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Todays staffords it's a shame

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by dogman2007, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. wallyy

    wallyy Big Dog

    20" present day pure breed staffordshire bullterrier.
  2. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    Stunning wally and looks well up on his toes, that's a fine staff
  3. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    oh i like him, it's 1.40am, off to bed, byeeeee
  4. DaksGT

    DaksGT Pup

    Hopefully that worked. He's show, bred, the dog in the other thread that everyone bashed is his dad. Comes from a champion line of show dogs and I love him. He's around 15.5" at the shoulder and 37 lbs. He runs hard every day so he's in pretty good shape.

    Attached Files:


    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    @Wallyy, Cracking dogs mate,a credit to you and the breed.
  6. mikej

    mikej Pup

    wallyy, thats one fine looking staff you have there.
    daksgt, how old is your dog. he looks in great shape.
    love the black and white ones.
    atb with them lads.
    atb, mike.
  7. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    Thats a great looking staff, love the colour.
    @wally another great looking staff.
    Keep up the good work.
  8. Thats a strong looking dog you got there activeirish.
  9. Thats a handsome young dog. Under the "New" Bridge i see.
  10. Very nice Wallyy, looks like a staff headed in the right direction.
  11. Looks like another nice type Activeirish. Did you own a white dog before?
  12. DaksGT

    DaksGT Pup

    He's 16 months, thank you. You as well Hero.
  13. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    He's a nice dog, he may be a show bred stafford but he's not as light as half of the dogs you see coming up now, he's solid and although he's carrying as much weight as you'd want you can see he's still got medium leg length, if you brought his weight down a little more by cutting his feeding a little he'd look longer in the leg, i did it with my red dog, he was well overweight at one point, you're dog also has a good head, his muzzle length is good, more than many of the dogs coming up now, thats why he able to be active, no breathing restriction, I like his colouring also, evenly marked, I like him.
    Thanks for posting the pics.
  14. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    If you mean a white stafford the answer would be no, but I owned a white english bull many years ago, not your bow'd sheep faced fat type, he was a working type EBT, athletic, v shaped head, 45 pound crazy bugger, i'll try to post a pic of him here with the same young cousin I photographed with the red stafford Prince.
    I also owned a big white battle cross staffxEBT, another maniac, in fact I don't which was worse the battle cross or Prince, id say Prince would have nailed him no bother with skill and ability but the white dog was fight crazy, Prince was cool and calm, he'd pretend he wasn't interested, stand right beside your dog quiet as a mouse, then when your not expecting it he'd grab your dog like a flash and kill him. this pic is the battle cross, EBT is on my other laptop, post it later
  15. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    Thanks upthefoyle, he's very strong, would pull you arm out of it's socket if you don't calm him down when going for a walk, but he's a nice natured dog, loves to play as rough as you like, you couldn't sicken him with it, most important is he's great with the kids and the mrs.
  16. DaksGT

    DaksGT Pup

    Thank you, I presently feed him once a day. He usually gets 2 chicken quarters and some cabbage, or a chicken back and some tripe. I aim for about 500-600g of food/day.
  17. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    Once a day for an adult in healthy condition like him is fine, i used tripe and fresh beef in the past to build up dogs that were not fed well and lacked weight including muscle, you're dog isn't lacking anything, he's ideal now for introducing some dried meal and reducing the tripe etc, i'd gradually reduce the meat and replace it with a quality complete meal fed dry, with my red dog i feed the complete meal with a little boiled rice, about 1 & a half mugs of complete meal and one of boiled rice, I still give him meaty bones from the butchers to chew (boiled) "soup bones"
    if he likes to chase a small ball or fetch a stick? take him to where theres a steep bank and throw it up hill, make him jump and run up hill to get it, and walk him fast for at least a couple of mile as often as you can, he'll lose about 5 - 8 pounds in no time, at 15 & a half inch he'll look ripped with a little more leg length showing, it'll make him more agile also, if you don't like it you can always put it back on?
    I hope you don't mind me suggesting all this, in my experience the leaner and fitter you keep them the longer they live and stay active to a much older age.
  18. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    Aye the new 27 year old bridge lol, that's my nephews dog, bought up the country as a pup the size of your hand, he's coming on great.
  19. Spent my youth around that area before the bridge was even thought of ! The new foot bridge gets a few more customers these days :0)
  20. DaksGT

    DaksGT Pup

    I don't mind at all. What do you consider dry meal? Do you mean kibble? I'm not a fan of feeding him kibble, if anything, I'll scale back on the amount of food I give him. I don't think he's fat though, his last two ribs show when he walks. In regards to conditioning him, I run him every day for 5km minimum, he also chases ball in the hallway of the building. Once the weather gets a little better I was planning to start doing some hill runs with him; it would be good for us both.

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