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Show collars??

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by BlueDiamondgirl, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Ok here is my dumb question for the day. Is there any specific collar they want you to have to show your dog? I know it has to be a belt buckle but is there one ppl like specifically?
  2. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    Depends on the registry. The UKC and AKC favor lightweight (i.e., downright dainty), sometimes chain, leads/collars.

    The ADBA and AADR require a 4 foot lead and a strong buckle collar. Some folks show their dogs in a standard 2" leather or nylon collar, but I prefer something a bit narrower that doesn't take away from the dog.

    Stillwater Kennel Supply -- makes nice show collars.
  3. Which do you prefer? I know with horses more ppl have leather than nylon. is that the same with dogs?This is the ADBA registry I'm talking about
  4. GSDbulldog

    GSDbulldog CH Dog

    I use both. I like the look of leather better, though. Burgundy leather looks good on my chocolate dog. ;)
  5. Preciouspits508

    Preciouspits508 Top Dog

    we use nylon and leather narrow collars for shows
  6. shadowwolf

    shadowwolf Big Dog

    No bigger than 1" - I second the Stillwater collars. They're wonderfully durable.

    In UKC, it is chain/martingale thin as a twig collars. Terribly annoying.
  7. Hairy Kelly

    Hairy Kelly Banned

    i have a strong stuff collar on my dog on his chain but when he goes out he wears a leather one from harris and watson both good collars:D
  8. We can make plain 1" leather collars that are plenty strong enough to hold a dog. Even one in an ADBA show ring.
    We can make plain or decorative 1" collars.
    Ella's Lead - Home


    imo...nylon is the way to go...stillwater has some of the best..just like nylon over leather...because nylon still lets your dog breath through the collar and leather doesnt and will stretch out overtime..jmo
  10. But nylon will stretch over time just as well.
    I don't know.
    I like leather because it's gentler on my dog's sensitive neck.
  11. performanceknls

    performanceknls Top Dog

    ADBA and AADR you will show with a buckle collar. 1" to 1.5" is thick enough, If it is a 2" collar the judge cannot see the dogs neck and it makes it look short. I like Tablerock because she has the best color selection.
  12. MinorThreat

    MinorThreat CH Dog

    2" nylon O'Briens or Sporting collars, dont mistake cheap priced thin ply collars as quality. Screw these 1" foo foo collars, show your dog looking like a bulldog and the thin lame looking collars dont help your placing anyway

    lol cant see the dogs neck, to funny
  13. performanceknls

    performanceknls Top Dog

    I use to show on 2" collars till had a several judges tell me to go to 1.5" one time it cost me a placement, go with what wins ;)
  14. I just wanted to add that we use a black leather that is a latigo leather that is out of this WORLD.
    I have NEVER touched leather as nice.
    It's super strong, but SUPER soft and pliable. It's a DREAM to work with.
    And if you add our black suede lining?
    We're talking the nicest, gentlest (don't mistake gentle for weak, though) collar you could put on your dog's neck.
    This I swear.
  15. Thank ya'll this helps alot;)


    i have i had my 2" nylon collars for years and they havent s"stretched out" yet...i started off with leather collars and they irritated my dogs neck kinda like rubbed them raw..thats just my dogs and jmo..

  17. And you are correct to a certain degree. Leather probably will stretch out faster than THICK nylon (like Still Water collars), and I probably would NOT tie my dog out in a yard on a leather collar because weather can be unkind to leather.

    And if your dog's neck was getting rubbed raw by the leather it could have been 1 of 3 things (or a combination of 2):

    1. leather wasn't edged
    2. wasn't our black leather (sorry! I am just in LOVE with our black leather, it's so damn soft but strong!).
    3. are you measuring your dog's neck correctly? A lot of people think that when they have a collar on a dog that they must fit two finger stacked on top of each under the collar for the collar to fit properly.
    But that's untrue. Two fingers FLAT under the collar and your dog will have PLENTY of room. Ever since I've been fitting Ella like that with her collars, I have had ZERO neck issues with her.:D


    i "fit" mt collars the same way you do...
    leather may have not been "edged" i dont know..i gave it away..
    and your probably right...the quality of the leather wasnt as good as the type you use...
    just a"nylon" collar guy...never had any problems with them so why change?:d
  19. Oh no, I agree.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?
    You have found what works for you.:D
  20. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    any have white collars? i have a dog that would look great in white

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