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Scottish SBT's

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by IV Ecosse, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. IV Ecosse

    IV Ecosse Pup

    firstly id like to just say what a great forum this is. you more experinced folks with knowledgable answers and new guys asking some of the questions have really given me hours and hours of enjoyable reading!

    couple of questions.... are there any good regular bullbreed/sbt events that i could attend in scotland?? or any decent scottish breeders/owners that i could be made aware of..

    thanks in advance
  2. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Arial, Helvetica]

    (Secretary: Mr George Fleming - Tel: 0141-763-2349)

    hope this helps you mate give him a ring & he should be able to help you , if its a pup your after then do your homework as i in the end pm me if you need help.as im in the glasgow area
  3. IV Ecosse

    IV Ecosse Pup

    cheers mate. yeah ive been looking about for a while now, still defo on the search for that bit of something extra special! will fire you a pm soon to ask a few more questions. thanks again
  4. Tartanvandal

    Tartanvandal Guest

    Depending on what type of staff ur looking for would depend on whether id phone george, he favours heavy show lines so if that what u want hes ur man :D
  5. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    As you said tartanvandal he favours heavy show lines , i know where you are coeing from their , but in what george sees in staffs is mabee different in what i see in them , have been to one or two of the shows years ago up in larbert falkirk way but wasnt impressed with who was winning the shows , now i was not & never have put any of my dogs into any shows but would like to see one day if i ever do how my dogs would do but then my dogs are not heavy show line dogs .
  6. ultimathule

    ultimathule Big Dog

    If you can get yourself up to stonehaven this saturday,27th, the north of scotland is having their open show,
    I normally go along for a look(busy this time) and will give you a chance to see if theres anything you like.
    I have seen a good number of dogs that I have liked in the show world but usually most are a bit heavy with shorter muzzles than I prefer.
    But there can be some gems:)
  7. Mikemorabito

    Mikemorabito Big Dog

    i didn't even know the scottish staffy existed, always something new to learn, great infos guys
  8. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    You taking the p*ss mikemorabit . Scottish stbt club ya diddie . if anyone is intrested in showing their dogs at the next big show in scotland then they should check out the scottish kennel club website hounds & terrirs are on show on the friday the 20th may 2011.
    Im going to test the water here & see if they will consider a ed reids IKC reg papers will phone on monday to see where we stand here on other kc club papers , or is it going to be the usual kc only dogs . will keep yous all informed .
  9. ultimathule

    ultimathule Big Dog

    I thought that was pretty obvious. The Scottish Kennel Club,part of THE Kennel Club.
    K.c reg dogs only.
  10. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    Were talking ed reids INTERCONTERNENTAL K.C. , lets see how we get on as far as i know the kennel club dont recognise ED REIDS I.K.C. But at one of his own shows last year their was a K.C. judge their who was impressed with the standard of staffs the IKC are showing .
  11. oldtymer

    oldtymer Top Dog

    Ed Reid started the I.K.C. to register apbt's another ££££££ spinner back then :D:D
  12. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    I Know That oldtymer & i have read before that it was a way round to registering dogs that were crossed (stb/spbt) , i am only looking at how far i will get with one of my dogs at this kc show , but i know deep down i wont probably get by the first post . trying to prove a point realy .
  13. jonnim

    jonnim Big Dog

    reid never set up the IKC to get around anything !!,firstly it was his registry pitbulls,when the DDA came in he used to advertise so called irish staffords,then he dropped the name irish due to the heat/press/idiots/peddlers,now its just a registry for staffords for his fun days/athletic shows/conformation shows.
    personaly,bit like the pitbull peds hanging on my wall these days it aint worth the paper there written on,only reconised by reid,monies paid to reid
  14. jack the lad

    jack the lad Big Dog

    I did this with one of my dogs but they are kc reg and he got placed in all the 3 shows I put him in getting a 3rd with the judge you are talking about beating black dogs out of ch stock not bad for a 17 inch 38 pound blue dog lol.It give's the show people something to talk about lol. :dogkiss:

  15. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    Thats what im trying to do jack play about with this kc brigade , im looking at seeing how far or where my argument would be on the day , if i dont get recognised i will still be going along to the show to see the qualiity of dog on show & make up my own mind on the day , last time i was at a show many years ago the quality wasnt what i was after .
  16. jack the lad

    jack the lad Big Dog

    They do seem to be getting lighter in the uk but shorter too.
  17. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    Was reading the threads earlier on & someone posted miniture staffs ??? not into the smaller dogs myself but the last show i was at they were doing well & that was many moons ago but have saw the odd one here & their makes me laugh that people just dont go for the jack russel instead of a leggless staff :D
  18. ultimathule

    ultimathule Big Dog

    Any pics of your blue dog mate?
  19. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    odinslad , a stafford with no legs , would be a carpet shark !lol ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  20. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    It could also be leggless LOL :D

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