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Possible newbie in the house :D

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by QueenOf2Titans, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. I do not plan on fixing my males, but I do plan on fixing the female when she is old enough

    As I had stated when I first joined this forum, my older male and an old roomates dog were unsupervised while he was at home :mad: ....since it was HIS female, I decided to stay out of it as much as possible when it came to getting rid of the pups, so NO we didn't make a killing off the litter
    Just because I own merles and one's bred before, doesn't make me a byb or that I'm purposefully trying to breed them
  2. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    i got a really nice jeep/RB/jocko bitch that is too. no plans on breedin her, so now shes spayed.


    okay cutie pie
  4. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    im sorry, but there are many things that are just plain wrong w/ your statements.

    what is your reason for not altering you male dogs?

    "getting rid of the puppies" isnt exactly anywhere near morally acceptable. your dog was part of the "mistake" so you SHOULD have tried to play a role in where the dogs went to, it is THAT cavalier attitude that makes you a BYB. it has nothing to do with the color of your dogs.

    responsibility is in vogue for 2010


    They are my dogs and im gonna do what i want, now screw you
  6. all the pups went to friends who all 3 of us keep in touch with, I tried staying out of how much he wanted anyone to pay for the pups (deworming, vaccines, collars...) and the signed contract that if anyone could not keep the pup they would be returned to us.

    I will decide how I want to raise my dogs, and as for my pup I have chosen not to breed him and not to fix him.
    I'm sorry that the way I choose to raise my dogs upsets users on here, but it's not up to anyone but me
  7. If I asked for anyone's advice or opinion then I'd take it into consideration, until then give it rest already

    I get it! the users here don't like me because of my attitude, my opinions, my unfixed merle mutt dogs....I geeeet iiiiiiit already thank you everyone :)
  8. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    chill out, its just some good advice, not a personal attack
  9. cutt

    cutt CH Dog

    Maybe you can invite/encourage the "new" owners to join the site and pick up some good tips on how to prevent "accidental , unsupervised" breeeding to prevent further mishaps like this one.


    That is a good point cutt... You can never be to safe... Could you not tell that the female is in heat.. and post some pics of those white pups..
  11. simms

    simms CH Dog

    The OP does not care on the level that you are trying to educate her on. She just wants to hang out and chat about her dogs. right or wrong she don't give a fuck and certainly does not care what one has to offer her in the way of unsolicitated advice.

    But on another note. you guys have been very nice, nicer than it merits.
  12. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    She apparently doesn't take constructive criticism well.lol
  13. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    im thinking she wants the males intact so she will beable to collect a stud fee

    two merle males sounds like she has her line started

    all thats missing is a rare all white female

    that'll do the trick
  14. wow sounds like advice instead of personal attacks alright....BS

    CL- the white pups are from someone else's dogs, in case that wasn't clear. I know what the responsibility is like when you have an accidental or planned litter, and instead of having 3 males in the house, I want to break the chain up with a female...apperantly that's soo wrong of me lol :rolleyes:

    Cutt- even if I were to post something "useful" about accidental breedings on this site, I would read a whole shit load of posts against me somehow
    The story behind our accidental breeding is that while I had a full time job and couldn't always be "mother hen" where I lived, our jackass roomate could care less to watch and supervise the dogs. We all knew the female was in heat, but thanks to him...you get the point
    As much as you all would like to think that I'm some byb, or think that I made a killer profit off the pups, or plan on breeding my two on purpose, or what ever else you could conjure up...I'm not! More money went into taking care of the bitch and pups then any money my roomate got for the pups, so think what you want on that one.

    Simms- I haven't asked anyone for advice, once again, I will raise my dog as I see fit, as far as my own, I've had NO problems with him since day one, and unlike the other male, I DO NOT leave my dog under the care of someone who is NOT fully responsible...hell the dog hasn't gone without me a single day in his life

    Gh- constructive critisism would be more like "it'd be a good idea to fix your males to prevent accidents, or prevent further agression..." not something around the lines "you're basically a dumb b*tch because you left your dog intact" lol

    Frank- I won't even go there...

    *not to mention, how well would you handle being poked and bashed all the time? Pretty annoying after a while I'd imagine? :confused:
    Besides I'm a chick...you men should know how strong minded we are :o
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2009


    Lol... IDC who's pups they are, just wanted to know if u had mor pics of the white ones.. i like white dogs..And you're equally at fault as your roomate.Your dogs should not be with "irresponsible" people,alone..
    Nobody is trying to bash you(it could be much worse). Just tryna get you to realize that you fucked up in the past and you are on the verge of fucking up again...
    let me lay it out for you.

    Accidental Breeding- shows your lack of responsibility
    No break sticks-shows lack of responsibility
    And now you are aquiring more dogs.. I find it hard to believe you are not gonna breed your designer dogs...
    There is no point in keepin them dogs intact if your not gonna breed them or do dogshow...
  16. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    Its not about the money it about the dogs your putting out that should have never happened

    then your gonna say that your gonna fix your female but you are gonna keep the males intact

    it just dosnt add up

    your males are still breedable and has a greater chance of a accidental breeding
    so why not have them fixed to

    it couldnt be because you had them from pups and just couldnt stand to see them get hurt

    you are getting her as a pup to
  17. I do not have more photos, they are only a few days old, I'll post more later possibly

    The older male is Kings not mine...unfotunatly you all can only base your judgement on the little you know. Without putting too much of my business out there, I can't stress how many arguments I used to get in with King and our old roomate about their lack of responsibility from everything to simple things, but they weren't my own dogs. I know that I tried my best to be responsible when I could but I also have a life of my own.

    Bottom line, NONE of you know how I discipline and have trained my dog, I've been an over-achiever with him and make sure to never set him up for failure (given there are certain things I cannot control)...I keep a hawk-eye on him and give it the best I can every day so to hear that I NEED a breakstick or that I NEED to fix him is up to me, I've heard the stories from people about their dogs but it's still up to me hot to handle whatever comes my way in the way I see fit.
    Can you all not just leave it as "you've been warned....told you so"?
  18. Guys, please remember to express yourselves respectfully. Remember to try to be the change you want to see in "our" world.

    A quick comment....

    A pure white apbt runs a great risk of genetic defects. I am writing with my phone so use the search option above for more details.

    Next, the concern of dog to dog aggression is reduced by the mixed in catahula (sp?) bulldog which is used in teams to hunt game. I certainly would advise owning and carrying breaksticks.

    Parting sticks are like a fire extinguisher, you will likely never need it but it will save you from a horrible experience if you ever do.
  19. FrankDublin

    FrankDublin CH Dog

    Im glad that you train and work with your dogs as hard as you do but its not an issue of training and discipline

    the issue is that you openly admitted that you were aware of the elevated risk of passing on health defects by breeding your types of dogs

    so why not have them fixed
    if you are not planning on breeding

    it would shure put a stop on them accidents
    once and for all


    i just like white dogs... but im done here..
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