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The difference

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by viegas703, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. viegas703

    viegas703 Top Dog

    It seems like most here have no problem at all differenciating the two breed(apbt and staff). I have hard time telling the difference between a working staff and an apbt. Of course the show bred staffs look much different. Could you guys consider a working staff to be an apbt? Would the gameness be the same and drive?
  2. ganja

    ganja Big Dog

    the drive could be the same, it would depend on the type of "work" they are bred for, and what drive you're talking about. but gameness, I highly doubt it.

    it's already SO hard to breed for that trait with a breed that hasn't entirely being bred away from the [], so I couldn't imagine just taking any random working staff and hoping to turn it into a Ace in the [], let alone a good gamedog

    but that's JMO ;)
  3. CTG

    CTG Big Dog

    no. they were bred for 2 totally different things. you might have your odd ones but the majority would fail where the apbt excels.
  4. ganja

    ganja Big Dog

    and I forgot to add, this section is talking about the "Staffordshire Bull Terrier" (STB) not the "American Staffordshire Terrier" (AST)

    or where you talking about them from the start out?
    now I'm confused!

    I'm used to see the word "staff" being associated with amstaffs around here, I don't ever recall anyone ever calling their STB a "staff" in my country.
  5. viegas703

    viegas703 Top Dog

    Lol aw damn. I was referring to am staffs. I do t even know the difference between and amstaff and an sbt. Considering most pit bulls aren't being bred for gameness anymore does that make them worthless in the pit? Does that practically make them staffs with an apbt shell?
  6. geezuss

    geezuss Big Dog

    i call and hear others call the Staffordshire bull terrier a Staffy and and American staffordshire terrier an amstaff. im sure though that there are some "Game" working SBT . anyone from Europe here that can say ?
  7. viegas703

    viegas703 Top Dog

    It's pretty confusing to someone knew to the dog game like me.
  8. houstonapbt

    houstonapbt Top Dog


  9. venom

    venom Top Dog

    Staff, stafford, staffy, staffbull, staffordshire, if it don't have another word infront of it, its a staffordshire bull terrier. The "american version" which is actually just a show version of the APBT, came after the real staffordshire @ viegas. Staffordshire is an actual place or county i believe, in england. So any of the variations of the word is just reffering to their breed of dog.
  10. venom

    venom Top Dog

    Okay, so in stafford you mean amstaff. I don't think there is any working lines of Am staffs atleast not to my knowledge. Some dogs have amstaff in their lineage, but they are not of game stock so even if you had a good one it would not be wise to breed cuz u really dunno wtf u will end up with. You could try it out, but why waste a dogs heat.
  11. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    what most don't seem to grasp is that the majority of apbt's fail in that area too, how many make it to the top from how many litters bred ?
    a good dog is a good dog regardless of how it is bred, a dog that is good in the pit i think should be called a pitdog plain and simple.the fact is some working staffords can compete with the apbt, that says a lot, i can think of no other breed that can be said about.
    i can not speak about the amstaff as i have never even seen one in the flesh .
  12. venom

    venom Top Dog

    yeah, but whats the ratio?
    do you think that a litter from good staffords will turn out as many good dogs as a litter from good APBT's and that those pups will also be able to hang in there with the APBT's pups? Just curious.
  13. venom

    venom Top Dog

    also, the majority don't fail when they have been bred right. i mean obviously every dog isnt famous because look at the competition. but its usually some good dogs in each litter on a guys yard with well bred dogs and who is going about his business the right way.
  14. mfern004

    mfern004 Big Dog

    I dunno, what's the ratio of people breeding good staffords compared to apbt's? Staffords bred for the [] are few and far between... I don't see why anyone would think 2 good apbt's would produce better than 2 good staffords. That doesn't make sense. But Its definitely easier to find good apbt's because there are WAY more being used.
  15. viegas703

    viegas703 Top Dog

    This right helped me. I appreciate the post, I now have a better understanding.
  16. venom

    venom Top Dog

    It makes sense when you think about genetic traits and how far down the line the stafford has been bred. I don't know to much about staffords lineage and like you said they are far and between. So would that mean its a good chance that someone who has a few working staffs, some where near in their ped there are dogs that were not working dogs? IMO the further back the generations go of good working dogs the better chances of offspring turning out. Just because specific traits show in one dog out the litter doesnt mean they will show in all, so if those few staffords being used were just standouts then to me, in my opinion they will probably throw less good dogs than APBT's that i can personally look at their peds and trace it a bunch of generations back to good dogs. Get what i am saying? of course there are APBT's like this too, but more good abpt's than anything else as they are commonly used and bred since as far back as anyone alive today can remember.
  17. venom

    venom Top Dog

    maybe im just bias when it comes to the breed !
    i suppose if the dogs have been working this whole time that the APBT has been prospering over here, it would be the same turn out.
  18. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    theres a staff not too far from where you all rest your eyes on here that has stopped a few pbt in tests.....and they were deemed well bred enough to try out...now.....how can anyone say a decent staff shouldnt stop a pbt?..there a quite a few decent staffs around...might not be up there with the best pbt....but could compete and worth a bet...
  19. gog123

    gog123 Top Dog

    Thing with the staffords is they dont tend to produce? dont know why that is and sure others dont otherwise theyd try and fix it. I dont see why fuss using the staffords when you can get the pits which are more likely to produce? on top of that you can get pits the same size as staffords and more aless impossible to tell apart anyway.
  20. venom

    venom Top Dog

    that was my question, do they produce. if they do, then why are people over seas runnin blood like that originally came from the U.S

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