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Pointers on how to control my boy

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by mellosup, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. mellosup

    mellosup Pup

    Hi there community, I've got a huge dilemma and hope y'all can come forth and shine some light over me and my dog. Oso, who is now a 7 month old male, was received at the tender age of 2 weeks old. He has, since I got him, had some temperament issues which have resolved over time but with it arises different issues. When he was a small weaning pup, he would not nibble but bite my face when I would lay next to him. I had to lay face up with him till he would fall asleep. As time went by he would gradually stop with his mouthing altogether with me but he still has issues of lightly nipping my nose from time to time. Nevertheless, he knows basic commands. Is gradually growing more respectful and not so wild, rowdy and restless. But, my main issue at the moment is he does not for the life of him stop barking at other dogs. Should I use a muzzle and keep him near a friends dog and then every other day keep introducing him to other dogs or what approaches would y'all suggest? As a puppy he had a tendency of wrestling with other dogs but never this level of barks and lunges. So, all together, I avoid people and dogs and we go on great long walks during the early am and late nights before I go to bed. Obviously he is taken out to take care of his duties throughout the day but it sucks that he can't get along with dogs. I'm satisfied with his obedience and companionship because he is a hardworking dog. Loves running, jumping, tugging, but that brilliance turns off and flips him to the dark side when faced with unknown dogs and recently sneers at strangers. Any pointers and advice? Thanks!
  2. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I would muzzle him at all times when there is the possibility of other dogs and/or strangers.

    For the barking you may try one of the e-collars to pop him when he does the opposite of NO. You try a bark collar as well. AGK on here ran down a list of collars he thinks highly of/those that have worked for him.

    I am assuming your male is a bulldog since you registered here. Bulldogs have been bred for animal aggression for a few hundred years. In now comes in degrees from all out serial killers to absolutely no animal aggression at all. And every where in between.

    You are lucky because your dogs in giving you loud and clear warning signs. You can now act accordingly. They may be unwanted but at least they are plain to see. The people aggression normally fades when socialized and exposed to people. The animal aggression may be curbed, but a better word is hidden, it is still there he just learns/is conditioned to behave. The problem with an animal aggressive dog with good behavior is it is fake, when he gets a chance to misbehave it will be/could be costly.

    Good luck, hit up AGK's article. A lot of insight there.

    And welcome.

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  3. tkebull

    tkebull Pup

    Like slim said, you may have to live with animal aggression, however, imo you can work on getting rid of the people aggression or stopping it before it gets worse. Although socialization is not a cure all for everything it can certainly help your dog cope with unfamiliar situations and people. Take simple steps a little at a time.
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  4. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    I believe socialization is critical. Your now over reactive pup was not properly socialized with people and dogs during a critical window of development from 8-20 weeks. However a decent trainer can get you back on track. Goal should be obedience with increasing distractions. Lots of hard work ahead for you and dog. Many of us have been through it. But worth it.
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  5. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    Like I said on the other forum, your dog might be going through a fear period. I don't know. When meeting new people, put your dog in a calm "sit" position. Have high value treats available. When the dog is calm, have the person give a treat.

    As far as dog aggression, it's normal but it's up to you to manage it.
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  6. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    Wtf if you woulda smacked him every time he tried to nip you . You might not have the problem you have now make that mother fucker respect you if not get rid of him . And just keep him away from dogs or animals in general
    mellosup likes this.
  7. mellosup

    mellosup Pup

    What is a suitable way to properly correct and asses the situation assuming he is barking and pulling towards other dogs or said strangers?
  8. mellosup

    mellosup Pup

    Trust me, smacking him only gets him fearful and lethargy towards me; he's been doing better and hasn't pulled that shit knowing that it will not be tolerated. Have you ever had an off tempered dog before and if so what steps did you take on assessing the behavior? Thanks!
  9. mellosup

    mellosup Pup

    I appreciate the response. I have been looking into finding a decent trainer but because of his aggresion and muzzle they want to charge me up and arm and a leg. Thinking of just keeping him muzzled and having many people pet him until it clicks that not everyone is bad...any thoughts based on that approach?
    Michele likes this.
  10. mellosup

    mellosup Pup

    i appreciate the response and thankyou, motivated me to never give up regardless of the bs i go through with him day in and out.
  11. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    Yup and I took it for a shot I got too many kids . a dog even acts funny at my place that's his ass. Can't take the risk myself . May try to find a home for it without kids if it's worth it but would be a big maybe too many dogs in the world to hold on to ones u can't trust
    mellosup likes this.
  12. mellosup

    mellosup Pup

    Yeah, true that. Never could be too careful. So far, as I took him out he responded good and chilled when told to focus back up on me. It's going to take some time but I believe in all good faith that he's going to better himself in the future. My little girl is able to pull and tug on him without a reaction from him so I do feel he's getting better. Only time will tell where to go from here on out. Thanks for the feedback !
  13. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

    Put the dog in a SIT/STAY position. Keep him that way until he is calm. Keep him right next to you, on leash, sitting right by your feet. Every time he goes to bark or pull, tug lightly on his leash and push him back in the sit/stay position.
  14. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    You might need to get rid of him. What's the point in havin a dog you have to muzzle all the time? Loose dog or "crazy" stranger approaches on some bullshit, then what? You think they'll wait til you take his muzzle off?? A dog with focused aggression is fine in my book. My dogs don't have to like, nor respect YOU. My family is the pack leader per se. We all rule my animals. Children aren't allowed to play with my dogs unattended. Period. If ANYTHING happens I MUST be there or it's my fault imo. I trust my dogs to do what dogs do and are bred for.

    It does sound like you've let him get a lil out of hand. Biting "us" is unacceptable. "Us" is my family and ppl they see a lot. As soon as you got him home you should have laid down the rules and not let up. For biting, hold a pups muzzle closed in an uncomfortable manner. Yea, make it uncomfortable. Hold it til they submit or stop squirming and squealing. All this while saying something like "no biting!" It doesn't hurt, they just don't like they're mouths held closed. They learn NOT to bite that way. It get harder as they get older.
  15. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Now this is not saying I would own a flat out manbiter!! Unless it was Zebo...... that's another story.... What I'm sayin is a dog keepin strangers out my yard is fine with me. A dog that bites unwanted strangers in my yard is fine with me.
  16. Michele

    Michele Premium Member Premium Member

  17. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    Training is different for each dog and cannot be captured here in a thread. Which is why I suggest you get with a trainer or group who enjoys the challenge of training reactive dogs. Some big city shelters have lower cost training.

    If you work with your dog's natural abilities, and build obedience in the smallest increments which ensure success and stop when you hit failure (or prevent it altogether), you can probably make progress over time. Consider not starting an obedience session until the dog has settled a bit -following vigorous, fun exercise. That's a technique which works for me.

    Your dog may never become the ideal dog in your eyes, but you can improve this behavior with effort and time. I now have 3 dogs. Each have their own abilities and limitations and I work them accordingly.

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