to help me find some quality game style dogs , i have a grandfather son and granddaughter , and im not sure how to breed them . my main female passed away in early 2019 , so i am looking for any leads on where to find game-ish style dogs , i guess i got lucky and just happened to get a few dogs that have lasted me over 12 years , but now i feel like im out of options because i dont really want to mate fathers to daughters . i have had great sons to mothers breedings , in the past that extended my dogs lineage , but most people just fix their pups and im left all on my own .
    it seems even with all these social media groups its impossible to find a dog that can match my style , everyone its breeding bullies or crosses and game breeders are all pedigree names , it get confusing just what people are breeding for , i know i dont want a dead game murder machine lol , but i have always had athletic dogs that are smart , sexy AF and hard working , human friendly , hunting prey drive , and represent the main traits that standard calls for, very functional practical working dogs , i doubt they would be pit fighters , but they have lots of work in them, but not a fancy bloodline name .
    i have bred them for me in my imagine , but i feel people dont respect those that dont conform to the bloodline Illuminati LOL , i respect anyone that crafts their dogs and breeds healthy animals to promote the breed , even if you breed bullies thats cool as long as you are not trying to rip people off .
    if you can suggest a place to start looking for a stud or pup please feel free to link me , even if its a facebook group or instagram page , it really feels impossible to find a resource to browse stud pages and even make contact with legit owners , im looking for game style working american pit bull terriers in the new england area centered around RI , bred by people that take pride in their animals , athletic intelligent beautiful dogs , under 60 lbs , thanks for reading guys take care !

    101830566_203473530726918_3417511058184658660_n.jpg 95881868_2481232668873788_6216534432832244958_n.jpg 95663703_726932824709318_8423911993881271354_n_002.jpg 72136254_2478852165685802_6314543978194253521_n.jpg 71906609_399303744328817_6189024189218760098_n.jpg 93520721_232448251167778_4297846726519945478_n_002.jpg 55952406_190063051957329_444845881222529289_n_002.jpg 58409554_2353551248000170_6290858113221929818_n.jpg
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  2. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Good looking set of dogs.

    I am not familiar with the New England area but is that not Colby country? or at least in the geographical region?

  3. well its the area , not sure about how many dogs are still active , it seems like its getting hard to find traditional dogs in my local area , its been so long since i bought a dog i really dont know where to look .
  4. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Pedsonline or the Pit bull bible database has no shortage of GB dogs for sale.
  5. ok ill give it a try thanks !
  6. Aseelman

    Aseelman Pup

    There are good dogs out there you just have to know where to find them. The Colbys still breed there old family line that would fit your needs. As far as game dogs good luck as there’s plenty of peddlers out there that will take your hard earned money.
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  7. exactly what im trying to avoid , if you can or know of colby dogs or breeders that are legit in the new England , plz throw me a link , someone sent me to amp kennels but they are in cali , dont know if it would work .
  8. Aseelman

    Aseelman Pup

    Pete Colby has a Facebook page contact him he’s the one to speak with. Mayb you can visit him a d pick a pup out. I know there’s a waiting list but sometimes I you can visit with a pocket full of cash you can make a deal and go home with a pup.
  9. lol thanks ill search , i know they used to have a web page 10 years ago , i saw colby dogs made ELI and JEEP , and everyone loves those dogs by name at least !!!
  10. Bones1

    Bones1 Big Dog

    lmao Ask AMP to put you in contact with the guy he gets dogs from, dudes basically in Your back yard
  11. it says pete lives in england lol , lol my bitch is in heat today , id like to find her a stud , hope i have time :)
  12. a lot of people have contact ionfo out of date :( cant find amp email and last face book post was dated 2013:(
  13. I'm in Westen MA but lived in NC for many years. I just put a deposit on a pup in NC. will be going down in 2-3 weeks to pick up. I feel your pain. Hard to find quality dogs around here if your not tied in. For me, I don't have a problem taking two days to pick up a pup 700 miles away.
  14. the resoruces for dog breeders seem to be drying up fast , and shelters dont make dogs , pretty soon the dog in general will be extinct :(

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