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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mccoypitbulls, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    So....just thought id try to help get some discussion on strains. Or favorite bloodlines that you may have.
    I would like to stick with animals and plants....wink wink...for fun..

    Ill go first...

    One of the best in my opinion for dogs.
    Heavy Colby Blood... Gas house based..and new irish influences..

    And a go to in the plant department...
    I will start with Gorilla Glue...obvious Deisel genetics...crossed

    Both strains are based off crosses...one new..one old..

    Hope to get some thought and idea...as these two things are very similar...and should be easy for most to chat about.
  2. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I got some of Willie Nelsons blend called Red Headed Stranger.I like it ,not bad at all.Where I live I take what's there so next it may be Gorilla Glue or what ever.
  3. R.D.

    R.D. Pup

    Kinda partial to the headband or anything white
    bamaman likes this.
  4. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Staff Member

    Eli x Bolio

    Sour diesel

    I'm on that Peter Pan currently.
    bamaman likes this.
  5. TriniBoy

    TriniBoy Pup

    currently have no dogs, but I love redboy/snooty. Had two brothers years ago. They were fools! 0-100 real quick! Hoping to find some more of the same and bring them to the islands.

    Anything high sativa is good with me. Everything is shit here though. Hard to believe. You'd think in the islands we got that good good. Nope.
  6. Jstaff

    Jstaff Big Dog

    All about the disco biscuit in the uk
    That's uk cheese x gsc , straight fire!!
  7. kiwidogman

    kiwidogman Big Dog

    It you want something done properly sometimes you gotta do it yourself
    TriniBoy likes this.
  8. TriniBoy

    TriniBoy Pup

    Already in the works my friend lol
    kiwidogman likes this.
  9. c_note

    c_note CH Dog


    Banana Kush been my favorite lately
  10. babedulce

    babedulce Premium Member Premium Member

    Acer x freemanii "Jeffersred"
  11. I dont smoke but we can talk rum
  12. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Very beautiful specimens.
    Ive got a couple baby soft maples..an eastern red bud named pete..and a colorado blue spruce also.
  13. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Love me some clear. Any brand..but Bacardi is a fav...history. Have not tried many special types..but would love to.
  14. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Great Choices. Im guessing Heavy Bourdreaux .. Eli..always heavy hitters.

    And banana k...awesome..had some from a local grow. Very heavy indica ghost og xskunk haze.
    c_note likes this.
  15. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Not up to speed on the uk strains..but love info to check out. Cheese and gsc are both fantastic blends.
  16. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Kiwi and trini...both kow whats up..
    And the best concentrates ...
    TriniBoy likes this.
  17. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Elixbolio..very good stuff. Was just looming into Bolios ped a bit ago. I forget how heavy in heavy. Black Widow..well depends on speculations bring...good dog Bolio..all that matters..and produced..and still..
    Peterpan..not up to speed there..
    Deisel..o ya ..anythimg that is bread with also..
  18. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Very nice..a deisel cross. Had some a bit ago.. And yes it makes my head feel compressed..like wearing a headband from the 707.
  19. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

  20. Jstaff

    Jstaff Big Dog

    It's actually cheese x blues x gsc, my bad

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