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Stafford and Pitbull

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by matty, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. mixed-grill

    mixed-grill Big Dog

    There used to be a band in england called 'right said fred'...you would of liked them........:D
  2. I'm too sexy for my..... LMAO
  3. nasher

    nasher Big Dog

    this is the staffordshire bull terrier section not am staff :dogkiss:

    is bigger always better??? FRED????:rolleyes:
  4. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    god damn! that's a big dog, wandering how much that son o' a bitch eats
  5. Apparently in some other post he made it is implied that it eats a 40lb APBT for breakfast lol
  6. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    lol....welcome to the world of burgerrentboy....lmao....:D:rolleyes:
  7. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    deeply dippy......hahahaha....
  8. blanch

    blanch Big Dog

    lol burger just made himself look a tit
  9. jjbulls

    jjbulls Pup

    This is a very close call.. the original am pitbull was originally bred down from working staffords & bulldogs imported from u.k. & Ireland. so there will allways be a close simmilarity.. in working staffords & am pitbulls .. especially in the smaller pitbulls ... just my opinoin ....
  10. A stafford is a stafford is a pitbull, no such thing as american staff, irish staff, english staff, pitbull etc..........., all are purely variations of the bull & terrier. The irish staff being a much older breed than the pit and a purer one at that, is where all these dogs desended from. The irish stafford is the original & ultimate pit dog, all others are decendents from these, & simply produced by cross breeding the purer bred irish staffords.
    Irish staffordshire terriers are how & what the staffordshire bullterrier should actually look todaym & that is the only stafford. FULL STOP
  11. BTW, you yanks all the same biggin up pitbulls cos they happen to be now called APBT, LMAO, all they are is a cross out of our irish staffords! So get over it! Your pitbulls aint all that, and btw, steriods in your dog! Well proves my point exactly! Good night. Yawn Yawn
  12. big head dog, peanut head bloke, wtf!?
  13. Tigerlines

    Tigerlines Banned

    corsoqueen...interesting post,..you state that the irish stafford is the original , much older and purer, original and ultimate pitdog,and all others are descended from it......could you please elaborate on you theory....purely for educational purposes,
    im fascinated!
  14. "AM STAFF" is a stafford u prick! We own/made these dogs n they certainly ay dwarfed down russels, u hav no clue on staffords in the UK, which is where they r from mate, more likely you hav sum cross bred mutt out of OUR bull terriers, which u like to call the apbt! LMFAO......................... Knob
  15. hey Tiger lines,
    Thanx 4 not writing me off 2 b a "psycho" (hehe), excuse the pun. Am a little intoxicated at this moment in time but wil try me best off hand, ok mate, here goes:
    Firstly, ay dissin u as hav heard of tiger lines, as in Bill Boylan's Black Tiger??? If so, then i praise u, respect. Sincerley.
    But......, I'm assuming you know your shit so, dog fighting originated in England, yep? Or u gona disagree??? Assuming you agree, all staffords came out of the blue paul terrier & the english white terrier, crossing these with the already exsisting bulldogs would create our Bull terrier, then branching out to english and at that time irish. Dogs of this specific type did not exsist in America at all at this time. THey took our staffords back to america with them who then bred them to their own similar bred type dogs to then create the APBT.
    Will give facts from my finds from proper "dogmen" 2mro. xxx byebye
  16. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    im reading these with great interest.:eek::cool:
  17. Blue paul is a myth and Hinks used the English White in his dogs Corsaqueen
  18. oldtymer

    oldtymer Top Dog

    Pitbull, am staff and stafford may all share the same ancesters way back but thats where it ends. All of them have now become seperate breeds, take the amstaff and stafford both have been bred down the years to be show dogs both being registered with the K.C. and A.K.C. both these breeds have to adhere to the breed standard which is set by the kennel clubs, ( meddlers who mess up most breeds registered with these bodies) height, looks etc. Look at most staffords today sixty five years after being registered with the K.C. they have become shorter in the leg and heavier in body type and puff like steam trains . The A.K.C. prefers the am staff to be a little longer in the leg than the stafford, yet the breed standard is not so very different to the stafford.These two breeds have become nothing more than a fashion accessory to be paraded around a show ring .

    The working pitbull has been bred for hundreds of years to do what it does best , but i am open minded as to there being other breeds added, as the original dogs taken over the pond by the immigrants would have proberly had other breeds added to aid in working enviroments. Also back then any breed of dog that would fight would have been matched, no doubt some of these other breeds would have won and then deemed worthy to breed, some bred back to the pitbull and keepers from these litters would have been bred back in to bull bitches and so on.Look at the variations the pitbull comes in , look closely and you can see some of the lines of dogs that say look more hound like,others more like the bulldog or mastiff etc. Look at the colours the pitbull comes in, you will find all those colours in the greyhound. As for the irish immigrants taking red,red nose dogs across the pond is more myth than factual (same as the blue colour comming from the blue paul dog ) as most of the irish dogs would have originated in and come from the u.k. Originally one and the same dog,today three seperate breeds.
    Just my two cents worth
  19. junkyard

    junkyard CH Dog

    what a load of bullshit corsoqueen.
    i supose that there is no such thing as a canary dog, or a fila, or a neo or anyother mastiff type dog they are all from the same stock, from back when the spanish were conquering the middle world? all molossers came from the stock left behind from the old wars so i guess that would mean that a Boerbel, Bullmastiff and a English Mastiff are exactly the same dog?

    you are generalising and that cant be don in this situation, if it makes you feel better i will say YOUR so you can take credit from the Yanks, YOUR dogs aint the dogs that YOU sent over one hundred years ago, YOUR dogs stayed home and stayed to their standard while YOUR dogs went elswhere and bred with different practices, and what you have now is the AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER a breed which is no longer legal in YOUR country. The stafford is legal.

    there are tons of similarities, and yes some could be mistaken for another, ive seen plenty of smaller line working terriers that could pass for other breeds of terriers does that make them the same? hell no.
    YOUR aproach comes across as someone who has a chip on their shoulder and someone who is dwelling on the fact that 95% of what is working stock of the modern APBT , would easily eclipse the best working stafford. for that you sound rather bitter.

    you could allways start your own registry and re name the breed
    the English/Irish corso bull?
  20. rikjd

    rikjd Pup

    Why all the rather small minded arguments? were getting away from the fact these dogs in their various forms are great, the two breeds are different its what evolution does, if you remove a breed and place it in different environments its gonna evolve to suit the needs and requirements of that place. Sure they are related but they are definately different, anyone who disagrees is either ignorant, stubborn or just takin the piss.

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