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rspca now focusing on prosecutions by taking in less unwanted animals.

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by doubletap, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. doubletap

    doubletap Banned

  2. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    I cant stand the RSPCA sorry!!
    The area managers are on £30k a year for a start, no wonder they have a waiting list for recruits..lol.
    Had a huge row a few years back with a inspector as a greyhound was hit by a car on a road where i used to live,the driver stopped and myself and a neighbor went out to help.
    Dog was injured and needed a vet asap,a old dear bless was on the phone to RSPCA and getting nowhere so i took over the call,explaining what had happend and could they come out and help.
    No!! was the answer,cant you take it to a vet was all i got,well i totaly lost it after 10min of getting nowhere and this dog needed a vet asap.
    Anyway the poor lady who hit the dog offered to take it if i went with her,so we loaded greyhound in car and rang my vet who met us at the surgery.
    My vet couldnt believe that they refused to come out and he didnt charge for the call out or treatment,said dog was fine after been treated.
    It shows 20 inspectors on the tv chasing a bloody duck or goose that is injured but wouldnt come out to a true emergency.
    Wouldnt give them steam of my dogs poop..

  3. doubletap

    doubletap Banned

    the thing is....too many fuckin idiots do give them coin.whether it be senile pensioners or tree huggers,they are having thier coffers filled.i just wish someone with the sense and the money could create an hour long docu' on the rspca's failings and injustices they have made!!gladly set them all on fire an toast my marshmallows on them!
  4. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    Couldnt agree more,will never or have ever got a penny of me.
    Its all bullsh%t tv hype with them.
  5. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog

    its all about the coin....charities that collect money have huge admin departments.

    RSPCA has alot in common with RSPB....they both like feathering their own nests!
  6. unity

    unity Pup

    All that will do is put more pressure on the smaller charities/shelters and put more strays on the streets...
    This is (supposed)to be the RSPCA`s (UK)mission statement
    whats that saying about peoples morals going out the window where money is concerned ..money-rats everyone of them.
  7. doubletap

    doubletap Banned

    would make you sick.
  8. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog

    RSPCA chuggers out this morning in town.....my boy was walking our ten month old bitch. One of them saw the hound and said "i had one of them but had it taken off me by the feds. Be careful with her."

    Fucking ironic of what......!
  9. doubletap

    doubletap Banned

    sounds to me like said fecker was trying to be pally,wouldnt trust the git!
  10. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog

    the boys been told its a lab x boxer......she look cute in her pink collar and lead, lol.
  11. doubletap

    doubletap Banned

    called Fluffy Mccutie...lol
  12. the rspca had a stall out in a park near where i live they stopped a woman while she was out with her dog and her daughter one kept her talking while another went behind the stall and they called the cops on her who then came and took the dog they then tricked her into signing her dog over and put it to sleep despite the dog being well socialised neutered and chipped and clearly a well cared for pet, the rspca are scum and they are to be avoided at all costs and the dogs trust are lying wankers aswell "never put a healthy dog down" well thats a load of shit if you live in the uk dda watch are the only dog related charity id bother with
  13. gameover_

    gameover_ Pup

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