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Todays staffords it's a shame

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by dogman2007, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    lol, We all know that, but that black bitch is much leggier and more athletic than and of the crap you see in shows, she's taller than any male you'd see in a show, thats my point, she may be in a show and is probably kc reg'd but she likely didn't get anywhere in the show because she's NOT the short fat stumpy messes they are looking for, helloooooooooo
  2. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    eventhough i said what you wrote in your first sentence, that bitch's structure isnt for working dude!
    you said you have 30 years in the breed right? what dogs have you produced that are worth talking about?
    have they any acomplishments to go against the whole idea of this thread?
  3. Dags

    Dags Pup

    both you lads post loads on here,maybe you could both answer "what dogs have you produced that are worth talking about?"
  4. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    The bitch is better than the average show crap about these days, regardless of what faults anyone wants to find she's certainly got a lot less than the vast majority currently being shown, that really can't be denied
  5. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    although i dunno who you are and you can be a po po looking for some info or a snitch looking to get some loot, its no secret i breed for hunting nothing more. there are some people here who have some of my dogs ask them, they'll give you the goods and bads about what they got and if they are happy with them. as for my dogs i always invite people to my place so they can see them working and for the way you write i think you are in the same country i am. you bring your dog to my place and we take yours and mine hunting then you deduce.
  6. Dags

    Dags Pup

    not sure what a po po is,didnt mean to offend,i live in south england,new here,google bought me here and a few other forums,no under lying story just asked a question,ill get some pics of my dog up soon,not sure he would be any good hunting,but then i have never tried.
  7. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    I owned one of the best working Stafford dogs ever in Derry City Northern Ireland, I'd even go as far as saying pound for pound he was the best and I've never heard of one that could have matched him, in fact after I sold him I was told by a man who I can't name here, that he saw him in a big money match, thi guy owned some of the best pitbulls around at the time, HE said > your "Prince" (red stafford) is the best dog i ever saw pound for pound, He said "if he could be beat, it would take a pitbull that outweighs him twicpe to beat him"
    If you have any contacts ask them did they know if the infamous red stafford called Prince in Derry from 1984 to about 1989, I Sold the dog on to Sean Casey (recently deceased) and he got his back broke and had to be put down, he got his back broke because Sean walked him in the country off the lead, Prince ran after a Bull and did exactly what you see in the old bulldog prints, he jumped, locked on the bulls snout, while Sean watched helplessly Prince stayed locked on while being tossed all over the place for 40 minutes and brought the bull to the ground, when Sean approached to try and choke him off the bull tried to get up and move away and accidently stood on Prince breaking his spine, he later had to be put down even though he was eating and drinking and normally alert he was dead from the waist down, he dragged his back legs around behind him, vets couldn't fix him, I also had a bitch around the same time who wouldn't even back off a big badger, she'd lost half her bottom lip and still wa mad for badgers, I took a litter off Prince and Tara before i sold her, most of the pups went across the border, one that i was able to follow up on looked like and was as crazy as his dad, and that's just a sample, i've had a few good ones.
    please do check what I just told you, anyone into stafford here in the mid 80's would have known these dogs, I've a red dog now which is no softie but at my age and having kids i have to settle to keeping him more as a pet and companion for the family. He'd lift any of the show staffords like a toy but he's also got great type/form he looks exactly as they should.
  8. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    I know it seems like im against chains, but if you read all i wrote on the subject i did state that keeping more than one dog and keeping them for work and not as companion/pets > I understand chaining is used for that, especially if you have the climate for it also, I'm really only against chaining of you only have one or two dogs, especially if you have room in your yard for a good pen set up, chaining does have it's benefits for multiple dogs, but their pure working dogs?
  9. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    nothing major anyone else couldnt claim in less than 30 years
  10. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    Quite a few can't run, or can't run like they should, did you know the early working stafford could out run a greyhound for a 50 - 60 yard sprint because of his explosive power? only after the 50 - 60 yard point would the greyhound pass him, my infamous Red dog often caught and killed wild rabbits, you'd be looking for a long time now to find a stafford that could move that fast.
    I used to walk my dogs so long even in summer i ended up getting burns and got sun stroke, show staffords collapse if they are walked too long in the sun because their airways are restricted with short muzzels and palate problems
  11. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    Thank you TamtheBamm
  12. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    Just the type of answer i expected from you, but the point is, i've had dogs that were as tough and game as they came, you asked me to name some and i just have told you about some you can definately follow up on if you doubted my word.
    it may be no more than anyone else could claim in less than 30 years BUT it's verifiable from anyone in the know at that time, and you've suddenly got a lot less to say in your reply, (10 words) and no substance. (point made)
  13. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    10 words cause im not impressed with what you wrote, it doesnt deserve a more extensive response
  14. Tigerlines

    Tigerlines Banned

  15. wildchild

    wildchild Pup

    So..do you want a cookie with m&m's or chocolate chips?
  16. jt ellison

    jt ellison Big Dog

    Hey Activeirish you mention Sean Casey of Derry and i had some dealings with him many years ago when CC put him intouch with me wanting to know about conditioning , he was a professional boxer and i saw him fight a couple of times in England one of these fights against Tony Silkstone who was a highly rated amateur champion and British title prospect but sadly took his own life . Sean was a tough little boxer that had the heart of a lion and he owned a couple of Champions , his first was CH Mendoza a Mayfield/Nelis cross that was open to anything in Britain but sadly died whilst being worked for his fourth match . He also owned the CH Josie bitch that was bred by Taffy out of Minstral a Nelis/Hammonds dog i won a match with over Sleepy Hollows and Taffys Lucky a very game bitch who won two annd was out of Ernie Buc Jnr and a daughter of Carolina Abby , we sent Josie to Sean bred to CH Bouncer but sadly she didnt take and he won one then lost one game with the bitch , the CH Josie bitch was a sister to CH Oneye . When he took Josie he was over in England fighting Silkstone and lost on cuts and cuts were the bain of Seans career owing to getting the bitch he missed his flight home so i drove him to Scotland with Big Drew to the ferry at Stranraer and we spent the mornng hare coursing at Annan . Sean Casey was a fiery little man with a heart as big as a lion , hed match anyone with his dogs was a very good conditioner and will be missed.
  17. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    sorry to hear Sean died, met him a few times and he was a nice guy..
  18. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    I got no complaints..that's all he needs th know bout me n mine.
  19. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    it was only a couple of days ago i was looking at some photos of some of the dogs sean casey had, they were a credit to him. his death was a shock , he was only 46 when he passed away.
  20. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    And as i said, it was exactly the response I expected, funny thing is, you responded seconds after i gave you the information you asked for late lastnight, If you were interested in the subject you'd have asked people in the know about what I said before accepting it as true or calling me a liar.
    So anyone on here shouldn't bother disscussing anything with you because you're only on here to spout negativity on everyone else, like tripe you come out with about the black bitch, which is why we were having this debate in the first place.
    So as i said > Point made, save your breath and wasting time for the rest of us.

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