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Puppy's weight

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by BlueDiamondgirl, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. My pup just turned 4 months old the first of this month an he wieghs 22 lbs. An I was curious if anyone knew from experience how much there pups weighed an then what wieght did they mature out
  2. Mine is 3 month and 1 and a half stone.
  3. Brindles

    Brindles Pup

    Had one at 19 pounds at 4 months and another at 20. At six months they were 37 and 40. I would expect he will double in size in the next two months.
  4. Ninety-Nine

    Ninety-Nine Big Dog

    My bitch weighed 23lbs at 4 months, hit 46lbs at 10 months and hasn't added any weight in the next 5 months.
  5. allaboutpitbull

    allaboutpitbull Big Dog

    it really depends how much puppy fat you have on them how much did mom and dam weight and the grandparent weigh that should give you an idea how big the dog will be
  6. Well he dont have much puppy fat he dont eat enough but he looks healthy sire an dam in between 40 an 50 lbs. But he is one of the smaller in his litter. But some of his litter mates r way bigger than him thanks guys I do appreciate the feedback he is just a really nice pup an I cant wait to see how he turns out
  7. ryan

    ryan Pup

    For medium-sized dogs (which is what APBTs are considered), adult weight is roughly double the weight at 4 months. My dog weighed 23lbs at 4 months, and now weighs 49lbs at 4 years old.

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