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Stafford ramblings

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by springview, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I have read with intrest some of the threads posted on various sites regarding the breeding and performance records of some of the dogs and find them intresting to say the least . Were the authors of these threads gain there information baffles me , for to long the history of the game has been written by people who were not present at certain events and had no involvement this creates misinformation and a false history . I have seen matches that were not matches dogs shown as champions that were not and breedings that never took place in order to gain success with any breed one has to start with true pedigrees and keep them true the dogs if working breeds must be bred true tested hard then culled close with only the very best being used for breeding this is the only way to succeed its been the same for two hundred years and will be the same in another hundred years
  2. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    You think we are all 5years old..lol.
    Do you not know where your posting/preaching.??
    Hope your next posts either pics of your dogs/past dogs.

  3. coop-dog

    coop-dog Big Dog

    Wow thankfully you are here to show us the way and set all the falsities straight.
  4. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    i know, ive been telling everyone that is not chicken we eat at chinese restaurants its cat meat
  5. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    LMAO,that actually happend a few years ago at a local one we all used for deliveries,got shut down etc for positive traces of cat in the food,Well im sorry but if i ever did eat cat it was bloody nice,lol.

  6. I have been around staffords longer than most in my time i saw owned handled and bred a few good dogs some of which became well known in the game in my time i always tested my dogs in competition not backyard rolls only the gamest were used to breed from i never sold puppies or studded my dogs to the public . I know were every pup i bred went from the day they were born until the day they died all breedings were supervised by myself any dogs i wasnt satisfied with were either spayed or culled over the years dogs i culled appeared in pedigrees pups were advertised out of my dogs when these breedings never occured and my old grand champion jim dog according to others produced pups ten years after he died , dogs i owned and bred that never left my yard appeared in pedigrees that were not true and produced litters that never existed dozens of pedigrees have appeared with my dogs featured when they were false also my dogs were defeated many times in matches that never took place . When i first came into dogs there were only a few people that matched or worked dogs in england and we all knew who was who and what we had the game was very small , back then the game was like it is today full of those who were not what they boasted and quickly one realised just who was who over the years i was lucky to have dealt with some genuine dogmen whos word was something you could rely on men like tom haughey , christy mc carthy , peter gorman , bill hodgkinson of betchgreen fame and last but not least seamus mc nutt of derry in ireland whos honesty and knowledge are faultless each of them learned me so much and i am eternally grateful to them all . I quickly learned that honesty and true pedigrees will put you on the road to successs in dogs and that all lines produce good and bad dogs the key to success lies in what you do with those that dont make the grade as gamedogs . I used to travel by public transport the length and breadth of britain to learn about dogs thousands of miles thousands of questions in my quest to learn and i soon learned who was genuine and who wasnt theres room for everyone in ogs but we must decide what route we wanna take if you want pets or just a good old friend thats fine but ifn you wanna talk about gamedogs then keep them pure test them hard and cull them close and dont try to make claims that are false in order to peddle your cast offs if you are breeding to replace a much loved pet then say so though if your breeding to compete why would you sell to others the same dogs you intend to compete with kinda defeats the object in my eyes good dogs are very hard to breed even more difficult to buy so before you part with your hard earned cash ask yourself the question if you had a good dog or pups why would yo want to sell them ........
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  7. jonnim

