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water work

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by GK1, May 21, 2017.

  1. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    I did peruse a few older threads on the topic, but I suppose it can’t hurt to start a fresh one as we close in on the summer months. While this versatile breed can certainly excel at a variety of physical exercises, swimming is effective at building cardio while integrating multiple muscle groups, and with minimal stress on the joints.

    Anyone swim their dog/s regularly..where, and with what techniques, equipment? I developed a few routines in my pool and was curious what others are doing.
  2. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Two experiences with swimming, both while in keep.

    Ch. Caballo (son of Dynomite) was put in a creek with fairly swift moving water. He would swim against the current. This dog just excelled at everything. He made swimming work for him. He would swim for X amount of minutes be pulled out, drag chains down the road and then back into the water. This was his routine three or four days per week. It was the early fall so temperatures were fairly warm.

    The second was a Mims red Boy female with zero work ethic. We use a 10ft section of conduit with a snap hook on the end. We pushed her in the water and every day she waited til the last minute to swim. She had to choose between drowning and swimming. Most days it looked like she was going to choose drowning but she swam.

    Both dogs looked really good. The all over work from swimming followed by dragging chains and long slow walks seemed to compliment one another very well.

    If I had a pool I can imagine I would have the dogs doing work their as well.

  3. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    Yep...back in the day I had a few.that would swim against the current in a creek..Creek water here where I live , even though I'm in deep south .Its cold as fuck.Dont cool his hot azz off after work in a cold creek lol.Or let him cool down first and then let him swim.
  4. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    I agree dogs not natural swimmers can learn to if a body of water is associated with a cool down when otherwise running hot. I don't agree with ‘sink or swim’ training. IMO dog should not only enjoy the water, but optimally be in prey drive during work...like a croc on the hunt.
  5. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Caballo thoroughly enjoyed every minute he was exerting himself. The Red Boy female would do absolutely nothing. It was a last resort. I would have preferred her to have a work ethic or a desire to do any thing at all.

    It was indeed a last option.

    bamaman likes this.
  6. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    Interesting. Every so often I'll put on soaked leather harnesses and training collars basically for negative buoyancy and drag. 20-30 yd sprints back and forth, driven by a ball or flirt. Short rest, repeat. Busts their hearts. And they love it. Then later eat twice as much, bark half lol.

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