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November 30, 1989

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by F.W.K., Mar 11, 2020.

  1. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    “Open Letter to Floyd Boudreaux” From Don Mayfield

    Hello Floyd, November 30, 1989

    Today is the day after I received a copy of the Jan.-Feb. 1989 American Pitbull Terrier Times. I had been told by a number of different ones that you had said a number of things about me in the interview you gave the Times. I became so interested that I subscribed for the Times, that was the first of August 1989. As of yet I have not been sent any issues, but a friend of mine did send me this Jan.-Feb. issue yesterday for me to read your interview.

    Floyd I must say that your dog ain’t changed you very little, as to the way I read your interview. I told Phyllis, I said you no Floyd’s more of a liar than I thought he was, but you know it could be that he ain’t such a liar, it could be that maybe he just got a bad memory and he just gets things mixed up. And Floyd you remember how crazy and upfront Phyllis is. She said you think that all you want to about that PRINCE OF A MAN, but you’re as wrong as you could be. Floyd knows every lie he is saying in that interview.

    So what I thought I would do is write you this letter as I read over this interview and point out just a few of the many things I read and feel I know I can prove is wrong, WITH FACTS!

    First let me tell you Maurice Carver matched his first time in 1952, the SKIPPER dog. Eli Jr. was eight months old when Nirider deal him from Jerry Clemmons. And in that litter there was more than four pups. Nirider got one male as a puppy, he jumped out of a two story window at six months old and killed his self one day when he seen another dog walking down the street. That is when Nirider then deal for ELI JR., and at that same time or a month or two later he deal Jerry for SPOOK. She quit cold 4 or 5 different times in rolls when Nirider roll her in this area. Floyd I could go on and on one thing after another of things such as what I have pointed out to you, it is like I see it throughout the interview. What I want to write you about are the more direct things that you said that much more ways involved me.

    First lets start with ELI from him to me being confused as to the BULLYSON vs BENNY BOB match. Let me first say that the match with Danny Burton and Raymond, Danny dog was black and was owend by the Plummers, Raymond’s dog was white and was called Whitey’s FORD, Danny’s dog was called 500, no dogs there that day was called LIGHTING IV.

    Floyd you know as well as I know how ELI was bred. It is just like Leo told me, Curley Hayes told me and a number of us in the core knew the true breeding of ELI. Jr. Bush told Curley Hayes that you told him the true breeding on ELI. Floyd you and I talked about this in the years when the game was all talking about it. Like I said more than one told me how they knew for sure that ELI was out of CRY BABY. But like you always knew me, ain’t no one dog deal going to rile me. With me I could have forgot the matter, but when the stories began being told to the beginners of the eighties, the way that you, Bobby Hall, and a number of different ones who ya’ll be dealing with in the ways of lies, lies, lies. Well that’s when I began to do a bit more writing the true stories into the game.

    As I told you in the last letter I wrote to you, that you never answered when I sent you the copy of “Rednecks”. I wrote the story A ROSE IS A ROSE after Sonny Sykes and I got together in Mississippi in 1979. Sonny told me how he was getting back in the game. Sonny and I were always a little different with our friendship. We were close, but not to close, it has been with Sonny and I in a way where we have always had lots of respect for each other. I told Sonny to pick himself a pair of pups from a litter that I had coming from a litter in Chicago. The pups were some high dollar pure bred family bred pups at Paul Sofiakis’ yard. I had bred these dogs for a number of generations and know their breeding value. Sonny and I never been the kind that would lie to each other. It’s like no matter what we talk about, we talk to each other in the way as to the truth with each other.

    I had told Paul all the stories about ELI and about our deal, you and I had with CRY BABY and the pups. But to Paul it was more like just another story about the question marks in many pedigrees. After Sonny Sykes and I had talked in Mississippi and I deal him the pair of pups. Sykes and Paul later got together for a visit in Chicago. As I was told by Paul the next day when he called. Paul said Sonny and I was together all day yesterday, he said Sonny and I drank some red wine and did lots of talking about old times. Paul said Don that story you told me about ELI you were sure right, Sonny told me that he seen ELI when he was on CRY BABY when the litter was near three weeks old. Sonny said that Floyd gave Sonny pick pf the litter and told him not to tell anyone how they were bred. Sonny said for some reason he never got to get with Floyd to get the pup he had picked. Sonny Sykes said the next time he saw ELI was when you matched him into Jack Smith in Mississippi. Sonny said that after the match you came to him and told him that ELI was the pup Sonny picked out of the litter. I remember that match very well, Leo and Curly both came to me and spoke of how ELI and CRY BABY looked alike. Curly came to me five minutes into the fight and said out, “Hell son you told me all the pups out of CRY BABY died.” I said, “what can I say Curly I got eyes too.” Well Paul talked on and on as to what Sonny talked about. A few days later Sonny and I talked and I told him I always knew that ELI was out of CRY BABY but I never was told your story about seeing ELI when he was a puppy in his litter on CRY. Sykes said yup Don that is the truth it happened just like I said, I just never had no reason to tell you about it till now. Don you know me, Sonny said I will tell it to you only one way.

    Boudreaux' Eli
    Weldon Stockton & Don Mayfield
    Floyd Boudreaux
    Sonny Sykes with Andrey
    Rod Kershner and Paul Sofiakis
  2. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    I sure miss Sonny, to say he was a character is an understatement
    F.W.K. likes this.

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