    jonnim Big Dog

    interesting ramblings,could you ramble bout the sinbad dog

  8. Fly

    Fly Pup

    Best dog ever wasn't it ch Tyler. lol
  9. the sinbad dog was bred by some friends of mine out of jim being bred to his daughter jess he was in a litter of five thhree males and two females two of the males and one female were shown one male won one match that was reported and lost his second against a very good dog out of skipper making a game scratch at the end . the sinbad dog won three times in reported matches one when of these wins he was reported as Red his sister bella won two times and lost game to a bitch from Patrick lines i have seen many dogs that are decended from these dogs in pedigrees but these pedigrees were false , the only pups out of these dogs went to ireland and were owned by friends of ours and were never put out to the public though one dog sired by Sinbad out of a littermate sister to Paddy {jim over his daughter} was sold as a pet by a friend of mine this dog was called Snatcher and he was i believe mated to a bitch and produced two bitch puppies all in all Sinbad was bred to six bitches that were bred similar to him all the pups were placed with trusted dogmen and all were of the highest quality , the only two sons of Sinbad that were not retained were the Snatcher dog and Maurice who was out of Sinbad over his dam Jess and this dog went to Basil Blackshaw a artist from Antrim and then to Canning of Derry were he died , two bitches out of sinbad and his sister went to Ireland but offspring were not sold to the public
  10. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    sprinview you realise there are other staffords doing good besides what you bred or had a hold of in the past right? not all is lost as you imply in your first paragraph
  11. May i point out that these stories are from the past when i was active they are the truth thats facts not heresay or bullshit but what i saw with my own eyes . That some of you find the history of the dogs of intrest pleases me and i in no way encourage anyone to do anything illegall with there dogs but will help anyone who is genuine about these dogs i have nothing to sell and have never sold dogs what i tell you may or may not please you but it will be the truth , i will not be drawn into childish petty arguments about dogs but will try to honestly give free advice to anyone whos genuine
  12. Aarsbaard

    Aarsbaard Pup

    Studying photos I would say that dogs like Paddy, Jim and Red Joe were the best looking Staffords back in the 80’s and 90's. They looked functional and had good breed type. This is my preferred type and it is sad that the breeders of these dogs are no longer involved with Staffords. However, I hope there are enthusiasts in the UK who will try to continue breeding this type of Stafford.
  13. Idont know of any staffords today other than show bred or crossbred dogs that have pitbull/english/mastiff/wheaten/and other blood in them i could be wrong but would be the first to give credit to any pure stafford that has true and correct game breeding behind them they were rare thirty years ago and i have seen nothing to change that . Over the years i saw most of the so called great staffords and for thirty years have studied pedigrees to staffords of working and show lines , hundreds of pedigrees have been sent from all over the world for me to look at and i have seen only three that were true , this wasnt the fault of the owners but of those who lied when selling them i know only to well how it feels to learn that old butch or judy whos behind your dogs might not have been bred as shown or wasnt game but i never repeated or continued the bullshit we are all responsible for what WE breed as ive said theres good and bad in a lines but the only way to succeed in dogs is to be honest and im still waiting to see a pedigree to a game gamebred pure stafford after over thirty years . Have heard all the talk about secret strains from the black country or Ireland or Scotland the blues the reds the pieds etc etc and after all these years my views the same if you can show me otherwise please do so as im still learning and never cease to be amazed by the people who keep and breed these dogs .
  14. Aarsbaard

    Aarsbaard Pup

    Please could you confirm that a dog sired by Paddy out of FFB's Dutch was sent to the mainland?
  15. Pitken

    Pitken Pup

    ...where do they get all those cats ?...
  16. Ican only positvely speak about matings i made personally but seem to remember a bitch being bred to Paddy called Dutch what happened to the pups i couldnt say but if you give me the breeding of Dutch then i will speak with the owner of Paddy and confirm this
  17. Aarsbaard

    Aarsbaard Pup

  18. reids skipper

    reids skipper Top Dog

    snatcher and brody were owned by the same lad ...brody was bred to tyra which was a bitch that i bred ... did you have any influence in brody x tyra mating ?
  19. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    Born around 98. Seem to remember a male in Hollans who was still around about 5yr ago & there may have been another in N/E England. Born in the UK weren't they ?
  20. the pedigree you show i cant comment on though the bitch was bred to Paddy and a pup was sent to holland the Brody dog wasi believe out of Paddy and a daughter of the old Jack dog who was out of the Barney dog a English bull staff cross and Prudence a pure English bull bitch owned by Jerry Mcintyre who is a brother to Jerome who owned the Barney dog . The Jack dog was used over many bitches in the plymoth and portsmouth areas and false papers were put on the dog many of these pups were absobed into the show and flynn dogs bred in these areas . I saw the Jack dog work a number of times and he was a good game dog his sires gameness is legendary

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