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Pitbull & Chihuahua

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Ashley Edwards, May 28, 2020.

  1. So i want a pitbull and a chihuahua, and at first i was thinking id get both puppies at same time but then after research it seems thats not a good idea. So my question is which do i get first? I was thinking chihuahua then pitbull but now im thinking pitbull then chihuahua, so the pitbull can be older and atleast lil bit calmer, hyper chihuahua wont hurt the pitbull as a hyper pitbull 4 mo even can easily accidentally hurt a chihuahua. I do already have some fear of accidents happen, but I believe as long as i pay attention and am safe this can work just fine, lots of people have small and big dogs, and i know i can manage this. But logically im wondering if getting one first over other makes more sense... thoughts? Also how long to wait before getting the 2nd puppy, i read online common length is 1 year which i dont like that long but maybe its necessary, the first dog would be trained and have a bond with me by time i get the 2nd one, do you think any sooner is possible, that the dog could be trained enough and bonded enough to me? I want both breeds and want the lil one to be safe, i know tons of people have small and big dogs .. so it can be done but how do people help them coexist? I mean accidents.. both run to door, lil one gets trampled or bickering that gets serious, i mean one bite and chihuahua would be dead.

    Please only respond if trying to help, no breed discrimination people.. i am well aware people’s negative opinions on pitbulls! I have years of experience with animals, have had all my life and i groomed dogs and cats for 9 years.

    I plan to take both dogs to training soon as age appropriate, if anyone knows of a good trainer in Michigan let me know.
  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Don't get either one ! Try a Lab or a Golden Doodle.lol.
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  3. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    A chihuahua will rule. They are wonderful pets with an attitude. I had one for 18 years. If you decide to get a pitbull and another dog please understand that pitbulls are dog aggressive so you really need to stay on top of that and manage it.
  4. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Chihuahuas can be aggressive to.
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  5. My first Post! Lurking and saw your thread, so wanted to give you my experience.

    We have a chihuahua and an amstaff, so can speak to our experience. Our chihuahua is a six year old male that we’ve had since a puppy and we rescued our amstaff 3 months ago (she is now 9 months old). My first recommendation would be to get a male and female, but IMO definitely avoid 2 females. Our chihuahua is very territorial, possessive of his food and his toys, so I was concerned about how he would react. With that said - we worked hard to socialize him with people and other dogs while he was a puppy. When we first picked up our amstaff pup and brought home - we introduced them outside and took them on a walk together. When we returned home we let the chihuahua inside first and then brought in the other pup. Our chihuahua was having none of it - showing very aggressive signs, so we kept them separate with a baby gate. We kept taking them on walks together and slowly and carefully began exposing them to each other in the house. Eventually the chihuahua accepted her and they could co-exist for short periods of time, but there were certain areas he would not allow her to be without getting aggressive. We also removed all his toys from the area, so as not to encourage conflict. We feed them both separately and will always do so. Now 3 months in they spend most of the time together (in fact are best buddies), however we still have the occasional squabble and I still would not trust to leave them alone unsupervised for long periods yet.

    IMO - if I were in your shoes I would get the chihuahua first - if only to allow you time to socialize it and give it confidence. There will be disagreements and a pit bull pup most likely won’t be permanently scarred by a negative interaction with an adult chihuahua. The other way around could cause long lasting anxiety issues with the chihuahua (not to mention physical damage). Other notes - our chihuahua is not a tea cup variety and tips the scales at 10lbs, he’s also fairly lean and very agile unlike some of the chunkier chi’s. He also enjoys rough and tumble play, so if you get a gentler chi then your results may differ. Even as a pup our amstaff seems to understand the size difference and is gentler with him then when she plays with larger dogs. So, it is possible for them to co-exist, but it will take quite a bit of time and patience for them to do so safely. Just my two cents.
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  6. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    Chihuahuas are disgusting little creatures, senseless barkers that owners tend to cling to in a mindless daze as they waste away their lives watching reruns on TV.
    Chihuahuas are canine pieces of shit, a cul de sac of bad genes bred for no other reason than to be the most pathetic, fearful and nasty animal ever bred by humankind.
    A true game bulldog oozes traits such as a rock steady personality, courage, fearlessness, and unbeatable will.
    Chihuahuas express fear as their main everyday walking around emotion, they are in a steady state of fear and panic, that’s why their owners walk around with a chihuahua in their handbag.
    Yeah, I’m talking about you, the chihuahua owner, I don’t want to see,hear, or smell your pathetic little cur, and yes they STINK ‘cause they live FOREVER and their tiny malformed teeth in their tiny malformed skulls start rotting from an early age and by the time they’re 5 or 6 their teeth are shot and falling out and you have to feed ‘em canned food which makes them stink worse!
    And what’s up with their beady eyes that don’t really fit in their skulls with what looks like urine constantly running from them?
    Is that part of the chihuahua breed standard? What’s the rest? Toenails must be long and curved under pads? Extra points for missing teeth?

