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Texas Heat A.P.B.T.C./ Lone Star State P.B.C.

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by ChuteBoxxeKen, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Texas Heat / Lone Star State will team up again this year to hold 4 Conformation shows & No weight pulls on June 12th & 13th. At the Johnson County sheriff's Posse Arena in Cleburne, TX. 76033
    More info coming soon. Hope to see ya'll there!!!!!!
  2. WOOO! I am moving to Dallas area the weekend before this. If I can swing I will SO BE THERE! I am guessing this is the same place the one in November was at?
  3. Yes same place as the Nov. show. Hope to see all ya'll there!!! Will be there for sure!!
  4. Kristi

    Kristi Big Dog

    will they be having the november show this year?
  5. Sorry no show in Nov. this year!
  6. mikefromMD

    mikefromMD Top Dog

    We are very seriously considering this show...
  7. It may be the last show in Texas for this year if the other clubs don't step up & hold one!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  8. Kristi

    Kristi Big Dog

    sometimes I'm tempted to move to further east just to get closer to were all the shows are.

    PREACHER Big Dog

    I will be there and hopefully have one that I will show finally
  10. Good the more the marrier should be a good and fun time!!!!!!! Hope to see lots of old friends and make new ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    how far is this place from Dallas?
  12. Kristi

    Kristi Big Dog

    not that far a little over an hour maybe hour and half depending on traffic.
  13. therealjudge

    therealjudge CH Dog

    ok thanks, j

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