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Discussion in 'SBT Pictures' started by ironbull, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. ironbull

    ironbull Pup

    4 months old
  2. ironbull

    ironbull Pup

    Not sure if ive done it right pics look small bloody computers any help welcome
  3. ironbull

    ironbull Pup

    nice one mate
  4. ironbull

    ironbull Pup

    rapparee/stockade sparpit in there to
  5. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    nice pup. care to post a ped ? pm if you like j
  6. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

  7. ironbull

    ironbull Pup

    thanks for the link jacko i will drop you a pm mate
  8. blackness

    blackness Pup

    my puppy is really shy....is that a sign that i mite have a cur on my hand.....
  9. smithy

    smithy Big Dog

    Puppy's are shy maybe lack of socialising?
  10. miko

    miko Banned

    you got a nigger as a dog?
  11. ironbull

    ironbull Pup

    no need for comments like that you arse
  12. Jdll13

    Jdll13 Big Dog

    Are you being serious?
  13. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    Bye bye forever mr racist. Fucking idiot.
  14. ironbull

    ironbull Pup

    top move boogiemanblood , tossers like that can sure bring sites down. throw them out the back door! all the best
  15. smithy

    smithy Big Dog

    Best thing for him I hate racist.

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