    So yeah, keep your chihuahua, skip the bulldog
  7. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    Had a old school bred Yorkshire terrier who lived around the many bulldogs we`d. He was smart & avoided the pens of those unfriendly and fooled around with those who took a liking to the little fellow.
    A brindle wrecking machine was his best pal strange enough.
    Once he`s away for a day, we found him in the pen of a bitch in heat horny as hell, gladly no pups came of from it, LOL..
    He`s atacked by a gang of 14 weeks old bulldog pups, the wee terrier killed one and wounded another badly, he lived to the rip old age of 14,5. when we obtained him as a 8 wks old pup I thought he wouldn`t last long. BTW got a pair of healthy not stinking or whatsoever rip old Chihuahuas who`d guard like the meanest Rotweilers, ROTFLMAO. It should be culls if bulldogs, that dangerous,lol. Talking about breed[discrimination...
    I like all dogs and see them all different and place them in their own limelight, you can`t compare citrons to oranges, so I don`t.
    All kidding aside, your lapdog and pit can be together if properly socialised and supervised all time when together, Never let them together alone, seperate them and crate them up instead if you for instance going away for a while.
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  8. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    Excellent post
  9. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    I can only speak for myself and my chihuahua that I had until the ripe old age of 18. I never put my dog in a handbag. I did, however, have to put a coat on him when I took him out in the winter. This breed cannot tolerate temperatures under 30 degrees. As far as his toenails go, ALL dogs nails should be short so that they don't curve under the pads.

    I don't know what chihuahuas you have encountered, but mine would go up against any dog that posed a threat or that was on his territory. Cur? I think not. He had no fear at all.
    And yes, their eyes are beady. Again, part of the breed. Just like your bulldog has a wrinkled face that needs to be cleaned so it doesn't get infected, just like that pushed in nose that, depending on the weather, might cause the dog breathing issues, or those skin allergies or that cherry eye or that hip dysplasia.

    As far as the chihuahua's teeth go, yes, mostly all chihuahuas have teeth issues, due to their small mouths. They have 42 teeth total which is a lot for a tiny mouth.
    Bad genes? I think not if you get the dog from a reputable breeder, just like ANY breed of dog. And canned food? I never fed my dog canned food. He got the best diet of his life.
    No need to bash other breeds. they all have their own genetic traits.
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  10. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    Oh, as far as barking goes, my chihuahua only barked when someone came to my house or if there was unknown noises from outside. I guess your breed of choice does that too?
  11. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    I’ve seen come cool Yorkies, if I had one I’d keep it clipped. A Yorkie would be a much better choice for a lapdog
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  12. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    I never knew there was such an animal as a ‘game’ chihuahua. Perhaps we just have a different understanding of the term ‘game’ and it’s relation to dogs.
    I’ve also had countless bulldogs, more than you could ever imagine and none had a wrinkled muzzle that needed to be cleaned, never any sign of hip dysplasia, cherry eye or other genetic weakness. And definitely NO BREATHING ISSUES!
  13. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    When I hear the word "bulldog" I think of this:

    I forget that everyone on this site uses that term for their pitbulls. I know what "game" means. What I don't understand is why you feel the need to degrade anyone's breed of choice. If I took your post the wrong way, I apologize in advance.
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  14. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    Im glad you’re here on the board Michelle, seriously we can always use another dog lover here and I can tell you are a passionate and caring fancier. Don’t take it personally, you obviously loved and cared for your little monster for 18 years so kudos to you for doing your part as an owner. May all dogs be so lucky.
    I was just giving the board my PERSONAL experience and thoughts on Chihuahuas in general as I’ve had the misfortune of knowing several of the breed on an intimate level.
    This board is generally for the discussion of the game-bred American Pitbull Terrier (apbt) a dog bred in its truest sense for PERFORMANCE. The true apbt is not bred to be a pet although some (problamatically) do become pets.
    It’s a fact that a game-bred bulldog is BRED to bite, hold on and NEVER quit. Does that sound like the kind of animal you should house with a chihuahua? Hell NO! Not if you love your Chihuahua, your cat, or any other soft fuzzy creature you’ve got running around in your life (so yeah, I said it, a game bred bulldog can severely injure or kill a child) could be really fucked up by a bulldog just being a bulldog.
    I’ve been here for awhile, a decade or more. I’ve had bulldogs all my adult life and I’m in my 60s now. I try to educate, to enlighten and sometimes to entertain the fools and the degenerates that congregate here. There’s a lot of smart guys and gals here from all over the world with vast experience with the breed, learn from them and respect them. There’s also young kids and ignorant know it alls who THINK they know the breed, those people are dangerous.
    I don’t have bulldogs anymore because I don’t do what bulldogs like to do and that’s as far as I’m going to go if ya know what I’m saying.
    I know these dogs, I love these dogs, I respect these dogs and I know their place. I would not put a chihuahua or any other vulnerable creature in front of a game bred bulldog, if and when the inevitable happens it’s cruelty and I am very, very anti-cruelty believe it or not.
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  15. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    I agree with this 100%....so, did ya get your ankles bit by those little rats? LOL.....just kidding with ya. I do love the american pit bull terrier. I've always loved them. They are a magificent breed.
  16. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    benthere: I've been on this forum for a long time too. how do you think i learned about the pit bull breed. There are a lot of very good people here that know the breed very well. I have learned from the best.

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