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Was shocked to see such a young pup being aggressive

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Luk8272, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Luk8272

    Luk8272 Big Dog

    I've heard people speak about young pups being aggressive but I hadn't ever witnessed it like I did today.

    A 6 week old pup acting like a little badass. I honestly think he would have tried to tear into my female if we would have let him, it was actually very funny. I'll try to stay in touch with the owner and see how this dog turns out. They hog hunt and I am curious to see how he'll work out since he is DA at such a young age.

    So tell me about your experiences with young hostile pups, and how they turned out once matured.
  2. Seen a few like that. At 12 weeks my bitch attacked my parents staffy. She is 16 months now and firery as hell. When I take her 4 a walk if she sees another dog she will scream and scratch at it till her paws bleed. People look at me like im killing her. It can be a pain in the ass walking her sometimes!
  3. dutchy954

    dutchy954 Big Dog

    When my bitch was a young pup she would be extremely dominant over toys, socks, bottles, anything at all, affection. Then when she was still a pup, around 20lbs, she put over 50 puncture wounds in my full grown 55lb American Bulldog, last time my naive ass will ever make a mistake like that again.

    Its pretty normal you just have to be a responsible and educated owner!
  4. Jeep/Redboy

    Jeep/Redboy Big Dog

    Yea, I've seen it to and it doesn't always carry into adulthood. IMO, some of these dogs wind up not being very intelligent. Not all the time, but definitely some of it.
  5. lansford101

    lansford101 Banned

    Thats how my pup is from hawaiian punch kennels is shes wild she dont like most dogs but there are some she dose like my girl dog libs shes a staffy they play and my pup trys to bit hard and my staffy just throws her but at her when she bull rushes i call it the butt style its really funny
  6. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    i had one who is now 9 months and cooled off alot quite a bit. only time she gets shows dog aggressive is over her chain space.
  7. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    why are you shocked?
  8. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    i've seen a whole lot of 'hot puppies' the ones that turned out to be good bulldogs i can count on one hand.
  9. jacko

    jacko CH Dog


    f i bought a chinese crested and it was as you decribe . i would be shocked !but come on,
  10. sy82nj

    sy82nj Top Dog

    had 1 that was hot from 2 month til she passed @ 16 months. got loose and curred 1 at 14 months
  11. Kristin

    Kristin Big Dog

    My parents were shocked when they saw my puppy going after other dogs at 4 months old when I brought her home. They didn't believe anything I told them about APBTs so they didn't have a problem with me getting one, so now at 5 months my puppy has every dog in the neighborhood, big and small, terrified of her and my parents are wishing they had listened to everything I told them when I asked if I could bring another dog into the house. At least they don't think they are "misunderstood fur babies" anymore. :D
  12. Luk8272

    Luk8272 Big Dog

    This is what seems to happen most often. Flames flicker most violently before they burn out.

    Not shocked to see DA in a pup but the amount this 6 week old pup displayed. I have been around this breed all of my life and never saw one act like this. The normal sibling fighting that needs to be broken up and even rough housing with adult dogs but this little shit's eyes were bulging and he was salivating, tearing up the ground while I held him down with my hand trying not to smash his ass. Those puppy claws are just as bad as puppy teeth.
    We have always had slow starters, and the occasional pup with fire but those were never the ones we kept, Grandpa's rule. This little dog was Carver/Boudreaux.
  13. Luk8272

    Luk8272 Big Dog

    What? I'd be shocked if anyone bought a Chinese Crested.

    What will letting a puppy get bit show me?

    When I post on here I sometimes forget that everyone has seen everything in every capacity its astounding. Never in 30yrs have I seen a puppy act as this one did, but then again I don't breed and sell so I don't see many litters hit the ground.
  14. Khanfueshus say, not everyone here actually experienced it , most just hear or read about it and give ya opinions on what they heard or read lol...But there is no reason to get shocked over it especially if you got 30 years under your belt lol.
  15. cutt

    cutt CH Dog

    been around the breed your whole life time and your shocked? What kinda dogs were those guys raising? :rolleyes:
  16. geezuss

    geezuss Big Dog

    Can you explain what you mean by this?why were you not allowed to keep the DA dogs isnt that the point?
  17. I was takling 2 some 1 about this and i guess u would call him my mentor' and he said that within the last 30 years he has been into bulldogs that he doesnt believe having a firey pup means that u can tell whether u r going have a good or bad bulldog as it matures. To the people that disagree can u please explain why as i would like to learn as much as possible from anyone willing to teach me.Thanks.

    BEHAVIN Top Dog

    pups are pups, let em be just that. time will tell if they are good or not.
    watch the hot headed dog and admire the cool calm and collected;)
    just my 2 cents.......
  19. Luk8272

    Luk8272 Big Dog

    It was always told to me that the most aggressive pups were not going to grow into good adults. They would lose their fire or just be crazy hard to keep. Grandpa wanted well mannered dogs that new what their jobs were as well as when to go to work. He said there was no sense in having a dog that wanted to hit everything in the yard all the time. He had plenty of good dogs that knew when it was time to get down, say when they got crated in the bed of the truck with the tools of the trade at that time. Now I was young then and didn't really question what I was told, and as I grew I didn't keep dogs like they did (In abundance) because of location. I am not shocked to see DA in pups but the way this youngster was. If he retains this attitude into adult hood he'll be a looker.
  20. Luk8272

    Luk8272 Big Dog

    I guess shocked was the wrong word, should have said surprised. He just acted and resembled an adult dog that it was odd to me. I honestly just never saw one act this way, I've seen pups play and get too excited and then have a go, or get into it over food, toys or people but this guy saw my female in my truck at over 60' away and was scratching and fussing to get at her. Was honestly impressive to see such fire.

    Some ok stuff.
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