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Ruiz vs Joshua

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Box Bulldog, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I think your vision was 20/20 on this one bro.. you called it spot on!=D>
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  2. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Andy Ruiz always appears fat Slim! Why he was bigger this time, I can't really understand it? He had a full camp with Saul Canello in his corner and he still came out Hog fat! Seems like that's just how he fights, but no way he is slow, his speed and power are unbelievable, he kind of reminds of Butterbean, don't know whether anyone else agrees? Joshua said himself if he fought a tactical (boring) fight because that's the style he 'needed' to secure the win, if he'd fought Ruiz to please himself and the crowd, then good chance he'd have got caught and blown it.. Interesting that Ruiz only other defeat is Joseph Parker who fought exact same boring tactical style as AJ to secure the win..
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  3. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Stevie wonder can see it, The blind boys of Alabama can see it, Zebo can't see it simply because he doesn't want to.. He don't come on here to learn, just to vent hatred and provoke reaction.. Sad bastard thrives on that kind of attention!
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  4. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Don't know whether you already seen this Slim, but other than yourself, it's where I learn about carpetmills!
  5. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Oldguy to be honest, it damn near looked fixed. Ruiz controlled the ring, was more aggressive, and looked like he wanted to fight. He just didn’t! The fight was very similar to Wilder v Ortiz 2. Ruiz was just stalking mostly and threw combos sparingly. It was like he was waiting on that ONE opportunity that didn’t come. He stung AJ, just didn’t/couldn’t hurt him like the first fight. They will fight a third and AJ will duck the Fury v Wilder winner if he wins. Both Fury and Wilder would beat Ruiz imo, and AJ for that matter imo
  6. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I just think AJ learned from the first Ruiz bout and stopped fighting stupid! I haven't watched the Parker v Ruiz fight yet, but it be interesting to see how Ruiz coped with Parkers boxing skills..

    I think I might agree with Teddy Atlas that Wilder could be the hardest puncher he ever seen, but also I think Wilder is one of the worst boxers I ever seen, and I'll go further to say he got one of the worst chins I seen! No doubt about it, if he catches AJ clean with the right hand, then Joshua will be sleeping, but IMO Joshua a far better boxer than Wilder and can bang as good as any heavy weight out there.. Now if Joshua catches Wilder with even a decent shot, I'm pretty sure Wilder will be like a drunk man with rubber knees, I honestly suspect Wilder's chin!

    Fury is the best boxer of them all but he cant break an egg, he's also inconsistent and you never know which Tyson Fury will turn up on the night.. He beat a Vladimir Klitschko that was unmotivated and already past his best and only just lasted 12 rounds against Wilder, which I honestly believe poses more questions about Wilder than it does Fury.. Just what I think..
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  7. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I agree he does well with the weight, similar to "Big Country" in MMA/UFC. In the first fight he as in the 260's and this time he was in the 280's. Huge difference.

    Last time Joshua planned to beat up the fat kid and was never able to change his plan. He looked flat to me in the first fight and Ruiz took advantage of his golden opportunity. Ruiz moved better and did a better job of cutting the ring off, especially in the latter rounds.

    I only watched the first four but my buddy who is an avid fight fan was filling me in along the way. He told me, like I posted earlier, he thought he was flat and slow, even fatter than the first.

    I read a couple of articles late last night and one commented it was like he won the lottery in the first fight and did not train or prepare for this one. Ruiz said the same afterwards.

    The object is to win, and some times a person fights to the W and some times they box to the W. Ruiz fought to his and Joshua made an adjustment and boxed to hi his W.

    Fight III is already in the works I am sure.

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  8. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    A guy sent me a link and I have checked it out. There are a lot of nice looking mills on that site/page.

    Mine are most definitely not in that league. When I first started selling the mills I went all out. I had oak delivered to a cabinet shop, cut and planed, most every board. I sanded and stained, sanded and painted every inch. I cut 45's on the corners and glued and wood filled everything. It was furniture quality craftsmanship.

    By the time I factored in time and materials I could justifiably ask $500 for a carpet mill.

    A buddy of mine wanted one and they were adding on to his house. He had a lot of wood and we used that. The $500 mill turned into about $100 really quick. Same mill, same turning surface, same rollers, same performance, same durability.

    I no longer did 45's, I do not sand, stain or paint, and I do not fill screw/nail holes with filler. I buy the wood right off the shelf at Lowe's/Home Depot.

    When I post them I admit they do not look world class and often get discredited based on first sight/first impression.

    But I still enjoy pictures and videos of well built mills and that page is full of them.


