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Swim keep???

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by 21 dre, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Yas

    Yas Big Dog

    Optimal frequency of training to add muscle is 3 x per day, same muscle grouple but different rep ranges, correct post workout nutrition and sleep after every workout.
    Optimal frequency of training for an increase in strength is once every 5 days.
  2. Yas

    Yas Big Dog

    Obviously is supposed to say read anything i've written.
  3. RedGoodbye

    RedGoodbye CH Dog

    Steroids have absoluetely no place in any combat sport of any kind with any species. Point blank period. jmo In any competative sport for that manner. But especialy in combat sports.
  4. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    you dont have to wait 5 days if your on roids ..if your not then yes i say wait every 5 days for each muscle group and lessen your reps if your trying to gain strngth..no rules to anything though if your takin the juice.
  5. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    But YAS i dont know if your talking dogs r people..my last post i was refering to humans..IMO if your in a keep you shouldnt be worried bout gaining muscle or strength... as Iron Mike already stated thats what the off time is for..But I also understand what Naus is saying the roids will also give you a better cardio workout.I have never tried roids on myself or dogs .I have taken Creatine and yes I know its totally different but not only did I increase in strength I also had better,longer cardio workouts.I have never put a dog on Creatine either.
  6. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    Isnt creatine just add water?
  7. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    some is powder form you add water..some comes in liquid and you drop a few drops under your tongue like liquid vitamin b12
  8. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    No i mean doesnt it just add water weight
  9. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Yes it does Laced ..your muscles retain water while your on Creatine.
  10. yerichoffpits

    yerichoffpits Big Dog

    nice and a good ildee to let swim my dogs at home, never tought about this thing to us as a swimming area for the dogs
  11. WWII

    WWII Banned

    No. Look up ATP energy.

    Times change and things evolve. Remember when working out was frowned upon because it made people muscle bound? We've bust through that myth and you won't find any athlete that doesn't do some type of strength training, even marathon runners.

    We've found better nutrition and know much more of the science behind the body. Listen to old timers talk about conditioning and why they do things. Sure, their techniques worked but not due to the reasons they thought. Foam is fat from a dog? Boiled water is non fattening as opposed to non-boiled water? lol....

    I don't swim my dogs due to resources. I don't have a pool, a creek, a pond, a lake, a swim tank.... Plus, I'm not a big water person myself. I do think it could be quite beneficial, though. I don't know about building a whole keep out of it. You don't see boxers and runners swimming because they are not swimmers. You also don't see swimmers running and boxing, because they don't run nor box.
  12. i swim roadwork slat mill and carpet mill but when i swim its 1hr str8 15 min rest then another 1hr or 20 miles roadwork
  13. working out in water works for alot of athletes like Terrel Owens runs in shallow water and if you look back to back in the day training Ali would shadow box under shallow water, theres many photos and videos. i even have the poster on my wall. like i here ppl say all the time "swimming the only workout that works every inch of your body"
  14. Jiggy

    Jiggy Pup

    i fought for 11yrs and for humans at least, what people dont realize is anyone can workout as hard as u possibly can for 12 weeks, but the most important part of the training camp is the last few weeks. its giving the person enough rest and timing the rest that makes them peak, not the exercise.
  15. Roveros

    Roveros Pup

    Well that's idyllic but wherever there is competition and wherever there is money involved there will be guys who take things to the next level. MMA fighters boxers etc many of them have used HGH, Roids, Peptides etc all for the reasons listed. To promote lean muscle mass descreased recovery times from both training and heat stress needed more strength and power etc. The dog game has been shady at the best of times so anyone who thinks that roids aren't commonplace with many topline conditioners is delusional.

    No drugs test pitside!
  16. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    very true...this can happen even in a team sport such as football ...college football for example the national title game between Alabama vs Notre Dame thier was a long time between the last game for both teams till the national title game.For those who watched it noticed how fresh Nick Saban team was they were one step faster than Notre Dame on both sides of the football...Experience from being there bfore pays off.
  17. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    its easy to over do or over train..when i first started lifting weights I would kill myself thinkin that was the way...doing too many sets and too many reps..i wasnt using steroids either..finally one day a older guy told me what i was doin wrong and he was right..decreased my sets and reps and got alot stronger ,alot faster...but u can spin your wheels forever and never get good results..again i didnt use roids.
  18. C2K

    C2K Top Dog

    As any true sporting dogman knows this prime time of the season. From end of Oct. to first of April is the best and coolest so a dog don't heat stroke.Lets see how many of those expert conditioners are using swim tanks now. rotflmmfao!
  19. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    There ain't no off seasoning the deep south. So you bet your ass there still hitting the pool. Nobody going to sit out the summerbecuase its too hot.
  20. C2K

    C2K Top Dog

    Sure there isn't. It was in the thirties this winter. Snowed in AZ.! Pool my ass, you were the Popsicle Kid. LOL

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