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  9. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Whether - or not - there's a Joshua v Ruiz III and however things work out for Ruiz, I'm glad he beat Joshua the first fight.. He won a lot of money, a ton of respect and the fat bastard might come back and win them belts again.. In a way I sort of hope he does! I was tired of the triangle of bullshit and bitching between AJ, Fury and Wilder.. Ruiz came out of nowhere and torpedoed that sense of entitlement... A prospect they should all take heed of is young Daniel Dubois, IMO none of todays heavyweights stand much better chance than any of his other victims:-B
  10. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    I got Wilder against anybody, fuck it!! I rode to the show with him and I’m in it til the wheels fall off.

    I wish a select few members here could watch fights together and discuss as they go! 1-2 extras per person to keep things “small.” I got a couple buddies to add as I’m sure y’all do too
  11. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    The Ruiz vs Parker fight should of been a draw. Not sure if you have seen Adam Kownacki fight he is a fat Polish guy from Brooklyn but he is a thrill to watch. Pure action from the first bell, Just goes forward he has the best chin around. He is suppose to fight Pulev Feb 22. Adam Kownacki vs Chris Arreolla was one of the best fights of 2019.
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  12. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    Eric Butterbeam looked like a real life cartoon but for sure he stomped the living daylights out of his opponents, great fun.
    Joshua did well, he didn´t fell in the same trap again. Saw also the UFC fight between Overeem and Rozenstruik, Overeem TKO in the last 4 seconds of the 5th round, a boomer as he was on top most of the fight. He almost lost his lip.
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  13. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    That was a hard right on the lip
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  14. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    No TKO but KO he went.
    I feel for him, he was in the same schoolclass as my daughter and was a nice kid.
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  15. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    I like to learn all the tech stuff on treadmills Slim although I'm more of a geek than handy with tools.. The thousand dollar, steel frame, nylon conveyer belt mills on facebook look great, but the low cost, design and speed of your carpet mills gets my vote and still believe your roller design is genius! Haven't finished mine yet due to issues unrelated to dogs, but I'll let you know when/if I finally get it running.
  16. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    That MMA should be banned FWK! And they say dogfighting is brutal haha!
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  17. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. Top Dog

    What you think about the bareknuckle fights of nowadays, the English are good brawlers,
    MMA is wild and hard, Overeem belonged to the best heavyweights but I guess considering his age and so on that it should be wise to considering his retirement, guy made 10 million $ during his career, so money isn't the problem.
    Dogfighting … society shal never accept it, sadistic and barbaric, they like it more when two man kicking and stomping the shit out of each other since they do out of free will and dogs do not, '' they are forced to fight by their owners''.
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  18. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    Wee bit dissapointed with it all in truth. Ruiz I believed would whip him with any condition in him,but I guess he spent more time sitting at a table than sparring in the ring.
    I don't even think he should have been allowed to go any further than the weigh in. If he didn't give a fcuk,then maybe he should have gave a fcuk about those around him & his flag. Would truly love to see him in condition........
    Joshua got whipped off an unconditioned fat man & then went the distance against the same man in even worse condition. Staying so far away from him,as he was clearly petrified at what his right hand could & would do. Embarrassing in all honesty.
    I remember when Tyson was regarded as the baddest man on the planet & justly so.
    Joshua..........baddest man on the planet.....................running :-)
    Ruiz can come back & can get in condition & most probably would end up the baddest man on the planet,but he gotta change big style & I hope he does........ll
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  19. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Wee bit disappointed myself to be honest @Finito .. I don't believe the heavyweight division worth getting excited about.. Not AJ, Wilder, Fury, Ruiz jnr or any of them.. I'm a Henry Cooper fan, pure grit and guts he showed against Ali in London, look at Frazier v's Ali, Billy Hardy v's Orlando Canizales or Barry McGuigan v Stevie Cruz in the Texas heat.. Where's the guts in the heavyweights today? It's clear AJ played safe, stuck to the plan and won the belts, fair play to him! but any real hunger in Andy Ruiz must have got left it in every McDonalds, Burger King and Crispy Crème on the way to the fight.. Look how Henry Cooper and Joe Frazier stalked Ali (The Greatest,) beat him to a pulp and sustained terrible damage themselves.. Andy Ruiz was only fighting AJ.. It wasn't Marvin Hagler v's John Mugabe, only fat Ruiz v's average Joshua.
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  20. Box Bulldog

    Box Bulldog Premium Member Premium Member

    I respect Henry Cooper. His hammer left hook put Ali on his ass and he was 180lbs. He was a bleeder though. Are you familiar with Tommy Farr? he was a good fighter out of Whales I think gave Joe Louis a good go. Our best Heavy weight from Canada was George Chuvalo fought Ali twice, He was top 10 heavy for 17 years by ring magazine had 96 pro bouts never was knocked off his feet, best chin of all time hands down. He tried to fight Henry Cooper for the Commonwealth title even went to U.K. to try and get him to fight him but Henry wanted no part of George Chuvalo. Cooper would of had a rough night if he got in there with our Chuvalo. That's the only thing I have bad to say about Cooper he refused to give our guy his shot. He new what would be the outcome.
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